Win Systems Is Blowing Up In Latin America

In the last few weeks, multinational games developer Win Systems has been exponentially expanding in Latin America, namely: Mexico and Costa Rica. In both places, Win Systems has installed its newest CMS system, known as Wigos CMS. Now, the Wigos CMS system is available at the Casino Concorde in Costa Rica, as well as in three casinos in Mexico, two of which are in Mexicali and one of which is in Aguascalientes.

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The Casino Concorde in San Jose, Costa Rica, is the latest to have installed Win Systems’ Wigos CMS. ©jconejo/Pixabay

What Is Win Systems?

Win Systems is a multinational games developer headquartered in Malta with offices in largely (but not exclusively) Spanish-speaking cities around the world. In addition to its Malta HQ, Win Systems has outposts in Barcelona, Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mexico City, Mexico; Lima, Peru; Miami, Florida; and Sezana, Slovenia.

Today, the CEO of the company is Eric Benchimol. With over 20 years of experience, Win Systems has affiliations with more than 60 countries around the world, and is consistently growing, even this year, when the fate of land-based casinos often in the balance as COVID-19-related lockdowns have persisted.

In addition to offering casino systems, Win Systems offers lottery options for gamers. This includes traditional lottery solutions and a video lottery system. The traditional lottery platform offered by Win Systems is powered through a software called MultiGame Open Lottery, while its video option is run by a software known as WIGOS VLT.

Wigos CMS: Win Systems’ Latest In LatAm

The Win Systems product now exploding in Latin America is Win Systems’ casino management system (CMS) known as Wigos. Wigos offers casinos a triad of exquisite new business solutions, including Intellia (a business intelligence software) and WinStats (a mobile gaming option).

One of the more exciting components of Wigos CMS is its COVID-19 specific function, PlaySafe. This option will ensure that players are maintaining safe social distancing protocols from one another while also working to keep revenue as high as possible for casino operators.

Win Systems’ Innovative PlaySafe Software

In early June, Win Systems announced that it had made PlaySafe available to the gambling industry market. The software is designed in such a way as to enforce COVID-19 safety and hygiene measures while also boosting profitability for the location however possible. These tools connect the gaming experience to employee notifications.

One such example is the innovative way in which PlaySafe has approached the issue of social distancing while using slot machines. When a player uses a given machine, PlaySafe will automatically disable the adjacent machines. Once a player has finished, PlaySafe software sends a notification to casino employees that the used station must be cleaned.

Wigos CMS In Latin America

In the last several weeks, multiple casinos in Latin America have announced that they will be installing the company’s new casino management system. The first such statement came at the end of October, when three casinos in Mexico — two in Mexicali, one in Aguascalientes — announced they would be installing the new system.

A short time later, Win Systems announced a collaboration with Casino Concorde, a casino located in San Jose, Costa Rica, the capital city of the Latin American country. About the new CMS, Casino Concorde owner Jorge Hidalgo was confident, stating that a partnership with Win Systems was the logical next step to continue growing a successful business.

In Mexico, Win Systems Has A Strong Presence

According to reports released in late October, when Wigos CMS was being installed at multiple Mexican casinos, Win Systems is the leading CMS provider in the country. In fact, a staggering percentage of gambling machines nationwide are powered by the Malta-based company: 70% of machines in Mexico use Wigos CMS.

Not The Only New Thing Coming To Casino Concorde

As the Casino Concorde announced its new CMS, it also revealed that players would be able to experience an exciting new gaming option, this time powered by Gold Club: an electronic roulette game, which allows players to choose between playing traditional roulette and a more updated iteration of the game known as Huo Long.

At Long Last, Some Of Costa Rica’s Casinos Have Reopened

The Casino Concorde is quickly making these new adjustments just a short time after Costa Rica’s government finally allowed local casinos to reopen after almost eight months of forced lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As of early October, however, only casinos located in hotels were given the green light to reopen.

A Wave Of Tenuous Reopenings In Latin America

Costa Rica’s government green light predated the decision of cities and countries around Latin America to also cautiously reopen to visitors by only a few weeks. Less than two weeks after Costa Rican casinos could open under strict restrictions, casinos in Mexico City and in Panama allowed for local casinos to reopen.

In Aguascalientes, Some Casinos Have Been Open Since August

In late August, it was revealed that close to 90 casinos in Mexico had reopened, despite not having received federal permission to do so. Throughout the pandemic, Mexico’s federal government has taken a hands-off approach to COVID lockdowns, instead leaving the decisions to individual municipalities.

As such, 89 casinos in different regions in Mexico — including Aguascalientes — had reopened by the end of August, having received permission from local governments to do so. At the time, these locations had not received permission from Mexico’s federal government to reopen.

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