Genesis Group Launches New Software Developer Radi8 Games

The Genesis Group, which includes the renowned provider Genesis Gaming, has launched a new developer, Radi8 Games, onto the online casino market.

In December, the new brand was announced, with plans for it to develop games primarily for the South-East Asian top-flight casinos. It is possible that, if successful, the brand will later expand, offering its products to operators in other regions as well.

The company’s first three slot games are already live on a number of gambling sites. Cat Kingdom, Gongzi Facai and Viking Treasures all feature aspects of design that Radi8 claims to be at the core of its identity as a developer: ‘high-tempo’ and ‘content-rich’.

The business intends to target the millennial generation, producing its games with mobile players in mind, given, as Peyman Zadeh, Brand Owner of Radi8 Games, says: “millennials today touch their smartphones 45 times a day”.

The inclusion of the feature Rad+ is also designed to appeal to younger players. This is an innovative system of earned points that can then be used to purchase boosters and add-ons that increase the chances of winning. This mirrors numerous features of popular free-play mobile games.

There is a lot of cutthroat competition for apps to win engagement time from the average mobile user on a daily basis, but it also presents an opportunity to connect with your audience more frequently within the day. Peyman Zadeh, Brand Owner, Radi8 Games

Zadeh defined the company’s “overarching design principle” as working towards becoming “a part of the player’s micro-moments that they carry with them anywhere and everywhere”. This ambitious goal is accompanied by an ambition for massive growth in the future.

Radi8 plans to release a large number of slots and will be present at ICE in London, in February 2019 in order to showcase its products and how it aims to go about impacting the online gambling industry.

As such, it should instantly be seen alongside other exciting new developers that put the modern player and mobile-optimisation above all other concerns. It seems like this is the way that the industry is continuing to go and may well lead to success.

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Promotional image for the launch of Genesis Group's new developer brand, Radi8.

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