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Casino Glamour:

Online casinos come and go, but there are few that can claim to have been running since online casinos pretty much came to be. However, one casino that can is Casino Glamour and although not overly well known, this casino (owned and operated by Grand Virtual) has been successfully operating since 1997. In fact, this was one of the very first casinos I played at when I first started gambling online. And yet I'd never got round to doing a review of this site - until now that is.

One of the main reasons that the Grand Virtual casinos have not become very well known is because of the fact they have never accepted US players. However, this has worked out well for the group in recent times as it has meant the recent legislation changes in the US have not affected this group. Indeed, many casinos are now fighting to win some of the European and Asian customers casinos such as Glamour have had playing for some time.

Like all casinos powered by the Grand Virtual software, Glamour is a download-only casino and as such the first thing a player has to do is obtain the installation program. This is simple, however, and within a few clicks a player should find themselves on the appropriate part of the website ready to download the 276k installer program. A nice touch with Glamour is that the casino can be installed in one of over 15 languages. This again indicates the lengths the casino has gone to in order to attract those speaking European or Asian languages.

Casino Glamour offers players the chance to play games in both guest and real mode. However, to experience all the casino has to offer a player should enter in real mode (this way they can win real money!). All users are required to have an account to play - something I had from my previous time playing here. However, for new users account creation isn't a problem and within a minute or so a user should be able to get a new account up and running. Although US players are not allowed to play at Casino Glamour, all play takes place using the US Dollar currency.

Once in the casino a player is then able to visit the Casino Glamour cashier. A good number of deposit options are available including NeTeller, Credit Card and Moneybookers. One thing that's always impressed me at Grand Virtual casinos is the low minimum buy in required, and at Glamour this is no difference - the majority of deposit options allowing just $5 as a minimum purchase. Part of the reason for this is that the casino does not process transactions immediately (with the exception of e-wallets). As such, although a $50 credit card deposit would be authorised and credited it is only at the end of the day that the software looks at your deposits and withdrawals to see if the funds actually need to be processed from your card. As such, a $50 deposit and $100 withdrawal (on the same day) would actually see the casino simply send winnings for $50 (the difference) rather than process the deposit and full withdrawal. On this occasion I deposited $100 via NeTeller which was credited without problem.

Although on this occasion (being an old-time player) I wasn't entitled to any free money, Casino Glamour does run an excellent sign-up bonus offer - for just a $10 buy-in a player is rewarded with a $50 free bonus. This is a massive attraction for new players and certainly is something I would have liked to experience! The other great thing is that although wagering conditions are imposed, a player can choose to forfeit the bonus at any time (even once they have started play) if they want to cash in before meeting any required wagering conditions. This is certainly an attractive way to get some free cash!

Once within the casino lobby a player is presented with a control panel type system which breaks games down in to type. A good selection of games are available and I was truly impressed with some of the different varieties of game available (Blackjack, for example, is available in over 10 different formats). The ease with which games can be previewed is also good - for example with Blackjack a player can see the minimum / maximum bets allowed, can see how many decks are used and can see how many spots can be bet before the game is even downloaded. Incidentally, games are not automatically installed at Glamour - rather a player has to force a game to install, something that will be appreciated by those on a slow connection.

I decided to start my play at the Blackjack tables and was pleased to see both low and high rollers have been catered for. The 'standard' table accepts bets of between $2 and $150 on up to 3 spots. However the micro BJ tables allow bets of just $0.10 to be placed. Similarly, the different rule variations that are found at Glamour (e.g. European, Vegas strip, Surrender etc.) should again make it highly likely that a player can find a game that matches his or her tastes.

I was also pretty impressed with the quality of game I saw. I remember how these casinos used to look in the early 1990s and they've certainly come a long way in terms of graphics and overall playability. Decent animation is used and where possible sound effects are used to further enhance the enjoyment factor. I also liked the fact some games are found at Glamour that are rarely seen online - Casino Solitaire and Ro Sham Bo (Rock, Paper, Scissors) being just two of the more obscure games provided that certainly make play at Glamour an entertaining experience.

After experiencing the thrill of the table games my next stop was at the Video Poker section part of the casino. Again a good selection of games are available and I was truly impressed to see multi-hand games offering players the chance to bet on up to 500 hands at once. I also liked the fact some more obscure games sit alongside traditional offerings such as Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild - Bonus Flush, One Eyed Jacks and Aces and 8s are all types of Video Poker available at Casino Glamour. My only criticism with the VP games would be that the graphics, although adequate, are noting tremendous. Similarly some of the bigger multi-hand games can 'stutter' during play. However, these are very minor drawbacks and VP lovers should certainly find something to keep them occupied at this casino.

Unfortunately my luck didn't really seem to be with me whilst playing Video Poker and although I got a few reasonable hands whilst playing some of the multi-hand games, I rarely won enough back to even cover my bets. As such, I moved on to the slot part of the casino.

When I've played at Glamour before I've always found the slot selection to be a slight let down. As such I was pleased to see this time around that a lot more games have been introduced. These provide players the chance to play traditional-style 'mechanical' slots as well as some of the fancier video games that are now popular. A good number of progressive games are also available to get a player's heart beating!

I particularly enjoyed playing on the slightly risqué 'Tops and Bottoms' slot. This is a simple, three-reel game with 5 winning lines. There are no bonus features on this game, but I was attracted to it by its simplicity. A nice string of winning spins also kept the smile on my face! I also played on some of the video slots available. Games such as 'Game Show' are great fun and with many of the Glamour video slots having free spin or 'pick em' bonuses, there's a decent chance of winning a nice prize. Unfortunately the winnings didn't seem to be coming my way this play session but I certainly had fun.

From what I saw the slot games are great fun and are definitely different to many of the other games available at competitor sites. The only thing for me is that I felt some of them were almost too busy - instead of simple graphics a lot of the Glamour games are bright and frantic in terms of their animation. Similarly, instead of reels just spinning, many of the video games see symbols flashing in from all over the screen. Whilst this may entertain some people, for me things were slightly too busy. Nevertheless, you certainly cannot claim to get bored easily at this casino!

On this occasion I had no money left to cash-in at the end of my playing. However, I've had a lot of experience with Grand Virtual's cash processing and I've never had a problem. There are no pending periods for withdrawals and although Casino Glamour doesn't email a player about a cash in (not when requested nor when processed), it's guaranteed that within one business day of the withdrawal a player will find the transaction has been processed. Glamour is certainly one of the best casinos in terms or robust cash handling and it's almost guaranteed a player won't run in to issues thanks to the casino's methodical withdrawal processing routine. A nice touch is that cheques can also be written in UK Pounds or Euros to save players the hassle (and cost) of paying US $ cheques in to their accounts.

The same is true of Casino Glamour's support where again a player is highly unlikely to have emails 'go missing' once they hit the support desk. However, support is only offered via email (and on-line form) and as such 'real time' support is not available. I do think this is a disappointment and can be particularly concerning for a player that has an urgent problem. However, as I say this casino's support team do respond to queries, although it can take up to 24 hours for a response. As such, although support works I do think this is an area that could be improved, particularly since this is a casino that's been running for so long.

In conclusion Casino Glamour is a solid casino and I can see why it has a decent following. The casino offers a good variety of games and it's certainly fun to play on something different than the standard Microgaming and Playtech casinos that seem to be all over at the moment. Similarly a player can be sure that withdrawals will be handled here and it's good to find a casino that truly offers a multi-lingual approach to online gaming. My only criticism is that the support offering could be improved and in some areas the quality of graphics is a slight letdown. Generally though Glamour is a decent casino is with a $50 free sign-up bonus it's definitely worth giving this casino a spin.

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I lose the last of my bankroll whilst playing 10s or Better Video Poker 10s or Better

The easy-to-use cashier makes depositing very easy and low-rollers should be impressed with the $5 minimum purchase amount for most deposit options The Cashier at Glamour Casino

With the dealer getting one too many all my hands are winners at the Classic Blackjack table Winning at Blackjack

All the win lines look impressive but actually I only get a $1.40 payout on this spin of the Game Show game Game Show Slot

Multi-hand Video Poker players will love the 500-hand games available at Glamour - here I play Jacks or Better 500 Hand Jacks Or Better

I don't see the Joker much whilst playing 9-hand Joker Poker and as a result see my bankroll diminish! 9 Hand Joker Poker

Games at Glamour are broken down in the lobby by type. A nice touch is that players can bet 'for real' or in guest mode at any time Casino Glamour Lobby

Beer drinkers will enjoy playing the Oktoberfest slot based on the famous German festival Oktoberfest Game

Ro Sham Bo is Casino Glamour's casino version of the classing schoolyard game Rock, Paper, Scissors Ro Sham Bo

Casino Glamour is one of the very few casinos that allow players to participate in casino Solitaire games Casino Solitaire

A decent couple of wins whilst playing the cheeky Tops and Bottoms classic-style slot Tops and Bottoms Slots

Casino Glamour Strong Points:
  • Big number of games with some hard-to-find games such as Solitaire and 500-hand Video Poker available
  • Massive sign-up bonus offering players $50 free for just a $10 deposit
  • Robust banking facility with withdrawals having no pending period and being processed within 1 business day
  • A long-time history demonstrates this casino's positive standing amongst online casino players
Things Casino Glamour Could Improve:
  • Customer support only available via email (or web form) and responses can take up to 24 hours to be received
  • The graphics used are not amazing in terms of quality but are certainly decent enough
  • Some of the slot games can be very 'busy' with regards to graphics and animation
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