BtoBet Partners With Camanbet

In a recent announcement, Gibraltar-based gambling platform BtoBet revealed that it has partnered with Camanbet, a gambling operator in Venezuela. This new deal means that BtoBet is working to boost its presence in the Latin American gaming market, and will work with Camanbet as it provides international and local sports betting, online and live casino, jackpots, and special bets. This is just the latest in BtoBet’s strategy to create a robust sports betting option.

A sparsely populated bullfighting ring in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

The new arrangement between BtoBet and Camanbet is likely to offset losses incurred in sports betting during the coronavirus pandemic. ©272447/Pixabay

Camanbet Brings Unique Options to BtoBet

In this new deal, Camanbet will bring its wide selection of sports betting for both international and local events, including live sporting events. Beyond just sports betting, Camanbet will bring live and online casino options, jackpots, and unique special bets and virtual options.

For BtoBet, this deal demonstrates a big step forward in regards to their presence in Latin America, an ever-growing market in international gaming. The relationship is symbiotic, as the assistance of a well-known international name like BtoBet, as well as its massive portfolio, is likely to boost Camanbet’s reputation even within Venezuela.

In a statement made by BtoBet’s chief marketing officer, Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet believes that its approach will allow Camanbet to allow non-registered players an entry point into iGaming: a crucial way in which a company can hope to reach as-yet untouched factions of the market.

According to Soldà, Camanbet will greatly benefit from BtoBet’s rapid registration process, which allows new players to quickly and seamlessly begin gaming. BtoBet then has targeted and meticulously designed marketing offers, which will then allow these new players to find more content tailored to their interests and gambling tastes.

BtoBet: Integrating Over 100 Providers Worldwide

In a statement made by BtoBet CEO Alessandro Fried in March of this year, he revealed that BtoBet had achieved a milestone striven for by gaming companies worldwide: partnerships with more than 100 gambling platforms worldwide, with more than 8,000 games available. These games are playable through BtoBet’s unique Neuron 3 platform.

Some of BtoBet’s partners include some of the biggest players in the international gaming industry, including Ainsworth Game Technology, BetSoft, iSoftBet, Booongo, MGA Games, and more. Using BtoBet’s unique Neuron 3 Content Aggregator, content providers can independently update their content available to players worldwide.

iGaming Integration Designed To Avoid Losses During COVID

According to Alessandro Fried, the move by BtoBet to expand to include many iGaming options is bolstered by a desire to avoid unexpected losses in sports betting incurred by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While the growth occurred before the COVID pandemic, Fried feels that this will incubate BtoBet from sportsbook revenue loss.

About the coronavirus pandemic and BtoBet’s portfolio, Fried said:

“The unexpected advent of the novel coronavirus has disrupted to a major extent the sportsbook vertical, with the vast majority of sporting events postponed. The same applies for the summer period in lack of a wide variety of events. Thus providing natively an unparalleled portfolio of game titles allows operators the possibility to shift their strategies and minimize all negative impacts, diverting their resources to maximize a different vertical other than sportsbook.”Alessandro Fried, Executive Chairman, BtoBet

How to Avoid COVID Losses in Sports Betting?

BtoBet’s existing and robust iGaming options may shelter the company from financial losses otherwise incurred by the lack of sporting events due to the coronavirus pandemic. Still, other companies in the gaming market which offer sports betting in normal times are opting for a variety of approaches to protect themselves from excessive losses in this time.

Other companies, like BetCris and DraftKings, have moved to offer unconventional options in sports betting. For BetCris, this has meant betting on whether or not fans believe certain sporting events will happen or on other current events. Both companies have moved into bets on unconventional sports like table tennis.

For other companies, like Colombia’s Fecoljuegos, a salve to these difficult financial times could be virtual casino streaming. Today, this is illegal in Colombia, but Fecoljuegos president Evert Montero hopes that the country’s government will reconsider. According to Montero, sports betting in Colombia has fallen 90% since the COVID pandemic hit its apex.

Finally, other groups still advocate for the possibility in e-sports: betting on video games played out via live streaming services like Twitch for many fans around the world. This was recently explored through the virtual Madrid Open, which took place in mid-April as a charity iteration of the traditionally prestigious tennis event.

COVID in Venezuela

Venezuela has not been spared by the coronavirus crisis hitting countries around the world. Since mid-March, Venezuela’s President, Nicolás Maduro, has instated a nationwide quarantine. This approach is likely among the most practical, given that Venezuela’s health system has been struggling significantly in recent years.

According to health care officials in Venezuela, the country has only 80 intensive care beds, while it should have something like 2,500. Therefore, national lockdown measures will hopefully spare citizens of the country from the most severe ramifications — but, in effect, this means no live casinos for the foreseeable future.

Venezuela is likely to struggle very significantly economically in the coming months because of the crisis. According to the BBC, millions of Venezuela’s citizens were living on extremely little money, with 40-50% of the nation’s workforce employed by what is called the informal economy. As such, these people are anticipated to suffer devastating losses.

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