Unibet Grand Riches: New Bonus from Unibet

Unibet online casino is running eight massive casino tournaments this month, giving members a chance to play for a share of £25,000 in each. In the last tourney, they prize goes up, with Unibet offering up £250,000 all in all. Read on below to find out about how to enter the tournaments and the full terms and conditions that you need to know.
The Unibet Grand Riches tournaments.
Published on: 22 November 2019

Entering the Unibet Grand Riches Tournament

As you might expect, with an eight-part tournament special, there is a lot to get your head around with the Unibet Grand Riches bonus tournament. So, let’s just quickly clarify exactly what it going on.

Each week for four weeks, the operator is putting on two tournaments. These will be a normal casino tournament, aimed at slots players and a live casino tournament. At the end of the week, the top 50 players based on turnover win. These players will get a share of £25,000.

In the final week, the top 50 players in each tournament will get a share of £50,000, showing that Unibet is happy to ramp up the excitement at the finale of the promotion. Overall, £250,000 is being given away in prizes.

So, to enter the tournament, you need to make sure that you do a few simple things. First off, you must already be a member of the Unibet online casino. If you are not, you can find out more about the operator in our full operator review. You can head over to the site from that page, or by clicking the link at the top of this bonus guide.

To enter one of the Unibet Grand Riches tournaments, follow these simple steps:

  • Step One: Sign in to your account at the Unibet online casino.
  • Step Two: Go to the “Casino Offers” page at Unibet.
  • Step Three: Click on the tournament that you want to enter.
  • Step Four: Click to state that you want to opt in.
  • Step Five: Bet on eligible games to build up your turnover.

There really isn’t much more to it than that in terms of getting access to the tournament. Read on to find out all of the small print!

The Essential Terms and Conditions

Each tournament will last between 00:01 on Monday of the relevant week and the last eligible wagers must be completed by 23:59 on the Sunday following. All bets made outside of this time period will not count for the tournament turnover.

Only bets made on selected games will count. You can view which games you can bet on in the specific tournament information on Unibet’s casino offers page. However, hundreds of slot titles are included and lots of live games count in their respective events.

Only real money bets will count, so if you are trying out a slot title in free play mode, these bets will not work towards your turnover amount.

The good news is that all winnings are paid in cash, with no wagering requirements. The money will be credited to the winners shortly after the tournament closes, though the operator indicates that this may take a couple of days to process.

As always, you must be 18 years of old in order to join this tournament. This is also true for joining the casino in general. You cannot be an employee of Unibet or its associated companies in order to play.

See the Unibet Grand Riches page in order to see full terms and conditions.

At Online-Casinos.com, we love a casino tournament. What makes the Unibet Grand Riches so great is that there isn’t just one tournament, but eight. Also, the much-neglected live casino players can get a piece of the action too.Courtney Graham, Bonus Expert, Online-Casinos.com

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