The Undisputed Top 5 Free Poker Sites

Are you interested in playing poker online with no risk? Well, here’s a quick guide to the very best free poker sites available online. Finding a reputable online poker platform that is both safe and has a high-volume of players to compete against is not an easy task. Many of the market leaders offer enticing promotions and gameplay variations to attract more players. Nevertheless, if you’re just looking for the pure poker experience without looking to make money from it, you need an operator that offers free poker games. Luckily, you’re in the right place, we have put together a complete list of fan favorites. Each of the operators we have listed below offers what’s known as “freeroll” – this is essentially a free poker tournament in which anybody with an account can enter, there is no entry fee, but the winner is paid out in real money. There are many variations, pros & cons, and systematic differences between classic poker with this system, keep scrolling down the page and we will explain all you need to know!
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Published on: 31 December 2019

Freeroll Poker Tournaments vs. Virtual Money Poker

At this stage, it is important to clarify the inherent difference between “freeroll” and “virtual money” free poker betting sites. The freeroll version of online poker allows players to enter a tournament that has a real-money prize, for free. There are obvious advantages to this, the player can win money or a cash-equivalent high-value prize, without having to risk their own equity. Of course, with such an offer the competition is usually fierce, and whenever freeroll tournaments do pop up on the world’s favorite online poker sites, there are thousands of competitors involved to try and bag the top prize.

The major difference with virtual money poker, whereas in “free play” poker there is no real money to be won. All of the chips involved in the game are token markers, simply to keep score and brag to your mates about who is the sharpest poker player. Of course, the game is still exactly the same, just without the nerve-racking pressure of risking your own money. Many of the world’s best poker players started out playing at free poker sites, refining their skills and understanding how to deal with the many scenarios a game of poker can create.

Signing Up to a Free Poker Site

To begin the free poker sites journey you’ll have to select from one of the many reputable options available on the market. In the following sections, we discuss the plaudits of the top 5 available to customers currently and give useful tips on how to best utilize the services of each. For the sign-up, the process is very similar wherever you choose to go, and it is a very simple and intuitive process to create an account at an online poker site.

  • Pick any of the five poker sites detailed in the sections below and visit their website. You can also choose to look for them in your mobile app store if you prefer.
  • Create an account and provide the minimum amount of information required.
  • You’ll have to select a game option that is usually found under a tab labeled “Play Money”.
  • After receiving your free chips from the site, you’ll be able to gamble this virtual balance at a wide range of different styles of poker, from Sit & Go’s, tournaments, 1V1’s and much more!

After you’re set-up with a particular free poker site, you’ll be able to play as frequently as you wish, not having to worry about the looming threat of losing real money. The concept of free poker is a fascinating one and despite the absence of a financial reward aspect, the raw enjoyment of the game can still be experienced. In terms of wagering and virtual chips, you’ll still feel the need to preserve and maximize your chips, which themselves will be duly replenished if you find yourself on the wrong end of a losing streak.

Best Free Poker Sites

We’ve now reached the stage where we can systematically round-up each of the best platforms for playing risk-free poker. We will not discriminate between the variations of free play poker, any site offering a form of free to play poker will be eligible for this list. So, without further ado, let us uncover the top 5 free poker sites.

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PokerStars is widely regarded as one of the best online poker platform in the industry. This platform is one of the most popular in the world and for good reason. They offer an enormous range of different poker categories, have a huge volume of players, meaning high liquidity and the capability to offer massive promotions to new and existing customers. However, a major factor in the success story of PokerStars is their willingness to allow players to sign-up and play poker for free.

To access the risk-free version of the PokerStars platform, you simply have to fire up the website and click on the “Play Money” option. This will launch a free demo version of the poker platform. You’ll be credited with a reserve of playable virtual funds, and you won’t need to worry about the funds running dry as they are replenished every time you relaunch the software. If you’re ready to switch to the real money version, don’t forget to take advantage of the huge welcome bonus available on sign-up.

888 Poker

Second on our list of top-drawer free poker sites is 888 Poker. This operator is a master of variation in its poker offerings and the platform is home to a huge selection of over 25 different styles of poker game, with a plethora of different tournaments to keep their users fully engaged and immersed in the fun. The 888 Poker platform is available on mobile and tablet too, simply download the app and you’ll have full access to your account on-the-move. If you’re interested in the free play style of poker, simply launch the free demo version of the platform on startup and you’ll have access to a massive range of different game modes without forfeiting any cold hard cash. Also, this operator offers a neat free money poker tournament that players can occasionally enter without making any payment. One of the best out there for paid and free poker in a whole plethora of different variations.

You can read more about the 888 brand and its offering in our Grosvenor review to find out everything about playing online at the operator site.

Betway Poker

Another giant of online gambling is Betway. The world-renowned sportsbook and online casino has an enormous customer base that transcends all forms of online gambling. Their poker software, produced by Microgaming, is one of the very best around. Users can enjoy an unprecedented range of cash tables, offering Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Five Card and much more. Many of the poker variations can also be played using virtual funds. If you’d like to trial the website before making the financial commitment of real money, then Betway is one of the most welcoming in this regard. Once you’re feeling settled into the mechanics of their platform, be sure to capitalize on the massive Betway new customer offer. See how they compare against the best UK casino bonuses now!

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One of the lesser-known options as a free poker site is Casumo. The new online casino has a whole plethora of different gambling options, from blackjack, online slot machines and much more, this is a real gamblers paradise. As for free play poker, they welcome new players to try out the platform with a trial funds balance. You can seamlessly switch between the two versions of the poker game, so when the time is right to throw some real money down on the table, Casumo will duly welcome you to do that. Before making this switch, be sure to take advantage of the lucrative welcome offer they have available to new players.

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