U.K.Online Gambling Operators Offer ‘Minimum Bet’ Guarantee

Published Tuesday, September 04, 2018 - Online-Casinos.com
U.K.Online Gambling Operators Offer ‘Minimum Bet’ Guarantee

In the online gambling industry competition among operators is like a price war at the gas pumps the savvy consumer can reap benefits. In the United Kingdom the major gambling services and products providers are fiercely competitive especially when it comes to horse racing. Sky Bet for example became the latest and largest online bookie to offer a partial ‘minimum bet’ guarantee recently to its loyal customers. Sky Bet said it will now lay any horse to lose at least £500 in a Class One or Class Two race from 10 AM on the morning of the race.

Sky Bet’s guarantee is similar to offers introduced by Betfair’s Sportsbook, BetVictor and William Hill’s online offerings in recent weeks. Players, including those whose racing bets have been restricted in the past are now able to place win single bets to win up to £500, or a maximum of £500 at even money, or £50 at 10-1.

The offer does have a few catches of course as the guarantee only covers the win section of each-way bets and does not extend to multiples. It is limited to a small number of contests on most days. The banning of winning players by operators also has some controversy attached.

An activist for punters’ rights who operates the website Justice For Punters, Brian Chappell said that while he welcomed Sky Bet’s move, it was up to the Gambling Commission, which regulates the gambling industry, to ensure that all online operators adopted similar rules for bets on all racing and sporting events.”

“Bookies are slowly waking up to the unfairness and bad publicity that surrounds banning every savvy punter,” Chappell added. “Crucially, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the Gambling Commission haven’t, thus punters will have to wait a long time for truly fair trading, despite a few bookies making limited progress.”



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