Best Casino Payout Percentages

Only online casinos offering payouts percentages reviewed by a major independent accounting firm (like PriceWaterhouseCoopers and other similar big firms) are included in my best casino payout percentages table below.

Go To Casino Casino Payout My Casino Review
Blackjack Ballroom 98.55 % Blackjack Ballroom Review
Captain Cooks Casino 97.66 % Captain Cooks Casino Review
Crazy Vegas Casino 97.34 % Crazy Vegas Casino Review
First Web Casino 96.07 % First Web Casino Review
Fortune Room Casino 97.18 % Fortune Room Casino Review
Golden Riviera Casino 96.06 % Golden Riviera Casino Review
Golden Tiger Casino 96.76 % Golden Tiger Casino Review
Jackpot City Online Casino 97.05 % Jackpot City Casino Review
King Neptune's Casino 97.12 % King Neptune's Casino Review
Lucky Emperor Online Casino 96.60 % Lucky Emperor Casino Review
Silver Dollar Casino 96.40 % Silver Dollar Casino Review
Sun Vegas Casino 96.70 % Sun Vegas Casino Review
Virtual City Online Casino 96.15 % Virtual City Casino Review
Wild Jack Online Casino 96.77 % Wild Jack Casino Review

The online casino payout percentages are typically calculated by comparing winnings to wagered amounts for all games at the casino. You should be aware that the casino payout percentages do not necessarily reflect the results of any individual game or the future payout of any casino game. Casinos Payouts is a mathematical term used to describe the average amount a wager will yield. The expected return on a even money (fair) bet is 100% (sometimes written as 1.0)

The expected return tells the punter how much money the house will take off them on average per bet. If the casino has for instance, a 2.7% edge at Roulette, it is expressed as an expected return of .973 or 97.3%. So when you wager your money, the online casino will always have a slight edge over the player, but usually not by much.

Best Casino Payouts

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