Spintec Sales Booming in Asian Territory

Electronic casino table games maker – Spintec – is experiencing major growth in its Asian operation. With new legislation in key Asian territories opening this market up for investment, a number of well-known brands have been poised to exploit this new opportunity. We explore the success of the Slovenian firm and analyze the patented technology, innovation, and popularity of their newest product line.

Slot machines on a casino floor.

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The Asian market represents one of the quickest growing and best prospects for all casino vendors. Emerging markets in this region are the sole focus of the Spintec brand, and they have made significant growth in Macau, South Korea, and Vietnam. Conquering this unchartered territory is the primary objective of many casino-tech vendors. As more investment pumps into the region and the legislation within the Asian territories allows for a more liberalized approach to the casino industry, the opportunities are proving plentiful.

Spintec is a very astute business for recognizing this opportunity and timing their new range of products to launch in time for a well-attended trade show held at the world-renowned Venetian Macao Hotel in Macau, China. The new products being launched, the Karma Gen 2, represents the vision of Spintec. The firm has already been trialing a new format for casino gaming in several leading venues across Asia. The new gaming terminals are arranging in an amphitheater structure. In such an arrangement, they are attempting to revolutionize the playing experience for customers using its products, and the brand is being heralded as pushing casino gaming into a new and modern direction.

Spintec Has Eyes On the Philippines

Following such a successful first-year entering the Asian territory, the Spintec business executives have eyes firmly planted in the Philippines region. The best business opportunities within the casino space currently, are increasingly arising in Asia. Whether it is the construction, energy, technology or gambling industry, emerging markets are a key area of international business and an area that investors are paying increasing attention and accelerating the provision of capital.

The Asian market represents over 50% of the Spintec business currently, and the Philippines could further increase this amount. By all estimates, the growth of the casino industry in Asia shows no signs of slowing down, in fact, the Asian casino industry is expected to grow by $65 billion in the next decade.

The man overseeing the expansion of Spintec in the Asian territory and driving sales in the region:

We’ve been able to expand this year in Macau, South Korea and especially in Vietnam, and we have very good prospects for next year. I think next year we will be able to deliver on some big deals in the Philippine market.Primoz Krsevan, Regional Sales Manager (Asia), Spintec

The regional sales manager of the Asian territory, Primoz Krsevan, gave some explanation of the fantastic growth and success of the Spintec brand. The company has an exceptional understanding of the needs of its clients, and whenever they receive feedback, the company is able to react quickly and iterate improvements over its products. This level of attention to detail and an intrinsic understanding of the needs of casino players have earned Spintec much plaudits and respect amongst leading casino brands.

What Are The Spintec Objectives for 2020 and Beyond?

Spintec has made no secret of the fact that they intend to become the leader in casino gaming technology. Expanding their customer base, receiving feedback and perfecting their range of products has been the main focus of the firm up until 2019. Now they sit on a near-perfect product, and expansion into the new markets appears to be the next logical step for the business.

The beginning of this year was a fantastic time for Spintec. Launching a new Blackjack game opened up a new line of clients and customers seeking to expand their electronic card-based gaming facilities. Spintec also managed to secure a key partnership deal with the casino powerhouse the Gauselmann Group, based out of Germany. The new deal appears to give the firm a new lease of life, as they have managed to successfully expand their business in a series of key emerging markets, most notably in Australia where they made their debut in the second quarter of 2019.

If the company continues on its current trajectory the domination will only continue. Celebrating their recent successes, Spintec has moved into a new headquarters built a new production line, invested massively into R&D and recently announced that they will be expanding their production capabilities by over 3 times the current output. With so much optimistic forecasting being published by Spintec it is safe to say that the primary investors are happy to extend lines of credit and continue to support the ambition and vision of the company executives.

Spintec will continue to drive growth and expand into the emerging Asian markets in 2020, targeting Australia, Vietnam, and Macau. Early forecasts suggest this is well within their reach, as the brand has a strong base of clients, a valiant reputation and managed to impress industry operators with their ability to capture prolonged gaming sessions from users of the product.

Spintec Wants to Dominate the Industry

The global vision of Spintec is one of the most ambitious and disruptive of any electronic casino game manufacturers in the world. After experiencing year-on-year growth, building a strong brand and securing a list of high-profile clients, the business is ready to venture into new territory.

With eyes firmly set on Australia, and South-East Asia – Spintec is bringing a high-quality range of immersive casino products to regions of the world that have previously not had access to anything close to this level of quality.

One thing is for sure, Spintec will be bringing a new range of products, including the much anticipated Karma Gen2 electronic table games and the Aura Gaming Line. This brings the possibility of a multi-game array of casino products on a singular machine.

As always, Spintec are able to respond to the demands of the market. By listening to the feedback of casino operators, technology experts and customers alike, they have obtained a unique 360 degrees understanding of this industry – perhaps the real reason for their unprecedented success over the past 12 months.

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Slot machines on a casino floor.

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