Basketball Betting Now Online At OLG

Published Saturday, September 17, 2016 -
Basketball Betting Now Online At OLG

The intention of most suppliers of online gambling products is to give the punter a fair chance of winning but to make a profit doing so. The business of sports betting is one of the most popular types of wagering activities in the world today. The rules for gambling on sports in the many jurisdictions it is available vary widely and are subject to political pressures. The influence that sports organizations have  over the gambling industry is most apparent in Canada where it is prohibited by federal law to make bets on a single sporting event.

Canada’s federal parliamentarians will be returning to Ottawa and a bill to repeal that single-game betting prohibition will once again be on the agenda. Bill C-221 is intended to reform the current law that restricts sports betting in the country but it is unlikely to make it through the political hoops required for the legislation to be changed. Sports organizations such as the NBA the NFL and the NHL presented opposition to Canadian politicians saying that allowing for single games betting would open up sports to corruption and fraud.

Now the provincial legal gambling monopoly Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp has announced that its Pro-Line sports lottery will offer NBA games starting with the 2016-17 season. Greg McKenzie, OLG COO said he was “thrilled” to be able to offers sports bettors “even more choices for a better gaming experience.” Most Canadian punters who go online to wager find the offering by the OLG to be less than satisfactory and seek out the many international online gambling sports books available.

Lobbying back in 1995 was effective for the NBA which dropped NBA games the same year the Toronto Raptors expansion franchise began playing. The NBA also held the British Columbia Lottery Corp’s feet to the fire and purged NBA games from Pro-Line when the Vancouver Grizzlies joined the league. The hope for a change in the law is slim at best with the current majority government voicing opposition to the change.


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