The Best Gambling Cities in the USA

Gambling, sports betting and casino are deeply rooted into the culture of many territories within the USA and here we will round-up the best gambling cities in the USA. Besides the well-known choices, there are some very worthy contenders that you will certainly not have thought of. Due to the watershed Supreme Court decision in 2018 allowing states to individually determine the law on gambling, many jurisdictions have opened up to commercial casino business. Throughout this article we’ll go on a gambling tour of the USA, stopping off at the very best locations for casino enthusiasts.
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Published on: 30 November 2019

Las Vegas – Best Gambling City in the USA

Without a doubt, Las Vegas is the home of gambling in the USA. The famous Sin City attracts millions of tourists every year making it the gambling capital of the world. The world-famous strip has over 100 brick & mortar casinos, a whole plethora of luxury hotels, convention centers, arenas, and many mesmerizing water fountains. Amongst all the glitz and glamor are some of the world’s most famous casinos, including Caesars Palace, The Wynn, Bellagio and the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino owned by Billionaire investor Richard Branson.

Las Vegas.

Nevada is a state that welcomed the influx of commercial gambling over 100 years ago. By establishing itself as the casino capital early in the 20th century, they gained a competitive first-mover advantage over several other cities on this list. The development of Las Vegas since those early days has been profound. Nowadays it is not only home to some of the world’s most famous casinos, but also a multitude of high-profile boxing bouts in the MGM Grand and Staples Centre, business conventions and technology conferences.

With such a unique appeal as a place of shameless extravagance, Las Vegas has managed to maintain its magnetism to wealthy casino lovers. In popular culture Las Vegas is also very prominent, often portrayed as a place of reckless gambling, debauchery, and exuberance. Whilst these characteristics are well-deserved, there is often a misrepresentation of the true Las Vegas, the calmer world outside the glow of the strip’s neon lights. Only those that have visited will be able to attest to the alternative reality and the less known side of the city. As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Foxwoods Resort Casino – Whole City Under One Roof

Strictly speaking, Foxwoods is not technically a city, but the resort is so huge that it is practically a self-contained city all under one roof!

Foxwoods Resort.

The sprawling casino complex covers an area no less than 840,000m2 of tribal land. The six different casinos on the resort have an enormous range of gambling options, with over 250 gaming tables for a whole plethora of card games, and more than 5,000 slot machines. The only place where you can find more options is at one of the best online slots casinos. In order to host so many guests, the resort has over 2000 hotel rooms available on site. In the surrounding area, there are hundreds of accommodation options established purely to service guests of Foxwoods.

Guests of Foxwoods always attest to the electric atmosphere, the wonderful facilities and never leaving the premises as all needs are catered for at the resort. Located in the heart of the dense Connecticut forest land, this place certainly has a mystical appeal that is unique to the other cities we’ve listed in this review. Find out more about the resort at

Atlantic City in New Jersey

Known for its many commercial casinos, long beaches and wide boardwalk – Atlantic City in New Jersey is a worthy resident on our list of top gambling cities in the USA. The history of this place is magnificent, and the early days of its establishment in the 1800s as a health and wellness spa is in stark contrast to its modern hotels, casinos, restaurants, and bars along a beautiful beachfront.

Atlantic City.

Atlantic City has built up a stellar reputation in popular culture and amongst the gambling community as a video-poker machine metropolis. Many of the city’s greatest venues, including Caesars Atlantic City and the Tropicana Atlantic City is filled with slot machines, video poker, and virtual card machines. Despite the heavy emphasis on video gambling machines – there is a well-covered and vibrant live casino scene. Punters flock from far and wide to enjoy the awe-inspiring and all-encompassing gambling environment that Atlantic City promises to deliver.

Reno – “The Biggest Little City in the World”

There are many reasons why you should consider visiting “The Biggest Little City in the World” on your travels to Nevada. Reno is an absolute gem situated in a territory where gambling is engrained into the culture. Often forgotten about and existing in the shadow of Las Vegas, the gambling in Reno boasts some of the best facilities in the world.


Some of the best things about this hidden away gambling mecca are:

  • Reno is situated on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The lake is one of the many natural beauties of the USA. Here you will have ample opportunity to supplement your gambling holiday with some truly breathtaking sunsets.
  • Fancy a break from the card tables? You’re in luck. Reno is in close proximity to some jaw-dropping mountain ranges where you can ski in the winter and hike in the summer.
  • North of the downtown district you can visit a sanctuary with rescued cheetahs, brown bears, and many endangered animals.

Riverfront Gambling in Philadelphia

If you’re looking for a low-key pure gamblers experience on a beautiful riverfront on the east coast, then head down to the Philadelphia riverfront casino strip. Here you will find a range of classic casino gaming options, including the iconic Harrah’s Philadelphia, which boasts one of the largest range of video slot machines across the nation. This is really the gem of the entire riverfront and Harrah’s casino does an excellent job of marketing itself as a purist casino, and one that international and domestic clients can’t stay away from it.


One of the newest residents on Delaware Avenue is Rivers Casino, previously SugarHouse Casino, the firm decided to rebrand in October 2019, investing over $15million in a redesigned gaming floor, new restaurants and a wide range of amenities and luxury to keep the punters more than satisfied.

Included in the renovation is a completely new sports lounge supported by a new online sportsbook partnership. Costing upwards of $5million, the revamped bar area will give punters the opportunity to get away from the frenzy of the casino and focus purely on sports wagering. To place your bets at the lounge you’ll have the choice of 6 betting windows or 22 self-service electronic bet placement portals. The ultra-luxurious lounge has a massive range of eating options and table seating for 120 guests. You’ll also be pleased to know that the walls are entirely plastered with LED screens allowing punters to follow the action from sports matches around the world.

Just A Few of Many Fantastic Gambling Cities in the USA

Our pick of the top 5 cities for gambling in the USA is by no means absolute. It is subjective and depends largely on the preferences of the individual – as there are many worthy additions this list. What we have done is offer you a variety of city, reservation and classic options that should aid you in the preparations for a USA casino vacation.

If you don’t want to travel, or if you can’t, you can also check out the many different options available for gambling online in the USA.

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