Emara Play Brings Kalamba To Spain, Latin America

In May, 2021, it was announced that Kalamba Games’ catalog of online games would be made available to players in Latin America and Spain via Emara. The deal is an exciting development for Kalamba, a games developer with a presence in Malta and Kraków, Poland. As the Latin American online gambling market continues to grow, international companies — both familiar and not — are setting their sights on the region.

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Kalamba Games will be launching in Spain and Latin America, thanks to Emara Play. ©pnpnederland/Pixabay

Emara Play and Kalamba’s Partnership

In May, it was revealed that Emara Play — a games developer and aggregator with a presence in the Latin American and Spanish markets — would be partnering with Kalamba Games, a developer headquartered in Kraków, Poland, and Malta, home to a number of gambling companies.

Kalamba Will Use Bullseye For Integration

According to coverage about the novel partnership, Kalamba will use Bullseye in order to implement with the Emara Play platform. As such, all of Emara Play’s partners — including companies like Triple Cherry, Gamshy, Wazdan, GoldenRace, Mascot, and Fugaso, will be able to access Kalamba’s catalog.

The Games Coming To Emara Play

Users of Emara Play will likely be thrilled to explore Kalamba’s vast catalog of available online slots, which come with titles like Joker Leprechauns, Goblins & Gemstones, Joker Lanterns, Big Bounty Bill, Zombie Queen, Atlantis Thunder, Goldfire 7s, Mammoth Chase, Joker 3600, Caribbean Anne, and Doctor Electro.

Joining The Ranks Of Hundreds More

Users of Emara Play likely choose the platform because of its seemingly infinite available online games. In total, Emara Play currently has more than 400 online slots available to its users around the world — and that’s before the Kalamba integration! Emara Play is able to offer so many games, in no small part, because it charges no fee to the operator.

What Is Kalamba?

Kalamba Games is a B2B casino games supplier with a headquarters in both Malta and Kraków, Poland. Founded in 2016, Kalamba carefully releases 12 new titles a year. This is a slightly slower pace than some other companies, but implies that the games are of a higher, more considered, and more unique, quality.

The company’s CEO and co-founder is Steve Cutler. His other co-founder, Alex Cohen, serves as the company’s COO. In June 2021, the company plans to release its very newest title, Finnegan’s Formula, a cryptic and mysterious slot set in the scientist Finnegan’s laboratory.

The Latest From Kalamba

In addition to its brand-new relationship with Emara Play, Kalamba has continued to strike partnerships with online gambling platforms around the world. In mid-March, Kalamba announced that it had partnered with Bojoko, an online gambling platform styled after Airbnb and Trip Advisor.

The site allows players to rate and review the slots they access. As of March 2021, Kalamba’s catalog of games was made available on the site, meaning that any of Bojoko’s users could interact with Kalamba games, then rate and review them for other users to see.

What Is Emara Play?

Emara Play offers a vast array of gambling options to gamers all around the world. Their platform includes virtual sports, video bingo, table and card games, casino and slot games, live dealer, and scratch card options. Users of the platform can access Emara Play online — via desktop and mobile — and in person, at its partner retail casinos.

Spain’s Online Gambling Industry Continues To Grow

Prior to the pandemic, it seemed that gambling was reaching something of an existential threat in Spain. From the start of 2020, the country’s government got to work establishing a number of strict iGaming regulations, which were often met with significant outcry from the local online gambling industry.

Before COVID, it seemed as though the nation’s government was determined to rein in its local gambling industry as much as possible. Then, as the pandemic worsened, the local gambling industry was hard-hit. In September of 2020, it was revealed that gambling jobs had fallen by more than 70% due to the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns.

Since then, Spain’s online gambling industry has continued to see growth, and the government has slowed in its insistent implementation of harsh online gambling rules. This has then led to companies like Kalamba partnering with companies like Emara Play to establish a presence in the scenic European country.

As LatAm Countries Struggle, Tourism Could Return To Spain

In Latin America, where Kalamba games will also be made available, countries across the continent have been existentially challenged by the onset of a new, more infectious strain of COVID-19, thought to have originated in Brazil. Since then, countries including Peru and Argentina have reintroduced lockdown measures.

Though Europe remains well in the midst of its COVID-19 crisis, countries are beginning to more rapidly roll out doses of COVID-19 vaccines. In Spain, the country’s Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, stated that the country would open to tourism from outside of the EU, encouraging other European countries to take the same approach.

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