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Red, White & Who? Free-to-Play Slot Machine

Red, White & Who? plays to the taste of those who like the simplistic slot machines. Being a standard 3-reel slot with a maximum of 9 paylines, it offers enough of a dynamic gameplay and payouts. No previous slots experience is required, because the concept of the game is really easy to grasp. Let’s look at the topics I cover in this article.

Playing for Free vs Playing for Real Money

First and foremost, playing the embedded version available here, involves no risk at all. That’s because no deposit is required or investment of any sort. The only thing you need is a little spare time on your hands and a little patience. You can gain confidence spinning the reels before making a decision to invest money in it. Once you get comfortable with the interface and the game mechanics, you might want to look for an online casino where the game can be played for real money. Before that though, you’re free to try it out here.

Interface and User Experience

While not visually stunning, there’s indeed merit in the clean, coherent, and easy-on-the-eyes interface. All that essentially means that the game is optimised for extensive use and long night sessions. The theme used to give Red, White & Who? an identity is rooted in US politics but in a superficial and non-intrusive way. In other words, the visual elements and how they work together has been well thought out and realised in good taste. Predominant are the red and blue colours.

The buttons whereby a player spins the reels are grouped in the right-hand bottom corner. A bit of a nuisance is the fact that only ten auto spins can be initiated at a time. Your coins, coins size and the paytable plan are situated in the opposite bottom corner of the viewport. The number of paylines and coins wagered per line can be adjusted from the plus and minus buttons in the middle portion of the user interface.

Symbols and Rules of the Game

Ten symbols in total, five of which are pictures of politicians. There are three mascots, one Vote sign and a ballot box. The highest paying symbol just so happens to be an eagle posturing as Uncle Sam. All being designed in a cheeky fashion, the political figures are priced lower than what seems to be a smiling donkey and an elephant giving a thumbs up.

There are no wilds – the type that can substitute for any of the other symbols in order to complete a winning combination. On the other hand, two bonus symbols are available. Getting three of those on any payline triggers bonus rounds. For the lack of innovative features, I’d say that’s about it. Nothing too complicated, right?

Bonus Rounds – How to Make Use of Your Free Spins

In the first bonus round, you get to choose the number of ballots to put in the voting box. Not as much as you want but rather between 1 to 100. Your goal at this stage is to put as many ballots as you can while being aware that too many will make the box explode. The number which triggers the sad ending is predetermined but not being shown to the player so it’s more or less a guessing game.

In the spirit of the game’s cheeky take on US politics, the second bonus round has been designed as a race to the White House. In this stage, your primary objective is to choose the order in which the top three candidates will place. After choosing the competitor’s placement order, the race will begin. Your winnings will be determined depending on the accuracy of your prediction.

High or Low Variance?

Red, White & Who? isn’t noted for paying out very frequently and that’s for a good reason. I took some time to size up the payouts structure only to come to the same conclusions, but this time backed with mathematical proof. So, first, how does the game work exactly? At least three symbols on any payline are required for you to get a return. The more you manage to line up, the bigger the payout will be.

Since a very big gap exists between the return for 3x and the return for 5x symbols, it can be argued that the slot is on the high variance side. That means players don’t win frequently playing the slot but when they do, they win big. For example, three donkey symbols on any payline with a one-coin bet wins 10 coins, whereas 5x donkey symbols would bring back a hefty 150 coins win, and that’s 15 times more.

Betting Limits

Coin size gets as low as 1¢, while the maximum is 25¢. With that being said, the fact that you can bet up to 5 coins per line, means that the maximum bet is exactly $11.25. At the same time, you are free to play for cents if you want to – the minimum wager is $0.01. If you want to bet in this manner, simply reduce the lines you wager on to 1 and the number of coins you stake per bet to 1. After this tweak the coin size to be 1¢ and voila.

This is a good way to learn more about the winning and losing patterns that are characteristic for the game. Meanwhile, as I already pointed out, the game allows you to crank up the bet size to $11.25, which is considered to be in the mid to high stakes bets. That adds even more to the variety of options to customise your user experience.

Is This Slot Compatible with Desktop?

I’ve put the software of this slot machine to the test by launching the game on both portable computers and desktops. The results affirmed the game’s ability to run smoothly on both platforms regardless of the operating system. Things boil down to the versatile nature of the web-based app, which loads quickly and runs without a hitch in pretty much every operating environment.

Pros and Cons of Red, White & Who?

Arguably, the best thing about this slot machine is that you don’t need to be sharp as tack to understand what’s going on, neither to measure out your bets. Things are very straightforward, given the presence of only 9 paylines, which, together with the moderate number of symbols, makes the game quite easy to follow. Aside from that, the standard layout and rules of Red, White & Who? fit the bill for the majority of slots-loving players.

Though overall, the software platform is performing on point, there are some things I wished were otherwise. For example, as ridiculous as it may sound, you’ll have a rough time trying to mute the sound of the game. Let me tell you right now, as it stands, this is impossible because there’s no button with that functionality. What other features fell short of my expectations? Let’s see

Red, White & Who? – Should You Take it for a Spin?

I already explored the game inside out and pinpointed reasons because of which, playing Red, White & Who? Slot is an enjoyable activity. My opinion would be that the slot is at least worth a try. If that’s still not enough to make a believer out of you, by all means, go ahead and see for yourself! At the risk of sounding like a broken record, that’s the best way of finding out whether this particular slot is the one for you. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself how fun Red, White & Who? slot is to play. If you’re not feeling this title, however, you could always read more about other games that might be of interest, like Pub Crawler.