Twin Casino Targeting New Base in Japan

One of Europe’s hottest start-up casinos has set its sights on Japan as a new base for its Asian operations. The casino laws are being reformed in Japan, and the sweeping changes have paved the way for foreign investors to gain a foothold in the potentially lucrative region. This exciting new venture for Twin Casino will be their boldest move yet in their short 4-year history.

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Japan has traditionally been a country where online casinos have faced immense difficulties establishing themselves. Well, all of that is about to change and thanks to a pivot in legal stance several online operators are poised to launch a flurry of new platforms. ©besteonlinecasinos/Pixabay

The gambling laws in Japan have undergone major structural reform in recent years. Political stances towards gambling have changed considerably, in a nation that once held a hostile position towards the progression of gambling liberalization, the most recent decades have seen this ideology incrementally reigned in. Legalized gambling has long existed with pachinkos, but this shift towards fully licensed casinos is a relatively new phenomenon.

Online casinos are yet to make a full entrance into the Japanese casino sector up until now, so the news that Twin Casino is plotting to launch a high-quality web platform for an online slot and classic casino players. The platform will lend itself to traditional Japanese design themes, whilst delivering an unparalleled gaming experience to its customers. So if you’re truly looking to experience the very best in online casino gaming then you know exactly where to go.

Whilst delivering on an aesthetically pleasing platform is incredibly important for brand marketing purposes – an even more crucial aspect of the business model is to build a catalog of games that customers are willing to engage in and bet on. Twin Casino has already indicated their new platform will have upwards of 2,000 games in its library. Moreover, the developers of this catalog are some of the best in the industry, including the likes of JTG and Golden Hero.

Twin Casino Set to Become Leading Online Casino in Japan

All those connected to Twin Casino are bound to be incredibly excited with the latest developments at the company. The firm has indicated they are on the path to overwhelm the market with a far superior product and gain a serious first-mover advantage. With the door about to blow open in Japan, integrated resorts being granted licenses, and an Olympic Games on the horizon; it’s certainly an exciting time to be in the Japanese gambling sector.

The approach being taken by Twin is clear-cut and a rewarding one for the players who invest in the product suite. Not only is this casino going to be a popular asset within Japanese gambling due to offering its players a highly rewarding gambling experience, but partnering with the best software developers in the business will give the platform a great sense of authority and quality.

Another major advantage of the Twin system will be to capture both sides of the player market, offering casuals and high-rollers an equally viable chance to get involved with the software. There is not stake limiting at this casino, nor is there a push to make players bet more than they can afford. The huge suite of depositing and withdrawal options includes a vast range of e-wallets, banking options, and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Litecoin, and Ripple).

A whole plethora of additional services from a coveted VIP program, player loyalty rewards, and unparalleled customer service quality will ensure that the casino will prosper in its early stages. The gamification of the gambling experience and the allocation of a social competitive spirit is a major innovation that will undoubtedly help the casino evolve over the next few months during its launch.

Twin Casino will be regulated by the European casino regulator, the Malta Gaming Authority. This group is well known for keeping tabs on the industry on a global scale, and giving their accreditation to any new casino should be enough to alleviate the concerns of any new punter to the platform. Particular focus points at this stage remain the withdrawal and deposit limits, along with a variety of other responsible gambling initiatives.

And finally, for those interested in partnering with Twin Casino as affiliates, the casino has developed a dedicated business unit to deal with partnerships and advertising. The Twin Affiliates portal is now active and managed by a team of associates.

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