Asia’s Most Popular Online Casinos in 2021

Asia has one of the strongest cultural gambling connection in the world. Despite plenty of confusing legislation and regulations, there are plenty of ways for punters to enjoy online gambling. Gambling is strictly forbidden in certain Asian countries, however, some smaller countries such as Brunei and Malaysia all allow online gambling in one form or another. This list will count down the three best online casinos in Asia

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Japan has fully illegalized online gambling, however this hasn’t prevented the use of offshore sites potentially prompting a change in legislative attitude. ©fancycrave1/Pixabay

Before our list ensues, it is important to mention the Asian online gambling laws and regulations that restrict many nations from playing. China and Japan have fully illegalized online gambling, and this is for sites run in the country and any offshore setups. However, a good selection of countries permits the activity, including India, Malaysia, and Lebanon. Keep in mind, plenty of unregulated gambling exists in countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Still, it’s often better to avoid this niche due to its lack of formal regulation.

Other countries such as South Korea only allow a sparse online gambling selection, making it easier for residents to gamble using offshore sites. Progressive attitudes have led to a mindset change in certain countries; it’s suspected that Japan is set to legalize online gambling due to offshore sites’ popularity. It’s often confusing, but Asian gambling laws are important to keep in mind while reading this article.

3. GClub

Considered to be one of Asia’s first online casinos, GClub has established a firm reputation across the continent. The site’s developer team is known for their innovation, allowing them to engineer clever microgames into their interface, creating an interactive gaming experience. GClub is often praised for its strict security measures, with multiple verification levels protecting themselves and their users.

GClub offers all the classic casino games, often with a modern twist to tailor the experience to a younger audience. A sharply designed interface means it is easy to use for old and young customers; their 24/7 customer support team can quickly resolve any problems with the site. They also have an extensive FAQ section on their site to answer any questions you might have concerning their service. GClub is an easy recommendation for a punter looking for a relaxed gaming experience.

2. 918Kiss

918Kiss is one of the most famous online casinos in Asia. It is extremely popular in countries like Malaysia and Brunei due to the vast array of gambling options it provides. They have ascertained the rights to plenty of global sporting markets, making them a powerhouse in the Asian gambling scene. Famously they are the first online casino in Asia to offer eSports markets alongside their regular options. This has helped them gain a foothold in the market by appealing to younger punters more enticed by the sport.

One of its most impressive features is the constant daily events that take place on the site. The developers are a proactive bunch and take pride in hosting special tournaments that allow players to win bigger than they ever could from normal sporting markets. The overall websites maintenance is excellent; there aren’t any lingering technical issues affecting the gaming experience quality. Overall, 918Kiss deserves a stellar reputation as one of the best online gambling sites in Asia.

1. SCR888

One of the most revered websites in Asia, SCR888 has managed to capture a large portion of the market thanks to its amazingly designed site. Its functionality score is through the roof. They have included different language options, subtitles for live games, and a colorblind mode for visually restricted members. Newswire famously recommended the site in 2019, and this would increase their user base substantially.

SCR888 is best known for its excellent customer service; they have begun to implement a ‘Safe Play’ feature, allowing users to cap their spending for some time. ‘GamblingAware’ isn’t such a big deal in Asia, so to see such a proactive approach to online gambling is refreshing. SCR888 is the only site on this list to have an app available for download on phones and tablets. Overall, they have managed to surpass user expectations and continue to run their site today successfully.

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it, that was our top three online gambling sites available in Asia. We could’ve listed many more outstanding websites, but we feel the chosen three best represent the high standards of Asian online betting. These sites offer sign-up bonuses so new players can get a head start and win early.

It is also important to mention the popularity of offshore gambling. We do not encourage users to breach legislation, as this could be detrimental to you. China, for example, will fine citizens up to 6,500 Yuan ($1000) . So, to those of you reading from a country with strict gambling regulations, we encourage you to be patient, things are likely to change, and you’ll get your chance someday.

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