Apuesta Total’s Latest Release is Going to Be Big

The Peru-based company has officially branched into the bingo business with its latest offering, Bingo Total. The new game was created and released in collaboration with End 2 End.

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Apuesta Total has officially branched into the bingo business with its latest release, Bingo Total. ©ChiniGaray/Pixabay

Bingo Total: A New Move for Apuesta Total

Apuesta Total has made a name for itself in Peru’s gaming business since 2015, offering sports betting to enthusiastic fans around the country. While Apuesta Total has predominantly focused on building its brick-and-mortar locations, they have also experimented in the online realm.

With Bingo Total, Apuesta Total is hoping to liberate itself from some of the constraints that can exist in a sports betting-only market: being, of course, dependent on the schedule of sporting matches. By branching into bingo, Apuesta Total will be appealing to gamers who might be interested in placing bets on non-game days, or to gamers who are not interested in sports betting.

In interviews conducted at last month’s SAGSE, Apuesta Total president Gonzalo Pérez revealed that the company is planning some new gaming expansions still to come in 2020, including a sports betting lottery and two as-yet-to-be-announced products.

“We will begin with our biggest shops and then continue at a national level and via the Internet. Our expectations are high. This product is a perfect option for users who look for entertainment options at our betting points when there are no live sports.”Gonzalo Pérez, President, Apuesta Total

A Period of Major Growth for Apuesta Total

It appears Apuesta Total is making some major moves. Just a month ago, the company celebrated its 350th location — only to be trumped this month by announcing that they are hoping to reach 400 venues by the end of this year. With 376 locations reported at the moment, they seem right on track! At this pace, Apuesta Total is likely to become an unbeatable force in Peru’s gaming industry.

In another savvy move, the company has partnered with financial transactions company KasNet, a company located in Lima, Peru.

Who Is Apuesta Total?

Apuesta Total is a company deeply proud of being ”100% Peruvian.” In the Latin American gaming sector, where a lot of attention is paid to countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia, Peru is often overlooked as being not only a country of potential but even a country of already-existing gaming enthusiasts.

In just five years, Apuesta Total has become one of the leading gaming companies in Peru, with its locations in all 24 regions of the country. Via its iGaming options, players can access slots, live casino, and skill games.

End 2 End: Partnering for Bingo Total

This latest release from Apuesta Total comes with a collaboration between the company and End 2 End, a Bingo Multiplayer solutions developer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Miami, Florida, USA.

End 2 End is a start-up, though its executive branch includes industry luminaries with close to two decades of experience in the gaming industry. Despite being a start-up and being based in the Latin American market, End 2 End is now one of the world’s leading companies in Bingo Multiplayer solutions.

Spotting a Gap in Gaming, End 2 End Seized the Moment

By spotting a significant oversight in gaming, End 2 End has managed to make big in bingo. In an interview at SAGSE, End 2 End CEO Alejandro Revich described what inspired End 2 End’s business model:

“The bingo market is small as compared to the slots and sports betting verticals. That is why, currently, there are not many suppliers who are able to offer this type of technology. … We finally understood that we needed to develop a multiplayer technology that could be integrated into aggregation platforms, and that enabled us to seal significant deals…”

Revich explained that this philosophy has been what allowed End 2 End to lock down major agreements with companies like Vivo Gaming and Patagonia.

End 2 End’s games are HTML5-ready, and have both 75-ball and 95-ball bingo games accessible via web, tablet, and smartphone. In addition to appealing designs and accessible interfaces, End 2 End offers user chatrooms, which are popular with its users. Additionally, its online games are “incredibly easy” to merge with IRL bingo games in brick-and-mortar locations.

Despite being based in Latin America, though, End 2 End’s local market saturation is fairly limited. For the moment, the company is predominantly implementing its technologies in Paraguay and Peru. It is also currently working to branch into the US market, where land-based bingo is legal.

Apuesta Total: Developing in Step with Modern Tech

Apuesta Total has been savvy in developing their gaming portfolio, ensuring that their online and retail markets grow in step with one another. As Pérez has pointed out, when new shops open, players register online. In this way, the two markets grow together from the outset. This is sure to be a very savvy move for Apuesta Total, especially if they should be interested in branching directly into the iGaming sector.

Even with Bingo Total, Apuesta Total is incorporating modern technology. When visitors enter an Apuesta Total location, their gaming cards contain a QR code that will allow them to access Bingo Total. This code will allow them to play Bingo Total via mobile or tablet.

But Wait … Is Gaming Even Legal in Peru?

Despite being largely overlooked by industry titans who are looking to expand into the Latin American market, Peru has immense potential in the gaming market. As of now, gaming laws governing contemporary gambling were written by hardworking regulators at the General Direction of Casino Games and Slot Machines (DGJCMT) who spent the years 2007 to 2010 crafting legislation to structure the country’s gaming laws.

Because of this, more than 77,000 slot machines exist in Peru, with millions of enthusiastic players playing there.

Like many other Latin American countries, however, the iGaming market in the country remains uncharted (and unregulated) territory, though steps are being made to regulate an industry that is sure to bring significant income to Peru. Like many other Latin American countries exploring the possibility of legal and/or regulated iGaming, developments will need to be made in terms of payment options for gamers and technology implemented to keep bettors engaged

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