Club On The Park Casino Review

Club On The Park Casino:

A Playtech-powered casino themed more towards European players, Club On The Park offers both a downloadable casino and a poker room from their Web site. While different currencies are available for play, the site uses Pounds (£) as the native currency on the web site.

The site as a whole looks 'ok', but lacks some of the flair and information I'm used to on a lot of PT venues. It doesn't seem to offer up a lot of information on the games available in their casino suite either, but I anticipated a pretty good variety as is normally found at most Playtech venues.

New players signing up can receive a 100% match bonus on their initial deposit, up to £150 in free chips. Reading the promotion terms, I found them to be fairly restrictive, requiring a 40x play-through on a limited selection of games (basically only slot machines and 'Arcade' games are eligible for bonus play requirements). While it was probably just an oversight, the promotions page also referenced an expiry date on bonus offers that was well past ("This bonus expires on 30 April 2007" despite my review being 4 months later - in August).

I decided to download and register, but I skipped the bonus offers to avoid any complications cashing out should I have a run of good luck. The download went smoothly, with a small initial lobby download getting me started, through which the remainder of the games downloaded after launching the software. Registration was also straight forward, with the standard personal information required to set up an account.

I made a $150 US deposit (without any problems) and proceeded to head off to the games. I decided to check out the roulettes table first, which were available in both European and American versions. I sat at the European table, and was very pleased by the look, feel and overall presentation of the table. Regular readers will know that I normally play my "17 strategy", in which I cover 17, its sides and corners in chips. I didn't want to have a bad run of luck and dent my bankroll this early in the review, so instead of making that bet as I normally do at a minimum of $9 a spin, I decided to place some small bets on 1st 12. Each of my first three bets hit, giving me some small wins to go with my small bets - but wouldn't you know it - each of the three spins would have paid off on 17 bets, including a direct hit on the very first spin!

The blackjack tables were available with a number of different rule variations, as well as in single hand and multi-hand options. I tried out a few of the tables, and they all looked and played very well. Luck unfortunately wasn't going quite as well for me this time around, and I lost a few bucks before deciding to move on to some Baccarat.

The Baccarat table looked good, and I was pleased to see that there were nice low betting limits, as little as $2 a hand (many other casinos treat even online baccarat as a bit of a 'high roller' game, and have high minimums accordingly.) A few small bets on banker paid off consecutively for me, and I was back up a few dollars on my original deposit again, making up for stint of bad luck I just had at the blackjack tables. While I appreciated the quality of the game, I'm not usually a huge Baccarat fan as a whole - so I decided to move on after just a few hands.

The craps table had a nice low minimum for casual players again, so I decided to play some basic pass-line bets as to not offend the roller (which, on this single table variation happened to be me :) The dice animations looked good, the accompanying sound effects went well with the game, and again nice, sharp table graphics added to the presentation. After a few rolls I was just about breaking even, and decided to check out some more games.

Some of the 'other' tables games I played at included include Pai Gow and Casino War, and after another half hour of checking out what was left on the felt, I can say with confidence that all of the table games looked and played very well. One of the games that caught my eye was a game I didn't recall having played before called "High Tequila". It's a little reminiscent of Casino Hold'em, but is played with a single hand, 6 cards in total, and a couple of different options for the player after an initial 4 cards are dealt.

After the player is dealt the first four of six cards face up, they can choose from 3 different options: betting on a 'High Tequila', betting on the hand itself being dealt a pair of aces or better, or folding. Either option (other than folding) requires the player place an additional bet on top of their initial ante, both of which are paid out according to the best 5 card hand after the last two cards are revealed. The High Tequila bet is that the face value of the highest 5 cards from the 6 will be 46 or more, where each face card is valued at 10, and aces as 11. The other betting option is where the game plays more or less like Hold'em, where certain hand combinations pay off different amounts. I had a lot of fun playing at this table, and decided to come back later when I was through with the rest of my review, bankroll permitting.

Next up was a tour of the video poker games on offer. While there were a number of types I'd get at in a minute, I decided to test my luck out first at Club On The Park's progressive jackpot; MegaJacks. Unfortunately the jackpot amount was quite low at the time, so after just one unsuccessful deal I moved on to the full VP menu for more variety with no big jackpot to chase here.

Club On The Park offers a good variety of video poker games, including single hand and 4 hand varieties of most types that are offered. In addition to the MegaJacks there was also a 10-hand Jacks or Better progressive game I tried my hand at for a while, but the progressive jackpot continued to elude my grasp. I moved on to try out some more of the games, and all in all was very happy with the selection and presentation of each of the video poker machines I tried.

Before heading off to the slots, I decided to check out some of the alternative games available, which are referred to 'arcade games' for the most part at Club On The Park. I say for the most part, because the main menu first caught my eye with a link called 'Asian Games', which was new to me. Inside this sub menu there was only one game - called "Dolphin Paradise". Now; I'm not familiar with what type of gaming machines might be available in asia - but I do believe this was made to resemble some sort of 'real' machine. It popped little virtual balls out from one side, which continued to pop out repeatedly until I pressed 'stop'; costing me a penny each ball. When the ball landed in a particular little spot towards the bottom, what I guess you'd call 'reels' started to spin in the middle. Frankly I wasn't sure what was happening for the most part, with pennies flying in and out all around, but it was something interesting to look at for a little while :)

The rest of the Arcade games are pretty much just simple themed random bets, from things like flipping a coin or guessing on rock-paper-scissors, to more elaborate seeming games that are really just as basic in their game logic, be it their bowling game or even a soccer shootout themed game. I tried out most of these just to sample the variety and get a few screenshots, but all in all they didn't hold my interest for long.

After that it was finally time to hit the slots! I started off by trying my luck at some of the progressive slot machines available, of which I counted nine in total at Club On The Park (there are also progressive video poker jackpots and arcade games, bringing the progressive total to 16 games in all). I had a couple of minor ups and downs switching around the machines, playing Fruit Mania, Diamond Valley, Cinerama and Wall St. Fever to name just a few.

With no jackpots under my belt, I decided to check out some of the other slot machines available. Club On The Park has a good variety of slot machines, including lots of 'regular' 3 reel machines and plenty of video slots with 5 reels and various line combinations. I started off at a 3-reel machine called 8-Ball Slots, and was pleased to get a $60 hit off a $1 bet after just a few spins. Not wanting to push my luck, I moved on to the next in line. After a few uneventful tries at another handful of three reel machines, I got to one called 'Tres Amigos'. After a few spins I hit another nice little win, $100 off a $1 bet. Boy I wish I had been playing at a higher coin denomination! All of the 3 reel slots looked similar, but in this case that also meant they all looked pretty good.

The 'video' slots had some interesting variations as well, including a couple that weren't five reel machines; like 'Chinese Kitchen', in which there are vertical lines as well as the traditional horizontal ones. While Club On The Park has a good number of video slots that played well, I actually preferred the 'traditional' ones here, as I found the 'bonus games' to be rather dull on these games, especially when compared to Microgaming and Crypto slots.

It wasn't long before I headed back to the High Tequila table to finish off my play - and I ended with a bang. Despite being well ahead of my original deposit after running through the last of the games, after a bad run of the cards I starting 'doubling up' my bets in a futile variation of the Martingale system. Playing some really stupid 'catch up' didn't pay off, and I sadly lost my entire bankroll playing stupidly. Had it not been for this poor decision-making I would gone away with a decent win.

All in all, I had a good time playing at Club On The Park, and would recommend the casino to players looking for a wide variety of things to play, including some of the best looking table games in the industry, great slots and video poker. While I didn't take any bonus myself, I would recommend that you double check on the current offers and terms you may be considering with customer service beforehand to clarify the offers are still in place.

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I wish I was playing my normal 17 strategy this time around, I would have started off with some very big wins! Club On The Park Roulette

Blackjack looked great and was available in a few different formats. It's too bad luck wasn't on my side this time around on any of them. Club On The Park Blackjack

A good looking baccarat table with nice low betting limits available to the more casual player. Club On The Park Baccarat

Craps also has low minimums of $2 per spot, up to $100 on the same table. Craps

High Tequila was new to me, and a lot of fun to play. High Tequila

Casino War is kind of silly, but I tend to give it a peek during my reviews nonetheless for nostalgia's sake. Casino War

Sic Bo didn't' treat me all that well, but at least it looked and played nice while it was eating up my bankroll. Sic Bo Screenshot

Casino Hold'em Casino Holdem

You've never played Dolphin Paradise before? Neither had I, and I still can't explain how it works after playing :) Dolphin Paradise

4 Hand Jacks or Better Multi Hand Jacks or Better

Megajacks at Club On The Park MegaJacks

Bonus Bowling 'Arcade' Game Bonus Bowling

Rock Paper Scissors 'Arcade' Game Rock Paper Scissors

8-Ball 3 Reel Slot 8 Ball Slots

'Chinese Kitchen' serves up some colorful reels and vertical lines for something different. Chinese Kitchen

Club On The Park Casino Strong Points:
  • A good variety of games as a whole
  • Plenty of progressive machines.
  • The graphics looked great on all the table games and slot machines
Things Club On The Park Casino Could Improve:
  • The web site seems a little dated, more information should be available
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