Gambling for Charity: Bringing Luck to the Less Fortunate

Popular charity gambling events combine two seemingly unlikely human pursuits: the pulse-pounding thrills of gambling and the good work nonprofit organizations and charities are doing in the world. The result is nothing short of miraculous: often cash strapped organizations have access to the funds they need to survive and gamblers can be involved with helping to transform their communities in a positive way.
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Published on: 2 February 2020

While charity gambling may never prove as popular as the normal kind, charitable gambling events are gaining popularity and spreading around the world. In the United Kingdom, United States, and many other countries, it’s possible to popular charitable gambling events organized for everything from simple bingo games, raffles, poker tournaments, roulette games, and so much more.

For charities and nonprofit organizations involved, these events offer an opportunity to attract new supporters and share the successes of their work with a new and potentially interested audience. This means charitable gambling events can help raise awareness and generate the funds these organizations need to meet their goals.

For gamblers, charity events offer the opportunity to know that even if a particular game doesn’t lead to a winning result, the organization benefiting wins anyway. This creates a 1+1=3 effect where gamblers can feel satisfied with their investment regardless of if they win or lose.

Some of the most popular types of charity gambling events are:

  • Casino nights
  • Raffles
  • Lotteries
  • Poker tournaments
  • Bingo events
  • Roulette

If you are thinking of setting up a gambling night, make sure that you know how the games work. Check out our guides to blackjack rules and the rules of roulette.

Gambling for Charity: Success Stories

Charitable gambling still sounds like an oxymoron to some people, but can it really work?

Consider the success Concord Casino has had since opening its doors in July 2019.

Technically, in the state of New Hampshire, gambling is only legal in situations where more than 35% of a casino’s winnings are targeted towards charitable organizations. This has created the perfect conditions for operations like the Concord Casino to take root. Instead of purely profiting from gambling, casinos like Concord Casino use charitable gambling events to help the high-value organizations in their local area.

Not only has the Concord Casino brought vibrant gambling culture to an area that previously had no options for legally sanctioned gambling, it has helped raise money for the local community as well. Under such conditions, gambling is not leading to a breakdown of society but instead supporting its growth and positive transformation.

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In the months between July and October 2019, Concord Casino raised more than $50,000 for charitable organizations in the area. This is a large sum of money for non-profit organizations which are often run on shoestring budgets and the prayers of passionate leaders.

The success that charitable gambling events and casinos have had in New Hampshire is nothing when compared to other areas such as the state of Minnesota. Charity gambling has been legal in that state since 1945.

In 2017, Minnesota, another state in which gambling is not legal unless on Native American Tribal Lands or for charitable purposes, targeted more than $65 million to charitable organizations over the course of the year. The money raised by popular charitable gambling events in Minnesota has helped veterans, the homeless, women, children, and many other disadvantaged groups throughout the state.

Why Some Charities and Nonprofit Organizations Struggle

Some people wonder why charities and nonprofit organizations struggle to raise the money they need to do their work. They consider that families and businesses have to budget their expenses to make ends meet.

Shouldn’t nonprofit organizations be the same?

The reality is that doing good work to support local communities takes a lot of time and money to accomplish. Even with strict budgets and a firm understanding of future expenses, it can be very tough for nonprofit organizations to get by. This is where charitable donations from benefactors can help make a difference.

Giving money to charities and nonprofit organizations helps you to feel you are making a difference in the world around you. No one expects you to give money to organizations you don’t believe in. The key is to find charities whose missions match the interests and outcomes you hope to see in your local community.

Good charities are doing important work in your local area. Seek them out and see if they might have a charitable gambling event that you can support. Even if not, you can always take the time to learn more about an organization doing good work in your local community.

It’s true, some very large national and international charities have massive budgets and pay exorbitant salaries to their staff. This is not how all nonprofits work and just because there are profitable and cash-rich organizations out there, many more are struggling.

At the end of the day, only you know how you want to spend your time and money. There are many high-value charity gambling events taking place in your area which you might enjoy being a part of. Think about it: what could be better than playing the games you love, in a thrilling atmosphere, which can help charities in your local area make a big impact.

Charity Gambling: Making Our World a Better Place

Gambling for charity may seem like an unlikely pairing, but it is one that is helping many communities around the world. As charitable organizations align themselves with gambling venues and casinos they are opening themselves up to new audiences which may be unfamiliar with their unique mission and work in the local communities.

Gamblers get the opportunity to try out new games which they might not normally play without the risk of feeling like they are wasting their time. Because they know all the money they spend will benefit non-profit organizations, they don’t have to play with the same winner takes all mentality that is usually the focus of their gambling efforts.

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Gambling for charity has the power not only to increase the profits of casinos but to actually make the world a better place. This is a win/win scenario and something that should be applauded by society. Charity gambling events can really help make a difference.

If you are interested in learning more about popular charitable gambling events in your area, make sure to ask at your local casinos. To support this work on your own, consider contacting valuable non-profit organizations and helping them to schedule a casino night to help them raise the funds they need to survive.

There are many opportunities to gamble for the chance to win money. As attractive and exciting as that is, charitable gambling events offer the opportunity to invest in your community while also being able to play the games you love.

Charity gambling is bringing luck to less fortunate and helping to make the world a better place. If you are looking for something interesting to do this year, consider seeking out a charity gambling event in your local area.

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