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A brightly colored scratch card game to win big money for players. Simply purchase a ticket with the free money and start scratching. The game can be played for real money at the game sponsors website. Read more about Casino Euro below.

Play Free Star Mania Scratch Card Game Here

Play the free scratch card game: Star Mania below.

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On this version of the popular scratch card games, players can click the PAYTABLE button to view possible winnings for the different tickets. The paytable is divided into three columns representing 1 Euro tickets, 3 Euro tickets and 5 Euro tickets, showing that players need to match three numbers to match the sums in the columns below each denomination. To begin play, players click on one of the three money denominations (1, 3 or 5 Euro). Players have two options of playing. They can either click on each star covered square, one at a time to reveal the number that is displayed beneath. For a quicker version (but one that is less fun), they can press the OPEN ALL button to have all the star covered squares revealed at once. The players credit amount is displayed at the bottom of the ticket, as well as the bets placed and the amount (if any) won. If the scratch ticket reveals any number that appears three times, the player gets the winnings equal to that number. The amount can be found on the corresponding paytable by pressing the PAYTABLE button. Players can use the ENTER key on their own keyboard to purchase more than one ticket at the price that their last ticket was purchased. The Star Mania scratch card game is simple to play and has a pleasant, bright primary color interface, making it appealing to the eye and a good choice in the wide range of scratch card games available on the market. also offers information, rules, tips and strategies for many of the most popular online casino games as well as gambling news, online casino reviews and free training games such as our unique blackjack training game.

The free Game Set and Scratch is sponsored by Royal Vegas Casino.

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