Gambling Gifts: A List of the Coolest Gambling Gifts for Casino Lovers

Casino lovers are not an easy bunch to buy for. When a birthday or Christmas rolls around it’s always important to keep a person’s interests and hobbies in mind to buy a worthwhile and well-thought-out present. This is especially true when considering the best gifts for gamblers. Although it may not seem like it, there is an abundance of options to consider when buying.  For those looking to make someone’s birthday or holiday period a memorable one. Here we will offer all our expertise in helping you finalize the perfect gift for your friend/loved one. Here are our five best gambling gifts.
A pack of playing cards, wrapped in a bow.
Published on: 24 October 2020

1. A Trip to Vegas

We should start with the obvious. Definitely the most expensive entry on this list. A trip to Vegas for two or more is undeniably one of the best gifts you can give a casino lover. With everything from amazing restaurants, some of the biggest casinos in the world, and amazing national parks scattered all over Nevada, it has much more to offer than just the inside of a casino hall.

Many holiday agencies offer multiple choices ranging from cheaper options with low-cost accommodation to VIP all-inclusive bundles, providing accommodation in some of the plushest hotels Vegas has to offer:

  1. Palms Casino Resort: A hotel for those with a large budget to work with. This enormous complex house some of the best leisure options as well as the luxury rooms many a holiday-goer are after.
  2. Luxor Hotel & Casino: One of the cheapest hotels in Vegas, this does not, however, take away from its well designed and furnished interior and its great location in the middle of the Vegas strip. A very cost-effective option.
  3. Fremont Hotel & Casino: Sitting in between both the previous hotels. Fremont houses long-established casinos and chic cocktail bars, as well as the well-known Fremont Street Mall, open 24 hours a day.

A man holding playing cards.

There are hundreds of potential options to consider when planning a trip to Vegas. However, it can be done effectively even on a tight budget. Whatever the cost of the accommodation, the experience is worth much more.

2. Educational Classes for Casino Games

With all the time and effort that your recipient has put into casino games like poker or blackjack, possibly you have noticed that their skills may be lacking somewhat and are in desperate need of improvement. So, what could be better than an educational master class in casino games? Whether it’s in the form of a book or a subscription to an online class, there are many options to help train yourself in the art of casino games.

Enough practice can you get you to a substantial level but to really surpass your peers, extra study is required. One of the most well-respected courses available online is Daniel Negreanu’s poker masterclass. With the professor being a world-famous poker player there is plenty of knowledge to gain from one of the legends of the game. A gift that can potentially earn your money back, or not. 

3. Casino Video Games

The most experimental choice on this list. Possibly a good idea for someone who plays video games but also is interested in learning casino games without any financial accountability. In terms of casino gifts, this is one of the longest-lasting you can give.

A perfect example of a casino-based video game is ‘Poker Night 2’. Released in 2013 and developed by Telltale Games who also did the critically acclaimed video game adaptation of ‘The Walking Dead’. It features many iconic characters from multiple mediums such as Claptrap from Borderlands, Ash Williams from The Evil Dead, and the dealer ‘GLaDOS’ from the fan-favorite Portal series.

It’s available on Steam PC gaming marketplace. It will not only provide the recipient with hours of entertainment but also teach the player the fundamentals of the game, offering an authentic poker experience.

4.Personalized Scratch Cards

If you are up for making your receiver feel like an idiot, then what better way to do so than give them a fake scratch card. These are fairly easy to buy online and are made to look as realistic as possible. Masked as a small present to support a bigger one. You can throw this in at the end as the last gift in the bunch. They obviously won’t expect much from a scratch card so making this believable shouldn’t be too much of a task.

Or if you want to be nice to them, you can get scratch cards that simply have a kind message behind them, acting as a gambling themed birthday card. Definitely one to consider if you’re looking to add a spot of humour to the celebrations.

5. High-Quality Playing Cards

The champion of all casino themed gifts, a pack of playing cards is much more customizable than you might think. Similar to something as novelty as Top Trumps or Monopoly, playing cards can come in all different designs based on numerous iconic movies, books, tv shows, video games, locations, and sports. It makes an easy gift to tailor towards the recipients’ other interests which may relate to gambling.  

If you invest in a high-quality set of playing cards it will enable you to have the real casino experience from the comfort of your home. An ideal option when considering gifts for casino lovers which can hold a lot of sentimental value. It’s always useful to have a pack of playing cards around.

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