Mega Ball's jackpot history

Progressive Name: Mega Ball
Game Type: Arcade Game
Coin Amount: 1.00
Reels: 1
Manufacturer: Playtech
Cur. Jackpot: $ 27,853.88
Start Amount: $ 20,000.00
Avg. Jackpot: $ 205,023.09
Larg. Jackpot: $ 205,023.09
Bonus Game? N
Last Payout: $ 205,023.09
Payout Date: Sep 5th, 2014
Elapsed Time: 4 years
Megaball is a progressive game in which the player actually chooses from 8 different arcade games from within the main game. The prgressive jackpot is only paid out from the Jackpot game, when a player correctly chooses five balls.

Jackpot Hits History

Sep 5th, 2014 $205,023.09