US Political Online Gambling Fascinates British Punters

Published Friday, January 08, 2016 -
US Political Online Gambling Fascinates British Punters

Betting online on elections in the USA has been discouraged for various reasons but now there is massive interest in the presidential race in the world’s largest democratic country. The story surrounding the race for the republican and democrat nominations has been flooding media sources for months with the drama building daily. Gambling on the candidates has given the wagering American a new way to follow politics and have some fun doing it.

The Republican Presidential nomination is still an entertaining watch with the controversial Donald Trump garnering a surge in the odds as the divisive candidate. The Iowa caucus which is rapidly approaching gives the public their first chance to voice their views during the long and sometimes tedious process. The second caucus which happens just a week later in New Hampshire could spell another big change in the bookies standings. In the time between the two caucuses wagering on the next possible president will be made more solid.

In the Democrats camp the two candidates that are fighting for the nomination are Hilary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders which both have supplied the public with enough information and policy positions to form an opinion.

By far the most colourful individual is ‘the Donald’ as he is called from time to time. Trump has sparked interest in the US election in the UK and elsewhere where the public watches the drama that Trump has created unfold. Professor David Hastings Dunn, Head of the University of Birmingham’s political science and international studies department said, “America fascinates Britain, as it’s an alternative vision of a similar society to ours that split off 200 years ago,” adding, “It offers a view of a parallel universe for Britain’s ideas and culture. We don’t always like the result, but we do like to watch it unfold.” Dunn also said, “America may be bigger and richer, but Britons get a sense of satisfaction from knowing that your politics are even more unproductive, vulgar and captured by special interest than ours.”


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