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About started out as a one man job - now we are a small team of gamblers. However the goal of this website is still the same: To guide you to safe and recommendable online casinos by offering you real information about online casino gambling.

Biggest Online Progressive Jackpots - Live Slot Jackpot Values

The slot machine Millionaires Club as well as the slot machine Major Millions are currently the two biggest Progressive Jackpots you can find at online casinos. Millionaires Club is powered by Cryptologic software, and Major Millions is powered by Microgaming Casino Software.

Best Casino Bonuses

What exactly are the "Best" Casino Bonuses? It's not easy to say. I'm sure different folks are looking for different casino bonuses. In my opinion, the best casino bonuses can be many different casino bonus offers - depending of what you are looking for.

Online Gambling FAQ & Beginners Guide To Online Casino Gambling

Are you new to online casino gambling? Here at you'll find the info you need to make a safe, informed decision on where to play Internet casinos and poker rooms.

Best Casino Payout Percentages

Only online casinos offering payouts percentages reviewed by a major independent accounting firm (like PriceWaterhouseCoopers and other similar big firms) are included in my best casino payout percentages table below.

World Series Of Poker - From Online Poker Player to WSOP Champ

It was only fitting that an online poker player and accountant named Moneymaker would put down $40 and ultimately walk away with US$2.5 million and the title of poker champion Saturday in the 34th annual World Series of Poker.

Online Poker Player Wins WSOP And $2.5 Million

Known to his friends as "Money," Chris Moneymaker, 27, also became the first person to win the prestigious tournament by qualifying on the Internet.

Random Online Casinos - The Online Casinos Random Number Generators

Why are Random Number Generators such a big issue for online casinos? Well did you know that computers can't generate truly random numbers.

Random Casinos - Casinos Random Number Generators

Why would an online casino be very interested in how good their RNG is? For the game of blackjack I can't imagine too many casinos caring if they discovered that their RNG formula was slightly biased against the player.

Play Online Casino

The Internet is flooded with hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos. So with all this choice, how do you know which online casino to play at? How can you tell the gem of a casino from the one that rigs casino games and never pays out winnings?

Below is the top-10 list of things to look for when choosing where to play online casino games.

Playing Poker Online

It was time for a fresh start. I went to another site dedicated to playing poker online at, ( Review) and sat through a patronising but ultimately helpful tutorial on the ins and outs of Texas Hold 'Em Poker.