The war on internet gambling is still going on in the USA as authorities continue to crack down on operators in various states in that great nation. Recently a story has surfaced concerning a fifty five year old former bookmaker named James Giordano. He was indicted in 2006 for running a sports betting website in the Caribbean that did a thriving business taking bets from players in the USA. In 1996 he had the idea to launch an offshore Internet gaming company. Giordano moved himself and his wife, to the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, which had legalized sports betting. He found a partner, obtained a license through the government of the Netherlands Antilles, and 1997 opened a sports betting business. Eventually, Giordano says, he was making $12,000 to $40,000 a week, serving somewhere between 600 and 2,000 gamblers per week.

In March 2005, local police noticed brochures and other documents at Giordano's offices suggesting they had stumbled upon a gambling operation. These local authorities notified the FBI, and the dominos began to fall. In November 2006, a series of search warrants were served in New York, Las Vegas, and Florida. Authorities arrested Giordano, his wife, daughter, and 24 other people. Three companies were also charged.

Authorities in New York, who led the investigation claimed Giordano's company, booked more than $3.3 billion in sports wagers over 28 months, which Giordano says is 'preposterous'. The Queens County District Attorney Richard Brown commented on the case as the first to charge a web designer and an offshore Internet company with involvement in a criminal enterprise. He stated, "Internet gambling is a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry that for too long has operated with impunity,"

Eventually, Giordano pleaded guilty to promoting gambling and accepted a sentence that would put him in jail for five months. He agreed to give up over $1 million but he got to keep his house and feels that he has put his family through enough trouble. His 26 co-defendants gave up more than a million total. Some of them did received minimum time in jail.


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The latest knowledge coming out of university research about gaming is very positive indeed. A study recently conducted by McGill University in Montreal Quebec Canada is suggesting that online gaming activities are actually good for your health. This comes as surprise to some but to others who enjoy gaming online or even gambling a few dollars they know it reduces stress levels significantly. The fact that stress kills is well known to doctors and anyone who has experienced that out of control feeling while waiting in line or in heavy traffic. Playing online games including casino games not only had players feeling less stressed but also that the stress hormone, cortisol, fell by an average of 17 percent. This is proof for some behavioural scientists that playing online games is a viable method for reducing harmful and counter productive stress levels. Stress causes destructive behaviours such as over eating and drinking in excess, causing heart problems and social instability.

In an Eastern Carolina University USA study conducted over six months and including 134 subjects they found computer games were able to reduce stress and make people a little happier in general.

A Oxford University U.K. study found that gaming may be effective in dealing with post traumatic stress syndrome. Playing online can be an escape mechanism that researchers are convinced is good for the player diverting the individual's mind and allowing a relaxed mood. Stress can lower the immune system's effectiveness causing headaches and irritable bowel syndrome, and there are studies suggesting links between stress and cancer. So it is possible that one may live longer if they play games on their computer.

An online casino conducted it's own informal research of individuals playing blackjack on their web site revealed that 74% of the players felt that the games were a way to ease stress and have fun. Those who reported that the game didn’t help with stress were generally playing for higher stakes. An earlier survey of roulette players had roughly the same results with 77% finding the game a good way to release stress. While some high stakes games may cause some stress, playing a friendly game of poker or bingo has for many been a great escape from the daily grind.


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The youngest winner of the World Series of Poker Main Event Joe Cada will travel to Capitol Hill to tour with the delegates and put his two cents worth on the airwaves. This twenty two year old young man will be hosted by the Poker Players Alliance organization and will be introduced to several lawmakers in pre-planned meetings. This is a media blitz for the Champion poker player, who according to his agent and Poker News Daily will be introduced to entire House of Representatives on the chamber’s floor. The $8.5 million winner will meet with various Congresswomen and Congressmen that enjoy playing poker and get a chance to give them some insight into the positive aspects of poker playing professionally and for fun. The PPA is expertly lining up these meetings in their lobbying attempts to have online poker declared a game of skill and made legal in the USA.

Joe Cada has just arrived in Washington DC after he finished video taping the PokerStars. net Million Dollar Challenge in Los Angeles. Cada, when asked about his relationship with the Poker Players Alliance organization said, “I’m all for what they’re doing. I haven’t had too much contact with them, but hopefully that can change very soon. It would be good to meet a bunch of Congressmen and speak with the PPA a lot more. It’s something I hope I can help with.”

Young Joe has certainly been made a media sensation, he has appeared on David Letterman and ESPN news franchise SportsCenter and with this kind of endorsement he may win over a few more of the Congress delegates to the bright side of the street. The PPA scored well in media points recently when they saw several members of the WSOP Main Event final table don patches for the tournament’s conclusion, which aired on ESPN.

This is great support for the poker players cause and a real boost for home town hero Joe Cada.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation in the USA has been under fire lately with the recent disclosure that U.S. law enforcement had not discussed online poker problems with officials in other countries where poker is completely legal. Shawn Henry, Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, said, “The FBI has not engaged in this discussion with our foreign partners.”

It comes as a shock to many who are watching this story unfold in the USA that the opponents to online gambling regulation and taxation seem to be making things up as they go long. The FBI letter to senator Bachus touches on all the points that the opponents are trying to make. A portion of the letter concerned with underage web gambling says, “While the vendors claim that they can validate age and location, they are more than likely relying on credit card information and geo-location to gather this information. Both can be spoofed… The simple act of owning a credit card number does nothing to validate someone’s age.” Today there are many ways to detect underage gambling the technology is being used effectively in other parts of the globe.

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), has scrutinized the FBI communication and determined the document to be full of holes. All of the concerns addressed in the letter were things that can only be aided by regulation of online gambling in the USA.

John Pappas PPA Executive Director of an organization that has over a million members has a strong mandate from his group, and is making it very clear what the best direction is for the States. In a recent press release Pappas said, “Every concern the letter raises is better addressed by licensing and regulation than by prohibition. The letter misconstrues much about the current state of online poker, but it does so in a way that clearly makes the case for why federal oversight is necessary.”

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The European Gaming and Betting Association is the industry body representing the leading online gaming and betting operators established, licensed and regulated within the European Union. EGBA promotes the implementation of a fair, competitive and regulated market for online gaming operators throughout Europe in line with EU law. The EGBA believes that this regulated market should be based on genuine public order and consumer protection concerns and be adapted to the cross-border nature of the online market. A successful regulated market would be based on effective European and international collaboration and cooperation. EGBA is comprised of Europe’s top online gaming and betting operators, some of which are listed on the stock exchanges of London, Vienna and Stockholm.

The goals of the organization are definitely in jeopardy in Belgium as that country has decided to ignore recommendations from the European Commission and approve in principle

The Secretary General of EGBA, Sigrid Ligne, issued a statement, commenting on Belgium's disregard for E.U. treaty laws, “It is baffling that Belgium does not take into account the opinion of the European Commission that crucial elements of the law are in conflict with EC law requirements. And even more so with a view to the upcoming Belgian presidency of the EU; how can Belgium show leadership in the EU, if it blatantly chooses to ignore the EC Treaty?”

A majority in the Belgian Parliament voted in favour of the law, even though objections were raised by some elected officials who brought to point the E.C. concerns delivered by the E.C. in a Detailed Opinion.

Ligne went on to comment, "The law is not only highly questionable from a legal point of view," adding, "In the digital age, limiting the provision of online services only to those exploiting a betting shop or casino in Belgium doesn’t fit with reality. A high level of consumer protection can be achieved by specific and targeted legislation, not by protecting the operators with a vested interest in the current situation."

The new European Commissioner for internal markets, Michel Barnier, from France may have a difficult challenge ahead as he takes on the position from diligent predecessor, Charlie McCreevy. Legal action could be brought against the Belgium State by the E.C. when the law comes into effect.

a new gaming and betting law in Belgium.

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“Online gambling: is a controlled opening of the market still possible?” This question was discussed recently at length at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris. "The House of Chemistry" is an international conference center located near the National Assembly. The conference tackled other topics that related to internet gambling at casinos and in poker rooms in France. Discussion was also held on the effectiveness of blocking systems for illegal internet casinos as well as limitations and sanctions imposed to limit use of casinos and poker rooms to strictly French patrons.

It was suggested at the conference that the French government was not ready with solutions to prevent players from countries other than France from using online gambling sites which are not licensed by the French officially.

One of the delegates, Sebastien Proto who is Deputy Chief of Staff, in charge of State reform in the Budget Department of France confirmed that technical standards will be imposed for those who want a licence in the French jurisdiction. Future operators of online gambling companies in France will undergo a series of requirements to prove their operations are up to the French standards for sports betting, casino play, and poker activity. The French are still vague on how they expect to accomplish their goal of French only web gambling. Some speculate that the "Black List" type of restriction will be the normal route. This option was tried in Italy but did not lead to satisfactory results. Player wishing to play at illegal online gambling sites are able to do so with out much effort. Italian player quickly figured out how to set up proxy names based within offshore locations enabling transparent play at any casino or card room. Casinos were also easily made invisible to authorities by changing their banner page frequently again enabling play without detection. It looks like France will have it's work cut out for it when the time comes to allow internet gambling within their borders.





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Gigi Levy, chief executive officer of 888 must be proud of the first Corporate Responsibility Report recently released by the firm. The Gibraltar-based online gambling group has been very good indeed and is telling the rest of the corporate world how easy it is to be green in more ways than one. Setting by example is a win, win situation that warrants praise and recognition. Many firms are embracing the conservation of energy and a commitment to social responsibility as a major factor in their business plans. Looking at this sector as a resource, not a liability, 888 appointed Ruth Tanami as dedicated Director of Responsible Gaming in 2006. The company’s economic, social and environmental impacts are looked at from three distinct directions, People, Planet and Play.

CEO Gigi Levy, said this about the report, “The publication of this report emphasises the core importance that ethical values have to 888’s business. As well as being the right thing to do, conducting our business responsibly is fundamental to our future success." He added,
"Managing social and environmental factors enhances our credibility with stakeholders, whilst our market-leading approach to player risk builds relationships with our customers, both in turn helping to support our international business development.”

The eighty nine page report is full of achievements and insights into possible improvements for the following year. Some highlights include employees generating $50 000 in donations from a charity motivated event. Charitable cash donations and in-kind contributions totalled $232, 485 for various charities in countries like Antigua, the UK and Gibraltar. There was a thirteen percent reduction in power consumption per square foot of office space. The company made a further commitment to responsible gaming by the introduction of a unique data mining system called “The Observer” structured to identify and support problem gamblers. The firm also decided to participate in the United Nations Global Compact.

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Michael Aird, the State Treasurer for Tasmania was quoted at a Government Business Enterprise hearing recently that Tote Tasmania will pursue international markets and launch a new international brand. Aird also made comments on the viability of Tote Tasmania claiming it has strong cash flow and consistent returns for the government coffers assuring it is well run and organized. The state values the asset at $300 million Australian dollars and has just taken the business off the market because the offers did not satisfy the required minimum bid. Mr. Aird said at the time,
“I have therefore determined that the sale process for Tote Tasmania should be concluded,"

Aird revealed that the business had grown 50 percent over the past 12 months, and had recorded an after tax profit of $6.5 million in last financial year. Reason enough to keep a profitable enterprise that is going from "strength to strength" Aird said.

With this renewed interest in the Tote many advisors to the State Treasurer are keeping him well informed. Aird pointed out, “Tote Tasmania has identified the need to find new markets, increasingly offshore, and alternative forms of revenue, based around its core activity, betting," adding, “I expect Tote to announce some exciting initiatives in the New Year which will clearly demonstrate the internationalisation of the company,"

It was suggested an investment will be made in new technology to get online and moving in the right direction quickly, and aggressively. A call will go out to the executive directors that Tasmania is looking for expertise to refresh the talent pool in the field. Interesting strategic direction for the Tote, strong, decisive and loaded with potential. The Tote will look to Asia and Europe for new customers and through strategic alliances some of which are already established bring new products to punters from Europe, Asia and North America.

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The former French foreign minister and recently agriculture minister, Michel Barnier who at fifty seven has been named the European commissioner for internal markets to be instated in 2010.

He succeeds the no nonsense Irish executive Charlie McCreevy, who when it came to enforcing EU principles of the free movement of goods and services, was able to get governments to comply and allow online gambling operations within their borders. This was a concept fiercely opposed by state monopolies protecting lucrative businesses.

The commitment to European Treaty fundamentals was one that Mr.McCreevy was known for and he was merited by his principles.

European Commission president, José Manuel Barroso was responsible for the executive changes within the European Commission this change was one of six key appointments.

Apparently the UK is not that thrilled with the changes in the European Commission. Along with other key economic posts, Michel Barnier's appointment to this portfolio caused minor diplomatic riffs between France and the UK when the French president Nicholas Sarkozy remarked in a decidedly undiplomatic manner that the British were the losers in the new appointments. This did not sit well with officials in London.

Barroso went on the defensive immediately, at a press conference in Brussels he said, “In such a process there is always going to be a dialogue, requests and suggestions that are made,” “I spoke with many of the commissioners-designate and prime ministers, but the decision is mine.” He concluded with the new appointments are a “sound mix of talent, gender and political orientation,” Those studying European Policy suggest that the five or six big countries have divided up the important portfolios amongst themselves.

The commissioners-designate will face hearings in the European Parliament starting on January 11, 2010. If they are considered worthy they will begin work on their portfolios in February of next year. The hearings could see other interesting political arguments, already as a consolation to the UK the appointment of senior official Jonathan Faull was made as Barnier's director-general.


















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'This Is Jersey' reported recently that the States has approved the concept of a Gambling Commission. This under the provision that the lawmakers are given more information on the subject. With this decision, Jersey, the incredible island off the French coast may well become one of many other self governed Channel islands to enter into the online gambling industry. Proposed e-gaming legislation next year is sparking serious debate in the parliament. The new liberalization of the gambling rules will enable the people of Jersey to have access to internet wagering web sites. Guernsey, Alderney, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar are all well established as places that host and encourage proper regulated online gaming operations. This new industry of websites running the various services for online poker or sports betting are providing jobs for local residents as well as taxes to maintain their economies.

Alan Maclean, Economic Development Minister of Jersey has been the primary mover behind getting the parliament on-side in this issue. His efforts were approved in principle back in 2005 by the States. Slow progress in the small jurisdiction of Jersey, the initial move taken so long ago is finally paying off as the members have approved the first step towards an internet gambling industry when they backed the proposal by Minister Maclean to set up the Jersey Gambling Commission to license and regulate the gambling industry. Online gambling jurisdictions that are this close to Europe are sure to bloom as regulations for operators are set in place throughout the E.U. Unfortunately for Jersey they have been missing out on the boom in the internet gaming industry for the last decade or so. It is never to late and for Jersey their slow pace may have just picked up a beat or two. Maclean commented on how the new Gambling Commission could serve the public by maintaining responsibility and could ensure information and advice be available.




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