EvenBet Bursts into Latin American Gaming Market

In a recent statement, software solutions company EvenBet announced that they would be making moves into the Latin American market. Starting out in Colombia, the company plans to branch into neighboring countries with promising gaming markets like Peru, Argentina, and Brazil. The expansion comes from the company’s goal to become the number one software supplier for the South and Latin American markets, though they’re up against some stiff competition.

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EvenBet Gaming’s move into Latin America, with a focus on Colombia, demonstrates how seriously international companies are taking the growth of the region’s gaming market. ©Flavia Carpio/Unsplash

What is EvenBet?

EvenBet Gaming is a software solutions offshoot of EvenBet Gaming Limited, focused on creating top-of-the-line gaming software for online poker, casino platforms, and betting systems.

EvenBet Gaming is best known for its three primary gaming products: EvenBet Poker, EvenBet Casino, and EvenBet Betting. All of these are online gaming platforms offering innovative and engaging games for gambling enthusiasts around the world to partake in. While EvenBet Poker is fairly self-explanatory, EvenBet Casino offers online versions of three popular casino games (roulette, slots, craps), and EvenBet Betting is a great online bookmaker.

In addition to these games, EvenBet Gaming develops custom software. All of their programs — custom or turnkey — employ Agile as their framework.

EvenBet has two offices worldwide, one in the US and the other in Russia, with over 90 employees. In just the 9 years that EvenBet has been around, it’s been instrumental in moving forward more than 50 poker and casino rooms around the world. The company has also been recognized by major industry players like IBM, Microsoft, and Sun.

EvenBet Poker Reaches South and Latin America

In a recent press release, EvenBet announced that it would be bringing its highly popular EvenBet Poker offerings to casinos across South and Latin America. They will be looking at countries which have already been under a great deal of consideration for their promise in the international gaming market: Colombia first, with Peru, Argentina, and Brazil to follow.

In a savvy move, EvenBet decided that it will offer EvenBet Poker through both local and international operators in these countries.

This is a particularly smart move, given that many governments in Latin America — such as Mexico and Argentina — are in the midst of regulating legal gambling, which often has consequences for international or even local, private operators.

When the game launched in January of this year, players in the countries where the games are available will be able to choose between eight different poker rooms and casinos on the online network, with more to come even in a few weeks’ time. Contained within these independent poker rooms are 32 variations of popular games.

The release has already proven to be successful, as companies including Apuesta Rapida, MiJugada and JugarPrimero have implemented EvenBet Poker’s latest offerings into their iGaming options.

EvenBet CEO: We Want to Be Number One in Latin America

Upon release of the South and Latin America EvenBet Poker package, EvenBet Gaming’s CEO Dmitry Starostenkov stated that this was part of the company’s aim to assert its position as the top software supplier for the region’s gaming market.

“… we bid to become the number-one poker software supplier for South and Latin America, especially as regulation rolls out in countries like Peru, Argentina, and Brazil.”Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO, EvenBet Gaming

In the same statement, Starostenkov referenced EvenBet Gaming’s preexisting success with the international gaming market, stating that the company had experienced 400% growth in only three years. This growth includes now 80 active partnerships with companies around the world, in both, as he says, “established and emerging markets.”

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EvenBet Gaming’s CEO makes no bones about it: he wants his company to provide the number one software offerings in Latin America. ©Keenan Constance/Unsplash

The Emerging Market Bet

According to EvenBet Gaming’s CEO Dmitry Starostenkov, the company’s philosophy has at its center a desire to built-in growing and emerging markets. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the company should want to stake its claim in Latin America, where many — from Pansy Ho to Sheldon Adelson — have set their sights, and the gaming industry in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina is in a continual state of regulation and flux.

Still, to place one’s hopes on the whims of a newly-developing market is to place a bet, just like in any other facet of the gambling industry. On the one hand, one might luck out and find themselves in the position to swoop in when a country is seeking to privatize its national lottery, as in the case of Brazil last fall.

On the other hand, a company might apply for a license in a location like Buenos Aires, Argentina, only to find within a years’ time that ongoing political and economic turmoil has left many companies in the lurch as the local government has elected to eliminate privately-owned lottery companies.

GGPoker to EvenBet: Not So Fast

Analysts have noted that Starostenkov’s ambitious vision for EvenBet Gaming clashes with the existing success of other leading names in Latin America’s gaming industry. This includes, along with names like Codere, GGPoker, a gaming company based out of Asia with its eyes on Latin America’s gaming market.

This gesture from the company was cemented when GGPoker implemented Felipe Ramos, a top poker player from Brazil, as one of its company ambassadors.

Ramos, also called Mojave, is close to a celebrity in the world of Latin America’s gaming. Today, Ramos has over $2.6 million USD in live earnings. In addition to playing independently and owning a WSOP Circuit ring, Ramos works as an online coach to help others master the art of iGaming.

In making this move, GGPoker demonstrated in a not-insignificant way how important Latin America’s gaming market is to them. By doing so, GGPoker not only staked its claim for Latin America’s gaming fans — and for fans of Felipe Ramos — but also challenged the legacy of PokerStars, an international gaming brand which has historically dominated the industry.

What’s Next for EvenBet?

Aside from major new deals, EvenBet is planning to make an appearance at ICE London 2020 on February 4-6, where it will be displaying its new poker solutions. EvenBet Gaming will be located at stand S3-200.

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