Do I Have To Be An Adult To Gamble Online?

The super short and correct answer to this question is: YES you do have to be an adult to be able to gamble for real money online! That's most likely 18 years old or older, a few places even require people to be at least 21 before they are allowed to place a wager.

The Legal Age For Gambling Online

Gambling is an adult activity and just like with land-based casinos, online casinos also require players to be of an adult age to play. This usually means being 18 although some casinos operate a minimum age requirement of 21. Before playing a player should check the terms and conditions of the casino to make sure that they are considered of 'legal age' to play.

Many casinos operate positive identification policies whereby wins are only paid to those that can prove they are of legal age to play (e.g. through presenting a driving licence or passport). It is not worth trying to fool casinos when it comes to age and to win a jackpot but be denied the money because of age problems would be devastating.

For those that are not old enough to gamble online, many sites offer free-play games. This includes where a number of free casino games can be played, including out free slots with cash prizes. The trainer programs are also excellent for honing skills in preparation for the real thing! currently offer the following free trainers; a blackjack training program, a video poker training program as well as a roulette training program.

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