BtoBet and Camanbet Partnership Goes Live Online

After announcing a partnership earlier this year, BtoBet and Camanbet have begun their online offerings, using BtoBet’s unique Neuron 3 gaming platform. The companies went public with their partnership in May, signifying that Gibraltar-based gaming company BtoBet was planning to grow its presence in Latin America. In the intervening months, the companies have clearly worked to develop a robust online option for Camanbet, which will surely be a relief in a challenging economic time.

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Camanbet and BtoBet are offering online content in response to ongoing coronavirus-related lockdown measures. ©modovisible/Pixabay

BtoBet and Camanbet: A COVID Partnership

In May, BtoBet and Camanbet officials announced that the companies would begin a collaboration. This showed an exciting development for BtoBet, a company based in Gibraltar, and Camanbet, a company based in Venezuela, active for 14 years. At the time, company spokespeople suggested this partnership would include most gambling sectors.

In fact, the deal was initially interpreted as growing BtoBet’s sports betting presence, as Camanbet has an established strength for sports betting options in both live and online iterations. The deal also marked a significant shift toward Latin America for BtoBet, a company which boasts partnerships with companies around the world.

During Coronavirus Lockdowns, Responding to Customers

According to company spokespeople, the ongoing coronavirus lockdown encouraged Camanbet and BtoBet to work hard — and fast! — on developing strong online options for players. Since announcing their partnership in May, the companies have worked hard to perfect online UX solutions for players eager to place their bets remotely.

The online options will now include virtual sports betting, live casino, and virtual slot options, powered by BtoBet’s unique Neuron 3 gambling software. From the beginning, it was clear that players would take kindly to BtoBet’s gambling software, which allows non-registered players to participate, meaning it’s easy and fast to get started.

BtoBet’s Neuron 3 Platform

One of BtoBet’s signature offerings to the companies with which it partners is its Neuron 3 platform, a software solution which allows players to easily integrate multiple different elements of the online gambling experience. In addition to providing back-end software for companies to streamline management, the Neuron 3 is customizable.

That means that companies can directly respond to the likes of their specific users, rather than having to use an umbrella interface patented by BtoBet which users may find foreign, confusing, or overwhelming. The Neuron 3 platform also allows for a wide array of different, thoroughly considered options across sectors of gambling.

This includes desktop betting, social media betting, retail shop betting, mobile betting, entertainment betting for use on televisions, and even SMS betting. Each option comes with different and unique features — for example, TV betting allows players to watch a game and place their bets simultaneously.

What Does This Mean for Camanbet Players?

The new launch of Camanbet offerings online using the Neuron 3 platform means that players can now easily participate in a wide range of online gambling offerings, including live casino, virtual sports betting, and virtual slots. According to a spokesperson for Camanbet, this decision has been informed by trends sparked by COVID-19.

Across the Board, Gambling Companies Growing Online Options

The decision by Camanbet and BtoBet to quickly build a strong online presence is wise, and not unique in the world of gambling as the coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of slowing, and in many places, some form of lockdown measures remain. Even in cities that have reopened, strict rules govern how many people can be in a casino at a time.

This has meant that, even when casinos are allowed to reopen, they cannot have more than 50% — and, in some cases, 25% — of their normal visitors allowed in at once. This is to ensure for social distancing. Additionally, many casinos have rules vetoing indoor food and drink, typically a large source of revenue for casinos.

Simultaneously, many people are spending more time at home than ever before. Even in sectors where the revenue for gambling has plummeted, iGaming numbers, including for virtual slots, live casino, and sports betting options, have swelled. Sports betting options have also taken an interesting new form, including eSports and video game streaming.

Venezuela’s Tech-Friendly Approach to Gambling

The decision to expand into online content is actually not an incredibly bold decision for Camanbet, particularly when considering a much more unusual solution proposed in January of this year, before the coronavirus had reached outside of China (as far as we know).

In late January, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that he would be giving the go-ahead to a casino in Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela. This announcement was already surprising, given that legal gambling in Venezuela had been a no-no since 2011, but this was not even the most unusual part of Maduro’s statement.

In fact, Maduro’s casino would be powered by cryptocurrency. This is a direct response to ongoing work in Venezuela to switch to a cryptocurrency-based economy, and the government has long pushed for a widely-used national cryptocurrency tied to Venezuela’s oil reserves. This is in response to longstanding economic free-fall in Venezuela.

Venezuela: Hard-Hit By COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged many countries in Central and South America, not in the least Venezuela, which has been experiencing widespread unrest and economic devastation for years. Today, overwhelmed by the virus, Venezuelan leadership has been treating citizens with the virus as criminals, and charging them as bioterrorists.

President Maduro has been in charge of Venezuela for seven years, and has led an extremely unpopular regime. During this time, a massive exodus out of Venezuela has happened, as well as widespread economic difficulty and ongoing existential challenges to the nation’s health care system.

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