Risky Business Exposed In Online Gambling Applications

Published Wednesday, December 23, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
Risky Business Exposed In Online Gambling Applications

Innocently going about one's business using gambling applications on mobile devices may be risky for the user claims security and data protection service provider Proofpoint. The new study claims many of these types of applications are prone to malicious malware.
Proofpoint tested 23,000 free gambling apps and found 52 containing malicious code, 379 with known security vulnerabilities, and 3,200 to be a “moderate risk” to consumers. The apps included poker, blackjack, bingo, solitaire, and miscellaneous card games that can a do rip off user personal information, contacts, and could track browsing, and even make calls from the mobile number used. Proofpoint based in Sunnyvale, California provides SaaS and on-premises solutions for inbound email security, outbound data loss prevention, privacy protection, email encryption, electronic discovery and email archiving.
Proofpoint has stated, “Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting mobile users with free mobile apps in order to steal data,” adding, “The existence, and surprising prevalence, of riskware in apps … is a valuable reminder of the importance of a mobile app security strategy.” From stealing login credentials to reading and sending text messages and emails, these are risky applications which can quickly disrupt your digital presence.
Its your best bet is to only download apps from the Google Play or Apple iTunes stores according to advice from MacPaw, an independent software development company aslo based in California.  “These stores offer some pretty strict guidelines on what can be developed and what can’t,” MacPaw recently posted, “There are very few things a developer can sneak by past these stores, and anything questionable would be addressed in number X and X of this list.” It was suggested that potential users read online reviews, searching the web for any disturbing news regarding the app or software manufacturer. For gambling apps, stay with apps backed by the casino safe play organizations and there will be chance of bewing taken to the cleaners by unscrupulous operators.




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