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The Casino Lobby:

IMPORTANT REVIEW UPDATE: The Casino Lobby has changed to a new unknown casino software - As a result this casino review is completely outdated - and it is also no longer available from the main online casino reviews section on Play at your own risk.

The Casino Lobby is a pretty unique casino in the world of online gambling. This is because whereas other casinos operate using software licensed from software manufactures, The Casino Lobby actually develops its own software. As such, a completely unique gaming experience can be had at this casino, something not to be underestimated, particularly in an online world cluttered with near identical casinos. On a less positive note, I have to say I think the casino name is pretty poor, but I guess they say you should never judge a book by its cover. As such, I went ahead anyway to give The Casino Lobby a try.

The first thing I liked about this casino, is that the games are available both via a no-download interface as well as via a software installation (download). This is great for players that are looking for a quick gamble without having to go through the trouble of downloading and installing some software. Having said that, I personally always find the download version of a casino offers the most in terms of game variety and presentation, and as such this was the version I opted for on this occasion.

The initial download is obtained from the casino website, and weighs in at around 2.5mb. However, when the casino first launches it then obtains various additional files to complete the installation. In fact, there were a good few hundred files that the casino needed to obtain on the first load, and even though I was on a broadband connection it took a good few minutes for the casino to install. Of course, this is a 'one off' occurrence, and using download software means it literally takes seconds to be up and running again in the future.

When it comes to depositing at The Casino Lobby, the casino uses a browser window to process purchase requests, even when inside the download version of the casino. I thought this was slightly strange, but as the page is fully secure I was not too bothered. With regards to deposit options themselves, NETeller, credit cards, Pre-paid ATM and Money Bookers are all accepted. In terms of play currency, The Casino Lobby can be played in US $, UK £, Euros.

As I was a new player at The Casino Lobby, my first purchase (of $100 via NETeller) was instantly matched with $100 in bonus cash taking my balance up to $200. The Casino Lobby operates a very attractive sign up bonus, where up to $500 can be claimed on a players first few deposits. This is a nice approach, and means that a player is rewarded for playing more than once at the casino. Indeed a number of on-going deposit bonuses are also available here, meaning even old-timers at this casino can pep up their account with some bonus bucks!

When in the casino lobby itself a menu system is utilized to make choosing games easy. With games being grouped by type, it should be simple for a player to find the game they want. There's even a preview function available, meaning a player can actually see a screenshot of a game before they decide to play it, and can even learn a bit about minimum and maximum bets playable.

To begin my play on this occasion I sat down at the Caribbean Stud Table. It had actually been a while since I last played this game, so it was refreshing to play a game where regular wins occur - but also where big jackpots can be grabbed. This is particularly true of The Casino Lobby, where a continually rising progressive jackpot can be snatched if a player is dealt a Royal Flush. At the time of playing this stood at over $80,000!

In terms of the game presentation itself, the game looked fine. The graphics used are not the best I have ever witnessed, but were definitely acceptable. My only criticism is that there is quite a lot of 'fuss' with this game - an animation of the cards being shuffled before each deal for example really slows the game down. I actually found this true of some of the other table games I played as well, although I guess it can be a good thing that a player's bankroll actually lasts a decent amount of time! Finally, I should comment that many of the card games use a dealer voice over to add to the realism, although this is a user-configurable option for players that might find this annoying.

Unfortunately, when it comes to luck on this game I really didn't seem to have any! Either I was not dealt any decent cards, or when I was - the dealer didn't qualify! Of course, fairness of the games at The Casino Lobby is not in question - a random number generator ensures games play like their land-based counterparts. Although it doesn't help knowing this when lady luck really isn't looking down on you!

As well as the Caribbean Stud game, I also played the casino's Blackjack game. At The Casino Lobby a player can bet anything from $1 to $500, although with only one game version available some hardened Blackjack players may find the lack of choice a disappointment. Similarly, the lack of multi-hand games could be off putting. However, for a general play at the Blackjack table The Casino Lobby should fit the bill.

When it comes to Video Poker, The Casino Lobby offers 4 different games. Joker Poker Video Poker and Deuces Wild are both available as single hand games, and Jacks or Better can be played using either the 25 or 50 hand versions. Unfortunately, this is the full extent of the video poker games available. The games themselves play pretty well, and accept pretty typical coin sizes of $0.25 up to $5 (for a $25 max bet on the single hand games). However, I do think that when it comes to video poker there is little to hold a regular Video Poker players interest at The Casino Lobby. It didn't help that my luck continued to be dire - I almost found it hard to find a decent screen shot to capture!

When it comes to online slots at The Casino Lobby, a mix of 'classic style' slots can be played as well as newer video slots. The Classic Style slots are all of a similar style - three-reel slots with single pay lines. However, with some of them having progressive jackpots it can definitely make them appealing! One game I really quite liked was the Super 7's game. The game uses neat, simple graphics and as well as offering lower-end payments, was showing a progressive jackpot of almost $150,000 at the time of playing!

I also tried out some of the video slot games available. One I particularly enjoyed was the Disco Inferno game. When the bonus is activated, a player is presented with a groovy 70's style dance floor. A player then gets the opportunity to select lit-up floor tiles to receive a nice bonus payout!

Unfortunately though, despite finding a few slots I liked, I again wasn't completely grabbed by the selection available. There is enough to hold a player's attention for a few playing sessions, but I didn't find a slot that I could return to again and again. This is particularly true of the bonus slots. Usually, a player likes these as the bonuses are entertaining and can be rewarding. Unfortunately, while I enjoyed seeing each bonus, I just didn't feel that I wanted to keep playing. Again though, the lack of decent payouts when I paid probably didn't help! In fact, it was on the slots that I finally busted out.

Of course, not everyone will lose at The Casino Lobby, and despite not having anything to withdraw I still checked out the casino's withdrawal policy. Basically, all withdrawals are held for 5 days before being processed. A variety of withdrawal methods are available including bank wire, check and NETeller. The casino also claims to keep a player updated as to the status of the withdrawal. While I didn't have the opportunity to test the process out, if it does work like this there really shouldn't be too many problems.

While playing at The Casino Lobby I had no need to contact the casino support function. However, I did check out the support offering. From what I could see, support is only available via email. Despite claiming to offer 24/7 support, the casino also says it can take up to 24 hours for a response to be sent. While it is good that support is available, compared to many competitor sites this offering is distinctly average. Indeed, the lack of an 'instant' support method could put off a number of players.

In conclusion, I would say that The Casino Lobby is an OK place to play for people looking for something different - indeed the propriety software means this is the only place you'll find the software. However, the game selection is limited, and while the games themselves are definitely acceptable, there is nothing to really grab a player. Having said that, the sign-up and on-going bonuses are definitely worth looking at, and cash processing seems to work well. I do have to criticize the support offering, although as long as the casino sticks to responding within a maximum of 24 hours things should be ok. For me personally, my playing experience and lack of luck will probably stop my coming back here. However, I always suggest people check out a casino for themselves - after all, maybe a progressive jackpot is waiting with your name on it!

The Casino Lobby

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I get winnings hands across all 50 hands whilst playing 50-hand Jacks or Better, although sadly I am betting just pennies at the time!

50 hand Jacks or Better Video Poker

Blackjack, the most popular card game around, is available at The Casino Lobby

The Blackjack Game

The Casino Lobby utilizes a web-based cashier to process deposits and withdrawals

Web Cashier

I get two pairs at the Caribbean Stud table so naturally 'call' my bet

Caribbean Stud Poker Table

The 'Deuce' wild card completes my flush whilst playing Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild Video Poker

Disco Inferno is a 5-line, 5-reel video slot

Disco Inferno Video Slot

The Disco Inferno Bonus allows a player to pick random amounts of money from the disco dance floor

Disco INferno Bonus Game

Fun in the Sun is a another video slot that offers the chance to win huge jackpots

Fun In The Sun Slot Machine

Keno is usually a poor bet, and indeed here is a losing screen shot from that game!

Keno Game

The casino lobby is a portal to the various casino games that are available

The Casino Lobby's Lobby

Super 7's is a three-reel slot offering players the chance to win a progressive jackpot!

Super 7's Slot Machine

Wheel of Fortune is a cool game where players can back low-odd or high-odd numbers on spinning in

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine

The Casino Lobby Strong Points:
  • Excellent range of sign-up and on-going bonuses
  • Propriety software means no other casino offers the same games as The Casino Lobby
  • Download and no-download interfaces offer a player choice of how they play
Things The Casino Lobby Could Improve:
  • Customer support is only available via email
  • The selection of games is small

The Casino Lobby

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