Swiss Money Gaming Act Legalizes Online Betting

Although it took many years to change the outdated Swiss gambling laws to include the digital age there is still some doubt that the recent new legislation will go ahead as planned. The old laws regarding gambling made no mention of the use of the internet for betting which created a window of opportunity  that offshore gambling services and product providers took advantage of by offering their wares to Swiss punters.  

Replacing the ancient 1923 and 1998 gambling rules the new Money Gaming Act passed by the government will take in both terrestrial and virtual betting for real money. Almost three years of discussion and debate the Money Gaming Act or Geldspielgesetz has finally passed into law, effectively legalized online casinos with some limits.  

One of the limitations for the online sector in Switzerland is that only operators with a Swiss land based presence will be allowed to run the websites. The finalized Money Gaming Act will be more specific in its compliance requirements.

There is a problem stirring with the rules however, calling for the censorship of non compliant offshore operators by internet service providers even though there will be compensation provided by the government. Opposition came as expected from SWICO (Swiss Association for Information, Communications and Organization Technology) with claims the action could be harmful to Switzerland’s digital economy.  Taxation rates were also changed with the legislation stating that only winnings from lotteries and sports wagers over CHF1 million will be taxed, and there will be no tax on cash prizes from terrestrial casinos.

Opposition is growing from youth who are from the Green Liberal Party, the Swiss People’s Party, and the Free Democratic Party. They are collectively organizing a referendum to overturn the Act, maintaining the internet censorship violating internet freedom. A short window of one hundred days is afforded the group which requires 50,000 signatures to initiate a referendum to overturn the Money Gaming Act.  




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Constant Smartphone Use Creating Gambling Issues

Online gambling can be addictive and the people running the industry are totally aware of the fact. The new internet and the advanced use of cell phones now called a smart phones has taken its place as one of the world’s most constantly used devises. There is someone on the internet twenty four seven playing a game or on Instagram, Facebook or some other domain while Twittering what was for lunch.  

There are reasons for an increase in internet betting addiction everywhere and it stems from our preoccupation with our phones. The overuse of anything can bring about social change that can be harmful to a society in general and extra difficult for the person suffering. Today we could be doing more to be aware of the need to stop and consider what else there is to do with spare time.

Playing gambling games for free on social media channels can be a great way to control the need to just let the dice roll. Online poker has created an incredible new way of connecting to others in a safe but changing virtual environment. The social aspect is one of the game’s most important elements even though it’s virtual its good clean entertainment. The only part that deters from the use of the internet for gaming for real money is its addictiveness.

The online gambling industry should remember that the problem gambler has a hard time resolving issues. To be fair operators should provide the means and more funding to help keep punters in touch with reality. Research has been done on the internet addictiveness and the knowledge should be applied. Perhaps warnings about how addictive an internet gambling game is should be posted at the casino door. Little things can add up to bigger things we should start by looking at the clock once in awhile to see how long the play went on and what we missed.


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Italy's Sisal Partners With Betsoft For Online Content

The sometimes controversial practice by some online casinos that limits the winnings on certain games has been investigated and proven as being unworthy of approval by consumers. Although the warning that a software provider may be producing games that are basically unfair is not always heeded by the punter. The internet provides a long term source of historical information of an online casino software content supplier’s reputation and past actions.

Betsoft Gaming is based in the Netherlands, and has grown in recent years to become one of the main players in the production of "3D" video slots. Betsoft's slots offers a wide variety of themes and an impressive array of bonus games. Betsoft games have been included in several software aggregation platforms, and it has made a rapid expansion into unregulated crypto currency casinos.

Now the firm has expanded once again by signing a deal to partner with Italian gaming company Sisal the first to operate in the gaming sector of Italy with a government license.

The company that has built a relationship of  trust and credibility with over 14 million Italian consumers during over sixty years in business, developing and managing games with expertise and high standards of integrity, transparency and security.

Betsoft’s director client relations Julian Camilleri commented on the partnership with Sisal, “Sisal is well known and highly familiar to the Italian iGaming community,” adding, “Being there from the very beginning, for 70 proven years of excellence, has afforded them a unique place in the market. Their experience in the field in combination with their full dedication to superior customer service, transparency and security, we are proud to be partnering with Sisal.”

Sisal’s digital product manager - casino, slot and soft games, Valentina Tripputi, also said, “This collection of AAMS-approved video slots is brilliant. We are very pleased with the range of themes and incredible innovative features in every game.”




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GambleAware Slams Gambling Industry Harm Reduction Efforts

GambleAware is an independent charity tasked to fund research, education and treatment services to help minimise gambling-related harm in Great Britain. GambleAware is a commissioning and grant-making body, not a provider of services. Guided by the Gambling Strategy, the charity’s strategic aim is to broaden public understanding of gambling-related harm as a public health issue and to help those that do develop problems get the support and help that they need quickly and effectively.

The charity has lashed out at U.K. gambling operators for failing to implement proper strategies for responsible gambling. The recent report from GambleAware stated operators are “poor” at training their staff members properly to promote good gambling habits for the consumer.
The critical report regarding employees the charity said the staff members have little in the way of practical training promoting a responsible gambling approach. GambleAware revealed that employees of operators did not have the confidence to “communicate effectively with customers how to minimise the risks of gambling”, and could inadvertently encourage customers to “chase their losses”.

In partnership with Revealing Reality the charity along with a request from the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) conducted the relevant research for the report.

Chief executive officer of GambleAware Marc Etches, commented,  “This is a loud wake-up call to the gambling industry; the voices in this report crystallise the challenge of delivering effective social responsibility on the front-line.

“Frankly, the gambling industry must do much better to ensure staff and customers know when, how and where to seek help.

“This report shows where the gaps are; significant investment of time and effort is needed to protect players better from gambling-related harm in the first place.”

John Hagan, Chairman of the IGRG, continued, “The gambling industry is working tirelessly to promote responsible gambling, and it was industry recognition of the importance of raising standards of messaging and training which led to the commissioning of this report.”


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Foxium Receives Investment Boost From Velo Partners

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, with offices in Sweden, Foxium is a creative game production studio founded in 2015. Velo Partners evaluates and manages investing in all segments of the global gaming and gambling industry. A recent announcement has revealed that UK based Velo Partners will invest in the game development studio allowing Foxium to access to RNG Foundry’s team and network. The Velo team has a lot of industry experience as operators, investors and advisors for both online and terrestrial environments ranging from private to public companies.

Foxium games are made up of interesting stories and amazing graphics that have made the grade in the competitive world of online gambling. Foxium, which has offices in Estonia and Sweden, has produced a host of online gaming titles and has partnerships with major operators such as Bet365, Leo Vegas, Mr Green, Betsson and Bet Victor. The studio will now have access to the RNG Foundry, which, launched in association with Velo Partners, is a gaming accelerator that aims to both work with and fund entrepreneurial talent.

Chief executive officer of Foxium, Åke André, commented, “Foxium has in the past been approached by several investors but for one reason or another it has never felt right.

André continued, “With Velo Partners, we felt for the first time we had an investor that had the same values, culture and vision as we do.

“Through Velo Partners and the RNG Foundry, we are able to strengthen our company in some critical areas, specifically speed to market and distribution of our games.”

Programme director at RNG Foundry, Ashley Sandyford-Sykes, also said, “Foxium has all the ingredients for a successful games studio and we look forward to building world class casino games content for our distribution channels.” Sandyford-Sykes added, “Foxium illustrates the ability for dynamic, forward thinking studio that responds to market needs.”









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Kindred Group Reveals Stan James To Become Unibet

Branding is an important part of the online gambling industry to attract customers. Knowing your destination on the internet gives the punter a sense of security similar to coming home after a long day at work. The online betting operator for a variety of betting options including sports and casino poker action is a trusted brand licensed by The British Gambling Commission, The Irish Revenue  and Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. The firm which began back in 1973 has grown with its reputation as a solid destination for wagering service.

Now with a recent disclosure from the directors of Kindred Group, have announced they will be migrating the brand to the Unibet platform.  

Kindred Group is headquartered in Malta and is owned by Nordic OMX a listed public company Kindred Group Plc. The online gambling operator holds and operates a number of brands, including its keystone property, Unibet, and Maria Casino, Stan James, 32Red. In 2011 Unibet was awarded one of 48 licenses for the recreated regulated Danish market.

In July 2015, Kindred Group bought Stan James Group for an estimated £19 million. Kindred CEO Henrik Tjarnstrom revealed recently that Unibet would be replacing the Stan James as the company’s leading sports book brand in the UK.  Stan James customers will be sent to the Unibet domain in the coming months Tjarnstrom said. The CEO also said that the Unibet logos and sponsorship drives will eclipse the Stan James goals.  

An announced was made already that Unibet will now be the title sponsor of The Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham starting in 2018. Unibet also made a significant investment in with a one year sponsorship shirt advert deal with Championship league footballers Aston Villa Football Club. Unibet also signed a three-year deal with the Professional Darts Corporation replacing Betway as the title sponsor of the Premier League darts tournament.


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The Art Of Navigating Online Gambling

Looking for trouble is not what a person looks for when choosing an entertainment venue such as online gambling. People are social creatures who like to punt with others by purchasing a ticket for the lottery or putting a few down on the game. There is an art to being a gambler that takes some instruction and retention. Most people today are relatively computer savvy and aware of the benefits it has to offer, so getting good at working the hardware is a start.

The second step of course is learning what games are of interest which the online gambling industry has done a marvelous job of doing.  Providing instruction and access to almost every game on the internet is what portals such as do with a serious effort to help punters in their endeavour to have a good time.

The art of gambling includes knowing about the techniques that one needs to play poker for example in order to win at least once in awhile. Sal Piacente, a casino consultant involved in the gambling industry for over thirty years had some good advice that works for online participants too. Give yourself time to think before making a decision. "You never want to jump the gun,” Piacente said, “Always sit back and evaluate the situation.” He said that he and his wife have a pact to not make a big decision until they sleep on it. “You go to a car salesman, everybody's going to promise you everything,” he said. “Then you go home and think about it and you realize, wait a minute, it's not really what it seems.” The same goes for online betting the rold adage read the fine print makes so much sense.

There are usually tutorials in the lobby areas of the virtual casinos and it is well advised that close attention is paid for there are sometimes features that can really improve the experience.




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New Smartphones Deliver Best Online Gambling Content

The recent launch of the newest smart phones has some gamblers having to make some hard choices. The selection is interesting and these computers in the palm of one’s hand are not inexpensive so with the idea of budget in mind the choice may be somewhat limited.

The number of software providers for the global mobile gambling market is massive but there are those that rise to the occasion better than most. Microgaming has a sterling reputation for being able to stay ahead of the gaming curve with new products constantly coming out. Microgaming, NYX and NetEnt already share games on each other’s casino platforms and all have opened the door to competition  from companies that are just gaming developers that require a software platform for distribution.

Quickfire, one of Microgaming’s products is responsible for delivering the right code to the right device according to the game selected by the user. Android devices, iOS Tablets, MACS, iPhones, Windows 8 mobiles and desktop OSs.

NextGen and NYX have a similar operation to the Microgaming and Quickfire arrangement. NXY is an Australian-based enterprise running its own progressive jackpot network and a number of casino table games, bingo, lottery games and slots on the desktop and mobile devices. NYX’s complete OGS casino solution takes care of the platform; while its subsidiary, NextGen Gaming, develops the entertainment products. With NYX’s premium software platform and NextGen’s great games the firm has partnered with 100 operators to distribute over 300 games on the internet.

The specs competition for smartphones continues to progress, with RAM and processors being boosted every year and when it comes to gaming, the options have never been greater. There is the most powerful, most affordable or most unique in features there are many choices. Breaking it down to the basics the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out on top but it has some stiff competition from other makers.  



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Problem Gambling Growing with Access to Mobile Devices

The National Problem Gambling Clinic released the findings of a report they have done that reveals the extent to which mobile smart phone use has impacted the occurrences of problem gambling. The number of individuals being treated for gambling addiction on tablets and smart phones has gained ground significantly recently.

The concern the Clinic has identified goes hand and hand with the proliferation around the world of the use of mobile devises making available gambling apps. The report posted by the BBC news source compared the issue back in 2012-13 when incidents of the struggle with mobile gambling among patients of the clinic was at only 24 percent and it is now at 63 percent in 2016-17. It may be clear from this report that efforts in the UK industry to tackle such issues is lacking.

A consultant clinical psychologist and service manager at the NPGC, Dr Neil Smith said,  “The use of mobile phones as platforms to gamble on over the preceding five years is not surprising given their ubiquity in society.”

It is an obvious fact but the political football is still in play with a comment from the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport which has called for the industry to take further action. The spokesperson said,  “There is clearly more work needed in this area,” adding, “We are currently undertaking a review of the gambling sector that includes looking at social responsibility measures across the industry, including protections around gambling advertising.”

It was noted that some major software developers are working on apps to block gaming sites from  phones and tablets belonging to problem and at risk punters. The Remote Gambling Association spokesperson said that the “technological advantages of remote gambling” contributes to the operators ability to encourage responsible online gambling on all devices.



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New Online Casino PlayOJO Moves Into Denmark

It is always a good sign for the online gambling industry to see the new launch of a virtual casino offering come on stream successfully. The pressure from all directions in this extremely competitive business can overcome and make a project go sideways very easily.

The February first 2017 launch of is an example of a new casino on the internet that has made a mark by creating an innovative reward system for players. Casino software developer and supplier SkillOnNet powers the new enterprise which has an experienced team in charge. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority with offerings in almost every language PlayOJO casino can handle most transaction currencies and methods.

PlayOJO was designed as a transparent and trustworthy location, "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" brand. Players can see what is being offered and know exactly what they get and its all in the open. "The brand puts them in control of their own funds and their own money," commented, Ohad Narkis at SkillOnNet

“The vision behind this brand is to create a brand that offers players a fairer alternative to what is currently available in the online casino market,” said, Narkis as quoted by Calvin Ayres’ Bodog representative Becky Liggero.  "We create a much more simplified relationship between the casinos and the player and very importantly, we bring trust back into the industry," Narkis continued.

Now the firm is already rolling out a new destination in the Scandinavian market by launching in Denmark.

Narkis, PlayOJO, co founder commented,  “We are delighted to have flicked the switch on PlayOJO in Denmark, further strengthening our position in the Nordics.

“Our unique approach to responsible gambling, and the open and honest way we reward players, sets us aside from our rivals.

“We will be supporting this launch with increased marketing activity in Sweden, as we look to gain a larger share of the Scandinavian market.

“We are confident Scandinavian players will accept our brand principals and unique value proposition with open arms.”







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