Czech Unlicensed Online Gambling Now On Notice

Published Tuesday, February 28, 2017 -
Czech Unlicensed Online Gambling Now On Notice

Europe has a number of jurisdictions where online gambling operators has been violating laws and are fighting for equal access to open and free commerce on the internet. The Czech Republic recently enacted laws that would restrict access for online gamblers to offerings by operators that haven’t been registered and licensed by the Czech authorities.

Unauthorized online gambling is not that uncommon in a number of jurisdictions around the world and the methods governments employ to stem the process are diverse and somewhat controversial. In the Czech nation the government has decided to have internet service providers block access to unlicensed online gambling operators. The January first 2107 deadline for gambling product providers to comply has come and gone but there are still a number of international operators are choosing to remain in the Czech market and face the consequences with the police.

David Ondracka, director of the Czech arm of Transparency International, a non-governmental organisation, said no action has been taken against 25 unlicensed operators. A challenge was launched claiming the blocking of internet sites related to betting was considered unconstitutional.

Now the Czech Constitutional Court has ruled that controversial laws regarding ISP-blocking are constitutionally sound.  Czech billionaire Andrej Babis, introduced the blocking policy that proved controversial after the ISPs voiced their concerns about how blocking could affect their businesses.

Some Senators in the Czech parliament were not happy with the question of censorship and the rights of citizens written into the constitutional regarding censorship. The Czech court has ruled, “the purpose of the contested provisions is not to control or restrict freedom of information or expression, but to prevent illegal activities on the internet”. The court continued to state that ISP blocking was “likely the only effective, although not perfect, solution”. The illegal operators are now on thin ice in this particular jurisdiction.



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