Casinos Maverick Comes To Argentina

The latest company to secure permission to operate iGaming in Argentina is Casinos Maverick, which has partnered with leading games platform LatAmWin. The games will be available to users in the province of Neuquén. Initially, the offerings will begin with a limited launch of certain iGaming options from Casinos Maverick. Eventually, this will expand to include additional gambling options like sports betting and live dealers.

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LatAmWin will power Casinos Maverick’s iGaming options in Neuquén. ©Werni/Pixabay

What Is Casinos Maverick?

Casinos Maverick is a casino operator based in Argentina. Today, Casinos Maverick has a license to operate in four land-based locations in the Neuquén province. Because of this, Casinos Maverick’s iGaming offerings will only be available to players located within that province of Argentina.

The four casinos operated by Casinos Maverick in Neuquén are The Slabs, Aguila Stone, Loncupué, and Plaza Huincul. According to the Casinos Maverick website, in addition to the land-based casinos and iGaming options, the brand plans to open a hotel in the near future, though details on the location are sparse.

Casinos Maverick also has branches into the world of gastronomy, with two impressive restaurants: Restobar 605 and Restaurant 2910. Restobar 605 offers the exciting possibility of live shows, though these are likely postponed for the indefinite future given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurant 2910 can be rented for the use of events like weddings.

Casinos Maverick’s Online Gaming Content

In a savvy twist, Casinos Maverick has a well-established presence in the online gambling business. Many land-based casinos in Argentina did not work to include this option prior to the pandemic, which culminated in an initially unsuccessful bid from land-based casinos to segue into the development of iGaming platforms to offset COVID-19-related losses.

Players using Casinos Maverick’s online gaming platform have full access to the website 24 hours a day. Should problems arise, customer service is on call to help, also 24 hours a day. Players can withdraw and deposit money easily and quickly at any time. The Casinos Maverick iGaming solution offers a wide array of gambling options.

When playing directly from the Casinos Maverick site, players have the option to choose from virtual slots to electronic bingo, electronic roulette, and more. The games on Casinos Maverick’s site come from a number of some of the most beloved developers in the game, including Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, Redrake, Spinomenal,, and more.

The Partnership With LatAmWin

In early December, Casinos Maverick announced that it would be partnering with LatAmWin to offer its online casino options throughout the Neuquén province. In order to secure permission to make this venture, the companies had to receive permission from the Neuquén Gaming and Betting Institute, or IJAN.

Some Offerings To Start, More Later

The deal between Casinos Maverick and LatAmWin means that players using LatAmWin’s platform in Neuquén will be able to use the operator’s virtual slots, bingo, and casino games to start. Down the line, both companies have stated that players will gain access to additional options from Casinos Maverick.

Down the line, this will expand to include live casino and sports betting options. Neither company has yet specified when this additional development should take place. According to coverage about the partnership, LatAmWin and Casinos Maverick have developed a unique revenue-sharing scheme that should be beneficial to both companies.

Where Argentina Stands Now On iGaming

The last year has seen a tremendous reversal in Argentina in regards to the regulated online gambling industry. After significant hesitation throughout 2019 and into the first half of 2020, officials in Argentina — particularly in capital province Buenos Aires — demonstrated reluctance to consider a regulated iGaming industry.

The Impact of COVID Makes Government Change Its Tune

Countries across Latin America had dramatically different responses to the ongoing pandemic, and Argentina has consistently had one of the more stringent lockdowns in the region. For months on end months on end, officials in Argentina mandated lockdown measures — a decision which has had a devastating impact on the national economy.

The result has been an overwhelming shrinkage of the Argentine economy. Already predicted to contract more than 9% in 2020, recently released third quarter reports from the national government demonstrated that, in fact, 2020’s Q3 saw Argentina’s gross domestic product shrink by 10.2%.

This, more than likely, had something to do with the decision from Argentina’s government to legalize various forms of online gambling across a number of different forms — from sports betting to iGaming and now, with this Casinos Maverick-LatAmWin partnership, even live casino — in rapid succession.

Regulation Comes At A Price

Still, Argentina’s government is not making these changes without adjusting its taxation policy on online gambling activity accordingly. In late November, Argentina’s lower Congressional house approved a federal budget which raised the tax rate on iGaming by 150%, increasing the tax from 2% to 5%.

Is Argentina Becoming More Lenient Than Colombia?

For years, Colombia was the leader in regulated online gambling in Latin America. Now, as Argentina races to regulate an iGaming industry, it could be that the nation’s iGaming policy is even more lax. In Colombia, for example, iGaming companies were only recently given permission to operate live casino options, which is already permissible in Argentina.

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