Fixed Odds Betting Terminal Inquiry in U.K.

Published Sunday, June 12, 2016 -
Fixed Odds Betting Terminal Inquiry in U.K.

In many regulated online gambling jurisdictions the prolific use of fixed odds betting terminals or FOBTs has prompted the some government to instigate a parliamentary inquiry into their use and abuse.

The United Kingdom has realized the overuse of FOBTs is creating social issues and therefore has launched an inquiry into the problematic gambling method. The controversial machines will be the subject of the investigation to be published early next year. An all party group will be looking for information from a large selection of experts dealing with gambling addiction, regulations, business practices including users of the notorious gambling machines.

Starting in July of 2016 the ‘Fixed Odds Betting Terminals – Assessing the Impact’ inquiry will be available for consultation by early in 2017. Chairperson for the inclusive group MP Carolyn Harris  held the first of many meetings in May, and they have already written to Culture Secretary John Whittingdale, outlining the long list of concerns the group has with the use of FOBTs in the U.K.

One item the group has been asking for regarding the issue is for the government to reduce the bets on FOBTs to £2.

In correspondence the group wrote about the inquiry, “Colleagues in both Houses made clear our concern about their impact on the young and vulnerable. Many have reported the tragic impact FOBTs are having on their lives.

“These machines are highly dangerous products, acting as a catalyst for problem gambling, social breakdown and serious crime in communities. It is estimated that 7,000 FOBT machines are smashed and there are 10,000 policy call outs to bookmakers as a result of FOBT-related violence every year.”

The FOBT issues are connected with many online casino problems where the gambler fails to use the responsible guide lines to avoid running into financial trouble. According to industry-funded research  more than a third of people playing high-speed, high-stakes betting machines experience problems with their gambling.





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