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Flamingo Club Casino:

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to play the Flamingo Club sign-up bonus. I deposited $200 and lost the lot. I then received the 200% sign up bonus up to $200 free and after a session of ups and downs decided to bet $100 on 4-hand Aces and Faces video poker. 4 queens appearing for a $1000 pay out meant that I cashed in a pretty nice amount! On that occasion I wasn't playing for review purposes, but with my fingers itching to play again I decided return to Flamingo club, and this time to write about my experiences!

Flamingo Club Casino is a Playtech-powered gambling site that is a sister to the well-known Golden Palace casino. As such, it is worth nothing that some people may not be allowed bonuses here if they have played at other casinos in the group - I had played at Golden Palace before and even though I had played at just that one casino, I had to really fight to get my sign-up bonus. Of course, bonuses are not everything but with wagering requirements being just 4x deposit+bonus, I can imagine this group gets a lot of bonus abusers trying their luck.

Of course, before a player can get wagering they have to download the required software from the website, although a no-download version with a handful of games is also available. Nevertheless, for the full-on gaming experience the download version is recommended, and with the initial download being just 235k it should take a few seconds for the installer to be loaded and doing its thing.

Registration at Flamingo Club is really easy with a user-friendly form being used to capture a new player's vital statistics. Incidentally, Flamingo Club can be played in US $ but also in UK £ and Euros. I like it when casinos offer multiple currencies - it shows that they are really thinking about the global attraction of their casino. This is even more obvious at Flamingo Club as both the website and the casino software is available not only in English but in Spanish and French as well.

Of course, having played before, I simply had to enter my username and password and after selecting 'real play' (as opposed to 'fun' play) and I was in the Flamingo Club lobby. All the games at Flamingo Club are presented in the lobby, but rather annoyingly they are not grouped. As such a player has to scroll through all the games available to find the one they want. This is particularly annoying with the slot games, as it is easy to completely scroll past the desired game without realizing.

I suppose on the upside this required scrolling does show the range of games available at Flamingo Club, and with the selection of games teasing me I headed straight to the cashier to make a deposit. At this casino a decent number of deposit options are available ranging from e-wallet solutions to traditional credit cards, and all are accessible in the easy-to-use cashier. I opted to make a NETeller deposit of $100. This time around my deposit wasn't eligible for any bonuses and as such I decided the table games would be a good place to start without hemorrhaging too much money!

There are a good number of table games available at Flamingo Club, ranging from traditional games such as Blackjack to more modern games such as Three Card Poker and Casino Hold 'Em (a casino game based on Texas Hold 'Em). There's even a sub-selection within some of these games - for example Blackjack comes in a 'traditional' version, but also in 'Surrender', 'Switch' and 'Pontoon' varieties. What's more, the Blackjack games also offer multi-hand play as well as the ability to play at a communal table. As with the language selection, I think to present a game with this many options definitely shows the player's experience is high in the mind of the casino operators. Having said that, I still sat down at the single-hand standard Blackjack table - I am clearly a creature of habit!

Betting limits at the Blackjack table I was sitting at ranged from $1 to a maximum of $500. I think this is a pretty decent range and should be welcomed by low and high rollers alike. What's more, the betting limits are the same at the 5-hand table, meaning big players can stake up to $2500 per game in total, which is pretty impressive.

What's also impressive is the presentation of the Blackjack game. Although I found the purple-hued table cloth slightly garish, generally the graphics I saw were very impressive. Similarly, the game played with a very nice smoothness to it and along with the dealer voice overs, Flamingo Club definitely struck me as an attractive place to play.

Unfortunately, the luck I was having this time round wasn't anywhere near that I had during my sign-up bonus play. The number of dealer 21's was crazy! Of course, this is how luck runs and the Random Number Generator employed by Flamingo Club ensures that all games are fair. Even so, I decided it was time to move on!

The next game I played was Baccarat. However, this was no ordinary Baccarat game - I chose to play against a live dealer! This is because some of the table games at Flamingo Club employ webcam technology; meaning players can bet against a real life dealer! This is a great pulling factor for this casino and means that those that really aren't sure about online games in terms of fairness can play at Flamingo Club with no concerns.

Unfortunately my luck didn't change at this game either, nor did it on the other table games I played. The Flamingo dealers were obviously getting their own back! As such, I decided to check out some of the Video Poker games available.

At Flamingo there are a decent range of video poker games available, although I have seen a wider selection at competitor sites. Nevertheless, for those that like traditional games such as Jacks or Better, there should be no problems with Flamingo Club. There are also some multi-hand games available such as the 4-hand Aces and Faces poker that I previously won my $1000 on! This time though, I decided to play the Deuces Wild single-hand game. Unfortunately this game wasn't kind to me - as regular players of this game will know, unless the deuces come out, wins are often few and far between.

Thankfully, however, I decided to play some 10-hand Jacks or Better play before finishing off my Video Poker gambling. This turned to be a good move and some decent starting hands meant I received a few big pay outs. In fact, my luck was so good that I was able to walk away with $118 - a recovery from my table losses and an $18 profit to boot!

As such, I hit the Flamingo Club slots with a pretty good bank roll. As with the Video Poker selection, a decent number of slots are available (although again, I have seen more elsewhere). Also, some of the newer types of slots, such as video-style bonus games seemed not to be very plentiful. Instead, Flamingo Club has chosen to present more traditional style games. Having said that, for an 'every so often' slot player such as myself, I was still happy with the games available.

One of the games that I played was the progressive Gold Rally game. Although this game cost $16 per spin, the progressive payouts can be huge and I have had good luck on this game in the past. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case this time, and the $16 spins soon consumed some of my bankroll.

Thankfully, some of the other slots seemed to be playing in a more generous manner, in particular the Tropic Reels game. This game is played on 5 reels. However, only the first set of reels spin initially and a player can then hold any of the symbols they want on all five lines. A $12.50 winner spinning in on the first reels meant all I had to do was hold the lot for a nice $62.50 payout. Similarly, the Dr Lovemore video slot gave me a few wins to keep my bankroll stable.

Unfortunately, it was at this point that I decided to see if I could replicate my previous Video Poker luck and chose to bet $100 on 4-hand Aces and Faces. This time not a single winner appeared, so my bankroll had disappeared to nothing. This was a risky move, but I didn't feel bad as I had still spent a lot of time playing the different games on offer.

Although I had nothing to withdraw this time, I know that cashing in is not an issue at Flamingo Club. Although fax back forms are often required, once these are completed, cash-ins are usually processed a few days after the 48 pending period is expired. This is fine by me, and there were no issues with receiving my earlier, reasonably large withdrawal.

The final part of my review will be to assess the support available at Flamingo Club. Support is provided via email and telephone, and when I was chasing the bonus, I had quite a lot of contact with Flamingo! On a plus point, toll free telephone numbers are available for a huge range of countries which is great. Unfortunately, every time I called support I was in a queue for about 10 minutes before speaking to somebody - not so great. Similarly, emails did take about 12 hours to be responded to. Nevertheless, the customer support personnel were friendly and should be able to deal with most queries a player would have.

In conclusion, I think Flamingo Club is a pretty decent casino. The software itself is well presented and the thought that has been given to player experience enhances the Flamingo offering. While the number of games is not as huge as at other casinos, the ones that are available and fun to play and are well presented. Similarly, functions such as banking and customer support seem to operate well. As such, this casino is definitely worth checking out. With my $1000 win, I think I'll always have a soft spot for this one!

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Two wins and a bust, but a win overall whilst playing 3-hand Blackjack

3-hand blackjack

I won over $1000 on a single game of Aces and Faces and Video Poker when I first played at this casino

Various winners across the board whilst playing 10-hand Jacks or Better Video Poker

Depositing, withdrawing and converting comp points is really easy at Flamingo Club

I am presented with the chance to double up my win on the Deuces Wild Video Poker game

Dr Lovemore was not very kind to me overall, although this $9.40 return on a $2 bet was not too bad

The Flamingo Slots is a simple-to-play slot game based on the casino's theme

The Gold Rally progressive slot is $16 a spin, but it means that huge wins are easily possible

Baccarat is one of a handful of games that can be played against a live dealer

The Magic Slots progressive offers the player a chance to win huge for a very small bet

The dealer doesn't qualify, but my flush still returns a healthy profit whilst playing Poker 3

A zero spin on the roulette table means my $1 becomes a very nice $36

I hold the frog symbols on the Tropic Reels game to guarantee myself a $62.50 win for a $12.50 bet

Flamingo Club Casino Strong Points:
  • Well presented games with nice graphics and sound effects
  • Nice sign-up bonus
  • Good number of support options, although can be slow to respond on occasion
  • Some of the table games are available with a live dealer
Things Flamingo Club Casino Could Improve:
  • Game menu is cumbersome to navigate through
  • Fax back forms are required for cash-ins
  • Slot and Video Poker selection is not huge

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