Why Gamble Online At All? By Online-Casinos.com

Online-Casinos.com is not here to tell you that online casinos are better or just as fun as live Las Vegas Gambling - online gambling is not even close to real Las Vegas wagering - but it is a fine substitute for live gambling.

Why Gamble Online?

Many people enjoy gambling every now and again whether it be to unwind, to try their luck at hitting a jackpot or simply because they enjoy playing games of chance. Historically, to play casino games players would have to travel to their nearest casino and for many this is not an easy task - Vegas or Atlantic City may be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for many people.

As such, online casinos allow people to play the games they enjoy from the comfort of their own home. In fact, playing online may actually be better than travelling to a 'real' casino for several following reasons.

Pros of online gambling
  • Players have the ability to choose from a huge range of games - as the cost of running games online is minimal, casinos can offer a huge selection
  • Every game is available - unlike in a real casino where a favorite machine may be taken, online there is no problem with fighting off other people
  • Because the cost of running games for online casinos is so low, many offer a much wider range of betting limits online. Some casinos, for example, offer 1 cent Blackjack games.
  • Many online casinos want to entice players to sign up so offer a range of bonuses. This 'free money' gives a player an incentive to sign up, although often attached wagering conditions make winning with this money difficult.
  • Competition is fierce meaning players are often able to take advantage of numerous bonuses, prize draws and competitions that are regularly won. Generally, better odds are also available online particularly with reference to slot machines. Again this is down to low operating overheads and competition.
Cons of online gambling

Of course, like most things there are also downsides of online playing that a player should consider before starting to play online;

  • Any winnings or withdrawals made are not instantaneous. Many casinos attempt to return money to a player within 48-72 hours although some less reputable casinos can take many weeks to return a players money. Having said that, some casinos utilise online e-wallets to make paying winners as efficient as possible.
  • Online casinos are not presently regulated. Whilst casinos would be pretty stupid to cheat, this is not beyond the realms of possibility.
  • The ease of online gambling can result in people betting more than they intended to or for more time than planned. Players should be aware of the signs of problem gambling and should seek support if they feel they have a problem.

Generally though online casinos do have a lot of offer a player. Whilst the feeling of playing in a real casino can never truly be replicated online, there's still a lot of fun to be had. Players should remember though to fully research a casino before playing. Sticking to well-known software is advisable (e.g. Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech) and reading reviews by others (such as those here at Online-Casinos.com) is a good starting point.

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