Fischer Gaming Unveils New Sports Betting EFT For Europe

Fischer Gaming is set to release a new online betting EFT for European customers, presenting an exciting opportunity for investors to take their first step. Fischer Gaming are high-level brand consultants specializing in the gambling industry and its affiliates; connections to Goldman Sachs strengthen their insight into the market. In this article, we will discuss Fischer Gaming’s new sports betting EFT and explain what an EFT means in this context.

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EFT’s will allow users to securely transfer money to online sports betting platforms and utilize EFT indexes to carry out industry investments. The market is predicted to grow significantly in the next couple of decades. ©3844328/Pixabay

An EFT stands for electronic funds transfer. It simply allows a monetary transaction from one account to another. As the name implies, it is all electronic and allows money to transfer between institutions and internally. So why is this so important in the gambling industry?

Security risks are a constant concern of both consumers and providers. Online platforms are required to install secure layers of back-end infrastructure to ensure their website cannot be hacked, preventing customer information leaks. Personal data has become a big issue in the modern world. Apple recently issued an IOS update allowing users to opt-out of the data tracking features most applications use.

An online betting site with EFT capabilities is immediately safer because of reduced transaction risks. Fischer Gaming has developed the technology and as a consultancy firm, are now offering their services to online casinos and other betting platforms to strengthen the industries online security. This is an exciting opportunity for smaller firms looking to take a further step into a modernized transaction system on a level playing field with cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Fischer Gaming has pounced on the opportunity to incorporate its technology into the online betting industry. Their researchers have forecast that the European sports betting market will grow by 600% between 2021 and 2035, reaching over €200billion. Industry insight is allowing them to predict future market trends as well as push technological boundaries within the sector and many others such as E-commerce.

The Growth of Online Sports Betting

As mentioned earlier, the online sports betting market is set for exponential growth over the next couple of decades. The catalyst for this increase in stakeholders is based upon favorable legislative changes in countries such as Czech Republic, Portugal, and The Netherland’s to name a few. It also predicted that online betting would become socially accepted due to greater technological exposure and news coverage.

Another reason for widescale industry expansion is the increase in advertisements and sponsorship deals with sports teams. The founder and CEO of Fischer Gaming, Aaron Fischer, has proclaimed his support for increased industry exposure and thinks that the increase in sporting partnerships can greatly benefit the industry’s image across Europe.

Much of the regulatory relaxation taking place across Europe has been directly inspired by the USA’s approach to legalizing online gambling. Fischer Gaming investors have been told to expect far greater profit margins, resulting in a high return on investment. The company noticed a large upscale in new users of online sports betting after regulatory changes and decided now was the perfect time to launch their sports betting EFT.

The technology is named the Sports Betting and iGaming EFT, and it will track an index that Fischer Gaming developed in collaboration with Frankfurt-based, Solactive. Solactive is responsible for developing and overseeing European index’s, so Fischer’s proposition to establish an EFT was too good to turn down, according to their CEO, Steffen Scheuble.

EFT’s and the Pandemic’s Positive Impact

EFT users are beginning to notice the stark increase in the online betting arena, and since the start of 2021, its database profile has surged in EFT indexes. For example, the Roundhill Sports Betting EFT (BETZ) has seen a 97% increase in activity since its launch in the previous July. Online sports betting has seen a surge in activity since the beginning of the European lockdown, and thanks to this, EFT players are beginning to reap the rewards of their investments.

For those confused, EFT’s are not to be confused with NFT’s (non-fungible token), another form of electronic transaction, allowing users to trade one of a kind internet tokens. These can be in the form of art, music, or videos. EFT’s have become increasingly commonplace for B2B (Business to Business) payments, as they are highly secure and more efficient than traditional paper/plastic-based payments.

A forecast from industry research predicts that online betting platforms will accept electronic fund transfers sooner rather than later because of the two-way privacy agreement whenever an EFT is carried out. EFT’s draw many similarities to the cryptocurrency’s in terms of their framework, allowing them to securely process payments without the risk of personal data being exposed.

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