Playtech Ups the Ante with Machine Learning Fraud Detection

The iGaming software giant has recently announced the integration of Featurespace’s artificial intelligence based fraud detection software.

A hooded figure and binary code flying at the camera.

A new era of online surveillance begins.

The announcement comes on the back of a strategic partnership signed with the behavioural analytics company back in 2017.

The ARIC platform, short for adaptive real-time individual change, will allow Playtech to monitor player behaviour and automatically calculate risk levels via a machine learning algorithm. It is hoped that the integration with the gaming company’s current information management system will help identify and significantly reduce fraudulent attacks.

In light of the recent wave of online fraud attacks in 2017, it’s no surprise to see organisations begin to invest heavily into protecting the integrity of their platforms and their customers.

Speaking at the press announcement of the mutualistic partnership, Playtech COO Shimon Akad, spoke of his excitement at the two parties’ collaboration.

We are developing industry-leading risk management technology and processes and Playtech’s IMS player management platform provides our licensees with the latest player protection protocols. I’m therefore delighted that our partnership and integration with Featurespace technology will enable us to further increase the quality and effectiveness of our offering.Shimon Akad, COO, Playtech

This is not the first, and by no means the last of Playtech’s strategic partnerships with third parties. The London Stock Exchange traded company recently announced an agreement to integrate Captain Up’s gamification engine as well as acquiring BedBuddy, a leading analytics company concerned with responsible gambling.

The consolidation and expansion of Playtech’s current information management systems demonstrates the company’s ambition to remain one the biggest players in the iGaming software and gambling industry, as well as its dedication to providing the highest quality service possible.

Featurespace CEO, Martina King, spoke of the importance of reaching an agreement with the software giant.

Our strategic partnership with Playtech enables us to deliver enhanced protection to their customers through our real-time, machine learning technology and will allow Playtech’s licensees to better manage risk.Martina King, CEO, Featurespace

Featurespace is considered a pioneer in adaptive behavioural analytics and was developed at the prestigious University of Cambridge.

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A masked figure surrounded by binary code signifying fraud detection.

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