Sydney Opera House Target of Gambling Advert Issue

Published Wednesday, November 28, 2018 -
Sydney Opera House Target of Gambling Advert Issue

The extent to which governments and online gambling operators go to get attention for their gambling products is at times extreme with citizens noticing there needs to be some control over the advertizing saturation. All over the world the public is exposed to gambling in most media venues.  Sporting events and other areas are being inundated by ads related to casino betting and lottery whether it be a ticket for a hospital or charity funding there are those in the public who feel the saturation has reached a dangerous point.

The recent article from Australia concerning advertizing in the iconic Sydney Opera House has brought the issue into heated debate over whether it is appropriate and ethical. The award winning Sydney Opera House hosts as many as 1500 performances every year making it prime real estate for the advertising of gambling products and services.

The structure located at the entrance to Sydney Harbour is a favorite tourist location that gambling firms are looking to advertise on. The public in Australia is outraged by the proposal claiming that this kind of advertising would destroy the appearance of the noted landmark.

This has been done throughout the years for various displays, such as during the Olympics in 2000 and advertising some of the events in the Opera House. Recent advertising for the biggest horse race in Australia the Everest Cup has made the debate more heated with more people saying that the use of the Opera House for gambling advertising is inappropriate and a bad influence for the young and vulnerable sector of the population.

Government intervention in Australia has reduced the threat of too much gambling advertising with a ban on wagering adverts during live sports games shown on Australian television. Italy for example has banned all forms of gambling advertising, including sponsorships with other jurisdictions such as the U.K. Belgium and Spain also considering prohibiting ads for betting products and services.  



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