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CLOSED: English Harbour Casino:

UPDATE: THIS CASINO HAS CLOSED: English Harbour Casino is an Odds On-powered casino that has been operating since 1997. The history of online casinos is very short indeed, and while this date is relatively recent, it actually makes English Harbour one of the oldest online casinos available. For a casino to survive 7 years of business (at the time of writing), it suggests that something is being done right by the casino because otherwise players would not keep returning!

In fact, English Harbour Casino is a property of the English Harbour Group which has gone on to create 6 online casinos, and so since this group has such a firm presence in the online gaming arena, I began my review of English Harbour with some high expectations.

As with most online casinos, a player must firstly download the casino software. The English Harbour web page is nicely set out, with a clear navigation menu making it easy for the player to find what they are looking for. Having looked over a preview of the games, I hit the download button. I was somewhat surprised that the initial download file size was 11.4mb. Whilst this is not huge, it is somewhat bigger than software provided by the majority of English Harbour's competitors, and would take a good hour or so on a dial-up connection.

Nevertheless, I was keen to spend some of my hard-earned dollars so I continued the download and installation procedure. Account creation is a simple task of form filling with the usual questions being asked (name, address, date of birth etc.) As a word of warning, it is very important to double check data entered in these forms (at all casinos, not just English Harbour) before submitting, as the T&Cs of many casinos state all winnings will be void if incorrect information is entered.

After creating my account, I proceeded to make a deposit via NETeller. English Harbour accept a number of different payment methods including 'real world' methods (credit cards, etc.) along with e-based payment solutions such as NETeller and Firepay. So, with $50 sitting in my account I decided to begin my play.

Incidentally, English Harbour offer a huge $275 match bonus on a player's first deposit. However, as with all 'free' money, it is very important to check terms and conditions before play commences. If you do not like the T&Cs connected to a bonus, simply ask support not to credit it, or if the bonus is automatic ask for it to be removed.

The games at English Harbour can be viewed from the virtual lobby making it easy for a player to find the game for them. Being in the mood to win big I headed for the Let-it-Ride table game. This game actually has relatively low odds for the player compared to most table games, but with a royal flush paying 1000-1 it can be tempting nonetheless!

The first thing to mention about English Harbour is the low minimum bet requirement, which for most games is $1 or $2. This means that even low-rollers like me can get some play out of even the most meager of deposits! Nevertheless, high-rollers will also feel at home at English Harbour with most games offering more than ample betting limits.

The actual gameplay for Let-it-ride was pretty good. The graphics, while not mind-blowing, are of a sufficiently high standard and the smoothness of the game means that playing does not become a tedious affair. The actual fairness of the game also seemed fine - while there were some losing hands, good winning hands also came along at relatively evenly distributed intervals. I actually managed to get three-of-a-kind a few times, once winning $16 - but sadly the losing hands meant I came out of this game roughly even.

In terms of the table games offered at English Harbour Casino, the 'usual suspects' are all there, including Roulette and Blackjack. In fact, later on during my play I discovered the Progressive Jackpot version of English Harbour's Blackjack, which pays out when the player gets 4 suited aces. Unfortunately, when I discovered this game my bankroll was not really sufficient to have a decent attempt at winning the near $30,000 jackpot!

The reason I had so little money to play Blackjack was because I lost most of it playing English Harbour's slots! English Harbour do not have a huge variety of slot machines, but each one is generally somewhat different to the others available, whether it be the number of paylines or the number of reels to whether there are bonus features or not.

I decided to have a play at the English Harbour Slot, a custom-built slot just for use in the English Harbour casino. Upon loading, I discovered it to be a 5-reel, 5-line slot which can be played at various denominations. I decided to play with a coin size of $0.25, which meant I was max-betting at $1.25 per spin. Unfortunately, I was not overly impressed with the game play of this machine - the graphics were somewhat dull and wins seemed few and far between. While I am not usually a slot player, some machines do hold my attention. However, this was not one of them.

As such, I took the $30 that I now had in my account over to a progressive machine called Win, Place or Show. This horse-racing themed slot has a continually growing jackpot (until it is won) and at the time of playing stood at a mouth-watering $24,200 - not bad return for a $0.75 bet! While I did not get the jackpot, this machine did seem to have a lot more playability. It is well known that progressives usually pay out less than non-progressive slots as they keep back money for the jackpot. Yet, I had much more luck here than with the English Harbour Slot! Even with luck aside though, this slot just seemed to be a brighter more engaging slot, and I would recommend it as a fun way to spend some $!

I did actually go on to play some of the other slots available, and again found a variety in the quality and entertainment value of each one. However, for players wanting a break from the table games, English Harbour still does OK with its slots, even though a slots-only player may well get bored at this casino.

As stated earlier, playing the slots at English Harbour really dented my bank balance. I do not know whether it was bad luck or whether the slots at this casino are particularly 'tight', but I don't think I will be playing them again.

I did, however, save a few pennies to play some of the other games available. Deuces Wild 100-hand was a particularly fun game to play, and could have been very profitable if good starting hands had appeared - alas it was not to be, and my play at this came and at Caribbean Stud Poker finally wiped out my bank roll.

While on this occasion I was unable to cash out, the banking section of this casino suggests payments take no longer than a few days, and with a 7-year reputation behind it, I am sure getting your money would never be a problem at English Harbour. Support also proved to be good, with a question receiving a response within around 1 hour, which is perfectly sufficient.

To conclude, English Harbour is definitely a casino that can be trusted - 7 years of operation speaks volumes. Similarly, a good number of games are presented and are good virtual recreations of land-based classics. However, the slot selection was disappointing, and even more so was the game play with some of these. However, overall the casino is definitely good if not better, and is a solid establishment where a player can spend a few dollars.

CLOSED: English Harbour Casino

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100 Hands Video Poker

Deuces wild 100 Video Poker Hands: Good starting hands bring big returns in this 100-hand VP game.

English Harbour Slot

English Harbour Slot: Unfortunately, the playability of the English Harbour slot was disappointing.

Let it Ride Poker

Let it ride poker: A good recreation of the Let-it-Ride table game

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack: Blackjack with a twist - 4 suited aces pays a jackpot!

Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker

Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker: A pair of 6s beats the dealer's 3s

Win Place or Show Slot

Win Place or Show Slot: A fun progressive slot costing just $0.75 a spin!

English Harbour Casino Strong Points:
  • Good table games.
  • Huge sign-up bonus.
  • Friendly and useful Support
Things English Harbour Casino Could Improve:
  • Better slots selection.
  • More playability of some slots.
  • Improved graphics / general look with slots.

CLOSED: English Harbour Casino

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