NetGaming & We Are Casino Plot Asia Expansion

Leading casino game production studio NetGaming has formed a partnership with Asian based content aggregator We Are Casino in a partnership deal which will drastically boost its presence throughout emerging markets in the east. This latest action by NetGaming is one of several in a series of recent deals, as the company endeavors to expand its influence and network of partners across Asia.

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The new partnership between NetGaming and We Are Casino represents a fresh financial opportunity for those involved. Already the share price of NetGaming has reacted positively to the news, with future growth prospects extremely positive. ©geralt/Pixabay

The partnership agreement between NetGaming and We Are Casino already looks set to be incredibly beneficial for the former. The entire casino game catalog of NetGaming will go live throughout Asia across the We Are Casino content aggregation platform. This latest expansion push follows an incredibly active year for the casino game producer, after several deals saw the company launch new products in several key markets such as Europe, Russia and parts of Africa.

NetGaming is one of the youngest players in the iGaming software development space. The studio was formed in 2018 by a small cohort of industry experts. The team have already built an impressive suite of products, including 11 fully scalable online slot games, playable in 26 languages across more than 40 currencies. Under this latest distribution deal, existing partners of We Are Casino will be able to immediately access this catalog of slot games to further grow its international presence.

Already boasting an impressive library of products, the studio has stated its intention to add more titles throughout 2020. Working in tandem with We Are Casino, titles such as Warrior’s Quest and Kitty Café are set to be included in the wide range of products circulating on the content aggregation platform.

Fantastic Scaling Prospects for NetGaming

It is clear from the outline of the this deal that NetGaming is pursuing ambitious global growth. In order to achieve such lofty aims, the “impressive distribution capability” of We Are Casino is sure to play a vital role.

Commenting on the newly agreed partnership between the two firms, CEO of NetGaming, Pallavi Deshmukh explained:

Our partner’s impressive distribution capability gives our content a further boost, and the aggregator’s access to important regions in Asia fits well with our ambitious global roadmap.Pallavi Deshmukh, Chief Executive Officer, NetGaming

Given the significance of this partnership between one of the brightest online casino games studios on the market, and a well-embedded content aggregator, both firms look set for an exciting year. NetGaming has a number of premium game releases in the pipeline, major partnership agreements on the horizon and additional market entries. All in all, future prospects look good for the firm.

The future fortunes of NetGaming is potentially huge, as recognized by Head of M&A Christian Käfling, who recently bought £10,000 worth of shares in NetGaming. This transaction has increased their shareholding by 51%.

So what does this NetGaming share purchase indicate? Well, it is certainly a huge positive for the future financial prospects of the company for an insider to be making such a large investment. This transaction suggests that insiders at NetGaming are quite confident regarding the NetGaming stock value. High-levels of insider ownership could allude to individuals having pertaining an indirect interest in the success of the company, through a more complex structure. Nevertheless, outside investors, creditors and stakeholders all like to see high levels of insider ownership.

We Are Casino Expanding Its Portfolio

The new agreement between We Are Casino and NetGaming serves a great benefit to the content aggregator. The quality of NetGaming titles appeals greatly to not just their Asian market, but also Europe and others. Especially with the launch of a new suite of branded slot games, the timing and relevance of this deal are perfect.

As a developer of games themselves, We Are Casino has established a slot-builder solution. This framework developed in-house allows the firm to provide online casino games exclusively for some of the world’s largest operators. Together with its aggregation platform, the company is able to provide worldwide exposure for over 70 third-party gambling providers. 

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