Gold Card Happy Hour Promo is giving its members the chance to spice up live casino gaming with the Gold Card Happy Hour promotion. Find details on the bonus, how to get it and the key terms below as we give you the lowdown on this latest deal from one of the UK's top online operators.
A live dealer at, holding one of the promotional Gold Cards.
Published on: 13 June 2020

The Gold Card Happy Hour Promotion

Players at are being given the chance to win up to £5,000 extra while playing live blackjack at the online casino site, as part of the Gold Card Happy Hour offer.

We’ll be honest, there are a few different promotions on the market that have a similar sort of setup, with special cards dealt into the shoe for live blackjack games, each giving the player who is dealt the card a special bonus. But this one does work a little differently.

Instead of the usual setup, where the card would be a set bonus amount, which then comes with wagering requirements, as would any regular bonus funds, if you are dealt a Happy Hour Gold Card, your bet is doubled.

There are two Gold Cards shuffled into each shoe in the live blackjack games, during the promotional periods. The shoes are made up of four decks of cards, meaning that there is one card for every 104 in the shoe.

The promotion runs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the live blackjack tables. This is not a seasonal promo and while the operator may remove it at some point, it is likely to be live for some months.

The Happy Hour itself is between 8pm and 10pm British time (either GMT or BST depending on the time of year). If you are playing live blackjack at the site outside of those times, you will not be able to be dealt a Gold Card as part of the promotion.

Read on to find out how to get the Gold Cards or click here to jump to the terms and conditions further down this page.

How Do I Get the Gold Cards?

There’s not much to explain here, as the promotion is a pretty straightforward one, but we will talk you through the process with step by step instructions on how to get yourself in the running to get a Gold Card while playing live blackjack.

How to get the Gold Cards:

  • Step One: Go to
  • Step Two: Sign in to your player account.
  • Step Three: Play live blackjack during the Happy Hour times.
  • Step Four: Play rounds of live blackjack.
  • Step Five: Get your bet doubled if you are dealt a Gold Card.

As the prizes are credited against your bet instantly, there really isn’t anything else to cover in terms of getting the Gold Cards. We wish you the best of luck when playing. Read on to get the full terms and conditions of the offer explained.

About the Operator

If you are unfamiliar with, then you might be wondering whether it is worth signing up to the site just to access this promotion. Well, if the deal suits you (pun intended) down to the ground, then it might well be. But of course, there is more to the site than just this one offer, all of which you can find out about in our full operator review.

The site, aside from having one of the easiest to remember URLs of all time, gives players access to hundreds of top games, just as you would expect from a top gambling site. With slots from some of the biggest software names around to dozens of high-quality table games, there’s something for just about any player.

In terms of the live suite, which is potentially most pertinent to this particular bonus review, there are a lot of good things to talk about. The operator carries live games from Playtech, which is one of the top two real dealer game developers on the market. This means that you can play the Age of the Gods live games, which are always popular among players.

Finally, if you would like to find out more about the other promotions, then just click to head over to our bonus page, where we review the main welcome bonus and let you know what you can expect to find as a member.

The Terms and Conditions in Full

Without any more preamble, let’s get stuck right into the terms and conditions. While some players may not see the point in spending time reading the small print, we can assure you that it is the most important thing that you can do when going to accept a casino promotion.

First things first, must be 18 years of age or older and located in Great Britain in order to sign up to the site or to take part in this or any other promotional offer. As most of you will know, we’re sure, this is in line with UK law. Any site that accepts underage players is acting illegally and should not be trusted.

As we mentioned before, the Gold Card Happy Hour promotion runs from 20:00 – 22:00 (GMT) every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Any games played outside of these hours will not be eligible for the Gold Card promo.

The Gold Cards are only available at Live Blackjack tables and cannot be found in any other games.

Two Gold Cards will be dealt into each shoe during the promotional period. If you are dealt one of these Cards, your bet will receive 100% of your initial stake for that hand as a boost to your bet.

You cannot receive a bonus on Bet Behind. Only the player in the seat and betting on the main hand will receive the bonus.

If the dealer is dealt a Gold Card during the promotion, no prize will be given out during that hand. To be clear, a dealer being dealt a Gold Card does not result in all players receiving the bonus.

The maximum cash prize that can be earned from one Gold Card is £5,000. As the prizes in this deal are cash prizes, there are no wagering requirements involved and they will be credited to your account immediately upon winning.

If you have begun to play before the end of the promotional window, with a shoe that was loaded with Gold Cards during the promotional period, then you will still be able to receive prizes from the Gold Cards after the promotional period ends until the end of that shoe.

The regular bonus terms and conditions apply to this promotion, and abuse of bonus funds or bonus play will not be tolerated by the casino.

This bonus is a casino-only promo. As such, it does not carry over to bets on sports events.

Unfortunately, you cannot access this promotion if you are playing on the iOS app for Apple devices.

If you would like to access the promotion, head over to

There is a lot to love in the Gold Card Happy Hour promotion. A live casino bonus that gives a boost to bets and could result in cash prizes, with no wagering requirements, up to £5,000? Colour us interested!Courtney Graham, Bonus Expert,

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