Big Bola and Gametech’s Latest:

In late March, Mexican casino operator Big Bola announced that it would partner with software and games developer Gametech for a new iGaming site. The venture will be called, and will offer both online gambling and sports betting to its users. This is just one of a few recent online gambling partnerships for Big Bola, which followed this announcement by revealing that it had partnered with European games developer Betsson to power a new online casino, Betsson Mexico.

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Big Bola and Gametech’s Venture:

In late March, Big Bola and Gametech — also known as Gaming Technologies, Inc. — announced that they had struck a deal to power a brand-new online casino site, known as According to the companies, the online casino will offer both traditional casino gambling options and sports betting.

The Games Available

The site, which is now live, offers players over 500 online casino games, including those from developers like Evolution, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, and NetEnt. Players will also have access to exclusive new content from Matrix Studios. Users will be happy to know that they can access these options either from desktop or mobile devices.

Big Bola Scored A Coveted iGaming License

According to coverage about the partnership, the online casino is made feasible thanks to Big Bola’s existing online gambling license in Mexico, known as a SEGOB license. As of April 2021, only 14 operators are allowed to operate iGaming in Mexico, and Big Bola is one of them.

Gametech Will Handle The Player Side

While Big Bola’s license and industry expertise will offer important advantages with the new venture, Gametech is slated to handle the human side of things. The company is responsible for managing player retention, promotion, and acquisition. The partnership stipulates that Gametech and Big Bola will share the revenue this venture drums up.

Gametech Points To Importance Of Robust iGaming

In a statement about the partnership, Gametech CEO Jason Drummond pointed to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as a reason for the new online casino venture. As Drummond pointed out, ongoing lockdowns and declining global tourism have sparked a need for the gambling industry to create strong online gambling options.

As such, Big Bola Casinos is lucky to have one of Mexico’s gambling licenses. The company can thus operate both retail casinos and online gambling options with an advantage over many of its land-based competitors in the market. Post-pandemic, Big Bola will have demonstrated that it is a strong player to watch in Mexico.

Despite Drummond’s Concerns, Tourism Returning To Mexico

An important counterpoint to Drummond’s argument is that the widespread increase of COVID-19 vaccination in the United States is breathing desperately-needed new life into Mexico’s tourism industry. In late March, resort workers told NBC News that they anticipated an increase in visitation during summer 2021 from vaccinated Americans.

Concerns Over The Choice

Around the same time, a San Diego publication covered the ways in which the tourism industry in Cancún, Mexico, has worked overtime to welcome tourists, while addressing significant fears about a spike in infections from COVID-19. While vaccination is accessible in the US, it is much less so in its Central American neighbor.

Big Bola Director Emphasizes Mexico’s Gambling Industry Strength

When asked for comment about the deal, Big Bola’s director of operations, Emilio Quiros, emphasized Mexico’s uniquely powerful role in the Latin American gambling industry. According to Quiros, Mexico boasts Latin America’s leading gambling market — a claim other countries, like Colombia, may be quick to disagree with.

In Quiros’ defense, the numbers anticipated for Mexico’s gambling market growth are undeniable. According to one report, Mexico’s gambling market is expected to grow to the equivalent of $127.3 billion in the next six years. As of 2021, Mexico has an estimated 55.8 million gamblers, which is not bad for a country of 127.6 million.

Big Bola Continues Exponential Growth

As 2021 continues, Big Bola remains an important player to watch in Mexico’s growing gambling industry. In addition to the company’s brand-new partnership with Betsson, Big Bola continues to regularly add new games developers to its portfolio, like Booongo, a Curaçao-based games creator which releases five new titles a month.

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