Pool Sharing Possible With Portuguese Poker EC Approval

Published Wednesday, April 05, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
Pool Sharing Possible With Portuguese Poker EC Approval

The online gambling industry and in particular the poker aspect of betting with real money legally has been experiencing a few wins and losses recently. The gambling service providers that have exited certain markets because they are considered grey markets have found new venues to sell the goods and services to punters.

PokerStars has the strength of resolve to expand and continue to be the biggest online poker provider anywhere. PokerStars not so recent launch in Portugal last November has been described as a success and with further news that the newly regulated market for internet gambling has been approved by the European Commission is icing on the cake for PokerStars.  The world’s largest online poker room went live shortly after being granted a license by the Portuguese gambling regulator Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ).

The approval of the submitted technical standards paper by the EC also makes it possible for Portugal to enter online poker shared liquidity agreements with other regulated markets within the Union. Again good news for operators in a government regulated environment that the possibility of an international online poker network is seeing significant progress with Portugal entering the market.

The slow progression from an unregulated situation to a comprehensive system that would allow for shared liquidity is finally coming to a conclusion. There was a three-month standstill period after the Projeto de Regulamento que define os Requisitos Técnicos do Sistema Técnico do Jogo Online was reviewed and now the time has come for poker players in Europe to enjoy the fruits of their patience. Politicians see the benefits of cooperating knowing there is strength in numbers. Operators will now have an opportunity to compete in a regulated environment giving the consumer of gambling products a more varied and secure choice. It’s a sure bet that the idea of pool sharing with France, Italy, and Spain has online poker players and operators in Portugal excited.


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