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NOTE: Casino Domain Has Closed!
Casino Domain:

Casino Domain is one of those casinos that I had seen floating in cyber space for a long time and in fact was somewhere I had even visited on the odd occasion. Yet for some reason, I had never ever made a deposit there. That is until there was a requirement for a review at!

Casino Domain itself is powered by software from the Swedish company Net Entertainment. Since this software provider is floated on the Swedish stock Exchange I had no worries about the trustworthiness of the casino. Instead I got right down to business and had a look around the site to see what delights awaited me!

The Casino Domain website is nothing remarkable - a sunset picture is pleasant on the eye but it could not be said that any particularly theme is used throughout the site. Rather, the operators have gone for the 'nice 'n' easy' approach by making the site very easy to navigate and understand. As such, it was very straightforward to find how to become a player at the site.

Whilst regular casino players will be used to having to download software to play casino games, a nice surprise is in store at Casino Domain - the casino operates fully from the browser window. As such, no complicated downloads are required - to become a member all I had to do was complete a quick form and I was set-up and ready to play!

As such, I headed straight to the cashier to make a $50 NeTeller deposit (other deposit methods are credit card and PrePaid ATM). Since I was a new player to Casino Domain, I also got an extra 30% bonus added instantly to my account! Of course, before playing with a bonus it is important to check T&Cs. However, there are no nasty surprises in store for bonus players at this casino and all bonus requirements and amounts wagered are viewable in the handy bonus cashier.

The games available at Casino Domain and all presented on one screen in a lobby format and are grouped by game type (table, slots etc.) As Blackjack is always a popular game with players I always make a note of testing it, and with Casino Domain made no exception. Blackjack is available in two forms at this casino - one allowing up to three hands to be played at once and one being single-hand only. Both tables allow bet values of between $1 and $40.

Sitting down at the three-hand blackjack table I started to place a few bets. Although this was a no-download casino, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the game. The game was played at a very decent pace and the graphics and accompanying sound effects were as good as some games I had seen previously in download format. The game also seemed to play fairly - I had my ups and downs but no tremendously negative runs. In fact, I enjoyed this game so much that I ended up blowing my entire deposit and bonus playing it!

Now, usually at this point I would simply redeposit and get on with the review. However, I decided to take a break and when I logged back in there was $20 sitting in my account - whether this was a special bonus or a mistake I am still unsure, but it meant that I could continue gaming. Little did I know was that this $20 would keep me playing for days!

I headed back to Blackjack for a while and after building up this $20 up to around $50 I went to the roulette table. Whilst this game can really 'make or break' a player, it is still very popular. The Casino Domain version of the game only has one zero making is a much more attractive bet compared to the double-zero bet (effectively one zero halves the house edge). This casino version also really captures the excitement associated with the game - the ball slows down and as the ball heads towards a player's selected numbers it really can be nerve shattering waiting for the ball to settle.

I decided to bet on all the numbers divisible by 5 as well as 32, 36 and green 0. Whilst my first few spins produced nothing spectacular, I then started hitting a couple. I was going to leave it at that but decided to stop when I lost a spin. In fact, I ended up getting no less then 10 consecutive hits with my 10 numbers - I was absolutely shocked. Suddenly my bankroll was in the high hundreds and I was ready to try some more games!

My next stop was at the Caribbean Stud Poker table. As with the Blackjack I had tried earlier, CasinoDomain has put a lot of time and energy into creating a quality game. Good graphics combined with a fast-paced game speed made this a most enjoyable experience. What made it even nicer is that with a $5 ante on the spot I was dealt a flush. With the dealer qualifying this one bet returned a $55 profit. By this point, my bankroll had reached the heady heights of over $250! It was just a shame I had not bet on the progressive side bet. If I had been lucky enough to hit a royal flush with this side bet in play, I would have received the ever-climbing jackpot, which at the time of playing stood at over $17,000!

Deciding that my luck was probably finished on table games I opted to check out the Video Poker games available. Sadly Casino Domain does not have a great VP selection - only 6 different games are playable. However, favorites such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are available, so I am sure all but the hardened VP players would be satisfied. I played a few games and again was quite satisfied with the quality of the game. However, I do not think the graphics of the VP games were as good as the table games. Nevertheless, I still found the play entertaining. At one point I did find myself having a run of terrible hands, but this was more than made up for when I hit a nice 4-of-a-kind hand to boost my bankroll.

Finally, the last thing for me to check out was the slot selection available at CasinoDomain. Again, a relatively small number of games are available (7 in total), but each one is different to the next. However, this would probably not be enough to keep the attention of regular slot players.

Nevertheless, whilst only a small number of slots are available, Casino Domain still offer progressive, feature and regular slots to players. One game of note is the feature game $keet$hooter. I was actually lucky enough to activate the bonus feature on this game and discovered it to be skill based! Discs similar to 'clay pigeons' are shot in to the air and a player has to use their mouse skills to shoot them down. Each disc has a value, so the better a player is, the more they win! I found this to be a most unusual game, but I guess it makes a change from the humdrum of the usual feature slots available.

I actually started to lose quite a lot of money to the Casino Domain slots (I guess that's a testament to their playability). However, this was more than made up for when I lined up 4 red sevens in the Super Sevens 5-reel slot game for a 400 coin payout!

At this point, I had exhausted my review and had around $300 sitting in my account! Now, I should have done the sensible thing and withdrawn (I would have had the money back within 1-2 business days), but decided to keep it in my account. Of course, over the coming days I lost it all back, but I never would have guessed that I could have turned $20 in to so much. It just shows that with a bit of luck, any one can win reasonably big.

Whilst I never had need to contact support, CasinoDomain staff can be contacted via both toll-free telephone (US) and by email. This support is available 24-hours a day - it's nice to know that if things go wrong that someone is available to help.

All-in-all I have to say that I enjoyed Casino Domain. I am sure this is partly down to the tremendous good luck I had. But even if I had not, the games I played were still very enjoyable. Whilst there is not a huge selection of games, many of the casino mainstays are available and the quality is good, particularly with reference to the table games. It is a shame that more slots and VP games are not available, but despite this there is still enough to hold attention if only for a while. Banking is handled well and customer support is available if required. Whilst I don't think this will ever become a huge casino, it will continue to have a following, and if the games play like they did with me I can see why people would become fans. Now… back to roulette I think.

NOTE: Casino Domain Has Closed!
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Bet up to three hands at once with CasinoDomain Blackjack

3 Hand Blackjack

3 hand Jacks or Better Video Poker: A nice 4-of-a-kind winning hand in this three-hand VP game

Multi Hand Video Poker

Foutune Web: A wheel-of-fortune type feature slot machine

Wheel of Fortune Style Slot Machine

Goldrush Slot: A three-wheel progressive shows a jackpot nearing $25,000

Goldrush Progressive Slot

This single-line Jacks or Better line has a double-up winning gamble

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Keno: A bad bet, but profitable is your numbers come up

Online Keno Game

Roulette: I won 10 consecutive spins with the numbers shown here

Single Zero Roulette

Scratchticket: Buy a ticket for $1, $3 or $5 at CasinoDomain

Scratch Ticket

Skeetshooter: A feature slot with a skill-based feature!

Skeet Shooter Slot Machine

Caribbean Stud Poker: a flush hand pays off $55 when the dealer qualifies

Caribbean Stud Poker

Super7s Slot: Four red sevens pay 400 coins. Almost a jackpot!

Super Sevens Slot

US Slot: A strange slot with tiny payouts - apart from the jackpot!

US Slot Machine

Casino Domain Strong Points:
  • Good sign-up and monthly bonuses
  • No-download required
  • Good graphics and sound, particularly with table games
  • Good banking procedures
  • Fair games
Things Casino Domain Could Improve:
  • Limited slot games
  • Limited Video poker games
  • More international telephone numbers
  • Relatively few deposit methods
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