Holland Issues Warning To Catena Media Cease and Desist

Published Friday, August 18, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
Holland Issues Warning To Catena Media Cease and Desist

Holland has been struggling with online gambling regulation since last year when the Lower House in the country’s government voted in favour of a regulated market for internet betting. Since the vote however the Senate has yet to approve of the resolution which is expected to take a considerable time before the state sorts out the licensing process and tax regime. According to Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice officials it will not be before July 2018 that this happens.

The so called grey area in Holland has seen offshore operators targeting the Dutch gambling market and succeeding in attracting punters from that nation. The Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit has implemented a new set of rules to stop the raiding of the market which include the prohibition on using typically Dutch symbols such as tulips and windmills to attract players from Holland to international online gambling web locations. Also .nl affiliate websites are banned from directing Dutch players to .com gambling websites.

To drive home the point the Dutch regulator has issued a cease and desist order to performance marketing company Catena Media. The company was found to have advertised different brands in a manner that had violated the gaming regulations set out by the government. Malta based Catena Media is a lead generating firm that through a network of affiliate websites, promotes online gambling services to players globally.

The Netherlands Gaming Authority told Catena Media that it would be imposing a fine of up to €21,000, if the company did not comply with the recently issued order to stop it activities. It appears that the order was significant enough to halt access to the websites in question including pellenoverzicht.com, gokoverzicht.com, and netentcasino.nl. The Netherlands like other countries in the region have been slow to respond to the changing times presented by the internet gambling trends.




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