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Some people prefer to learn things by reading a book, others find it easier to learn by observing how things work. now exclusively offers visualized craps instructions for those who prefer an easy way to learn the rules of craps. Sit back, listen, watch and learn.

Visual Craps Instructions

Please turn on your speakers also offers visual instructions, rules and tips for many other casino games. If you want to learn more about the popular game of craps, you can find more information in the menu below.

Craps Tip:

You should only make those bets that offer the highest expected return. These bets are: Pass Line Bets and Don't Pass Bets. During point rolls place the maximum allowed Odds bets, You shall make Come and Don't Come Bets, During point rolls support your Come/ Don't Come bets with max. Odds Bets. Also make place number bets on 6 and 8.

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