Hot New Deals for Salsa Technology

Just a short time after announcing an exciting new deal with Playson, Salsa Technology has gone public with new partnerships with Italy-based games developer Gamshy, known for poplar games titles like Fruit Tribe, Inferno, and Western Barn, and Greece-based developer Zeusplay. These deals come just after a rebrand for Salsa Technology, changing its name from what it had been before, Patagonia Entertainment.

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Salsa Technology and Gamshy

The new partnership between the two companies means that Gamshy games will now be available to Salsa Technology users, a customer base located largely in Latin America. This means that 9 new HTML5 games made by Gamshy will be available to these players, playable on Salsa Technology’s unique Game Aggregation Platform.

“We are very proud to announce our latest deal! Gamshy will make all of its games available to Salsa Technology. This partnership represents a huge milestone for Gamshy in Latin America. We’ve been looking to enter this market for a while and we believe Salsa Technology to be the perfect partner for the job. We couldn’t be happier about the outcome and would like to thank everyone at Salsa Technology for their efforts.”Giorgio Mikas, Sales Manager, Gamshy

What is Gamshy?

Gamshy is a games provider based in Rome, Italy. It prides itself on alternative game design, which is why its portfolio is considerably smaller than competing companies: with a close focus on merging design and game play, Gamshy’s portfolio of 9 HTML5 omnichannel games in both 2D and 3D, Gamshy is changing the games industry.

Gamshy’s titles include beloved names like Fruit Tribe, Inferno, Jumping Sushi, Kraken Island, Bad Monsters, Sweet Maniacs, and more. Most Gamshy titles offer players 5×3 reels with favorable RTPs of 96% or higher. Reviewers praise Gamshy’s catalog for its modern design and unique slots, each different from the next.

Gamshy’s focus on compatibility across devices, sleek and modern games design, and close attention to detail — not to mention artistry — in designing each of their games has one reviewer calling Gamshy “a developer for the future”. And they’re not wrong — in just the last few months, it’s clear Gamshy is making big moves for 2020!

In addition to appearing at ICE 2020, a major industry conference in London held in February of this year, Gamshy has gone public with partnerships with not just Salsa Technology, but also GrooveGaming. Prior to this, Gamshy games were available through SoftGamings and BetConstruct.

Coming on the Heels of More Big Deals for Salsa Technology

Salsa Technology’s new partnership with Gamshy was announced just after the company went public with another significant deal: a collaboration with Playson, bringing their beloved catalog of more than 65 unique HTML5 games to all Salsa Technology users.

And just in the last day, Salsa Technology has gone public on another new partnership, this time with Zeusplay, a games developer based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Unlike Gamshy, Zeusplay offers a massive catalog of games for players, with more than 50 different colorful titles, including Infinium, Fire Twenty, Snake Eyes, Le Mystery du Prince, and more.

Salsa Technology: A Rebrand for Patagonia Entertainment

Salsa Technology is the brand-spanking-new name of what may be a more familiar name to gamers, particularly in Latin America. Before a rebrand in January of this year, Salsa Technology was known as Patagonia Entertainment, originally founded in 2014.

The company first got a name for itself as a video-bingo development project for online casinos, particularly with its Pachinko brand. Since 2014, Salsa Technology has worked to integrate engaging games content with user-friendly software, working hard to make sure mobile-friendly versions of their popular games are seamless and available.

Beginning in 2016, Salsa Technology started to move into the realm of developing slot machines and board games, and started to really expand their base with operators to offer a truly compelling and unique platform for gaming enthusiasts. Today, Salsa Technology has the most recognizable brand of video-bingo in Latin America!

Riding high on the success of its Pachinko brand, Salsa Technology has become one of the leading bespoke gaming platforms serving Latin America. The company is admired for its omni-channel gaming platform, its game development studio, consultancy and other services, and, of course, its unique Game Aggregator Platform.

As of today, Salsa Technology games are available in countries in Latin America including Colombia and Mexico, but the operator is also seeking to expand its global presence in countries in Europe and Asia, where the gaming market is also lucrative. According to some reports, those deals on other continents should be coming soon!

International Games Operators Look To Latin America

The high volume of international companies seeking to partner with Salsa Technology reveals how much games operators are seeing promise in Latin America’s gaming market. And they’re not wrong to see the hope, especially in Colombia, where the profits for iGaming just keep going up.

While countries throughout Latin America are continuing to figure out how to regulate the strange new beast of iGaming, Colombia in particular seems to have found a sweet spot, merging government regulation and licensing of iGaming platforms with significant national revenue. By cracking down on unregulated websites but issuing fairly lenient licenses for operators, Colombia won big in 2019!

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