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Testimonials From titan poker Players:

Titan Poker sent player AAgeneralAA to the World Poker Tour's Championship Tournament at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, in April 2006. Here is his report:

"I made it to day 4, finished in 136th I think... so close to the money! I started the 3rd day with 26,400 in chips, putting me 201 out of 204 remaining players. I tripled up on the 5th hand of the day and then doubled up again in the 2nd level. The first hand of the 3rd level with blinds at 3,000/6,000 and a 500 ante I had 93,000. In 2nd position I looked down at AhKd and raised to 20,000. It folded around to the big blind who pushed all-in for 96,000. I called and he turned over J8 of clubs and hit a J on the turn... If that hand holds up I could have had a really interesting couple more days. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to play. I had an amazing time and felt pretty good about my performance. The only problem is that now I'm itching to do it again. Time to hit the WSOP satellites..."
Iowa City, Iowa

More testimonials from titanpoker players:

“This site is the best one I have ever played at.”
Indianapolis, Indiana

“Your service is great...that's why i don't play at Party Poker or Ultimate Bet anymore.”
Fountain Valley, California

“This site is growing on me daily. I have played at a number of different poker sites, and I can honestly say that your customer support is the best I have experienced.”
Bangor, United Kingdom

“I've been a member to your site only a few days now, and I find everything smooth and efficient especially your online support. I like the following about your site the most in order:
1. Great graphics
2. Great Online Support
3. Great Selection of Games
4. Great Selection of free-rolls
5. The ability to make full screen
Now the bad. No, nothing bad yet.”

“The Dirty Dozen Jackpot was definitely a challenge, but I stayed focused and of course it helped to get lucky at the right times. It was a lot of fun to play, especially that crucial fourth game! “
LFinger – winner of Dirty Dozen Jackpot
Los Angeles, California

“I would like to say that this site is great. You have great multi-table tournies and single tables. Congratulations on this wonderful site!”
Tyngsboro, Massachusetts

“Thank you for taking responsibility for the program's error and crediting my account. It proves to me that you are an honest and customer oriented company. You can be sure to have my business for now and a while into the future. Furthermore I will talk highly about your site to my friends and encourage them to participate on the site.”
Holt, Michigan

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