Novomatic Gains G4 Certification

The Novomatic Group has gained the voluntary G4 certification to underline the position of the provider as a responsible operator that is committed to protecting players. The certification is voluntary and goes far beyond what is required by law. This confirms the effectiveness of Novomatic’s technology offered around the world to improve player protection.

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The Novomatic group is a giant operator in the worldwide gaming market and is based in Austria. The G4 certification is a big step towards safer gaming across all of the company’s subsidiaries. ©12019/Pixabay

“The Novomatic Group is one of the largest gaming technology companies in the world, employing more than 30,000 people. This means we have a special responsibility and will certify the majority of our business in line with the strictest player protection standards around the world. This creates a minimum standard that is high across the Group, thereby enabling us to help our customers to use our products and services in a safe and conscientious way,” said Novomatic CEO, Harald Neumann. “We are proud to be the first Austrian and only company worldwide to receive the coveted G4 award in the most important business segments of the gaming industry. This recognition underscores our industry leadership and bears testimony to our efforts to provide responsible entertainment.”

G4 was established in 2003 by experts in the field of gaming addiction prevention and responsible gambling and has since become the international standard for responsible gaming. The standard set by G4 is above and beyond what is required by law and experts across the globe consider it to be the world’s most recognized standard that covers all business arms of a gaming company. G4 sets out some 100 criteria which are to be tested by independent auditors before they award citification. These criteria range from in-house guidelines and codes of conduct, staff training on addiction prevention, age identification and youth protection, to information for customers on the risks associated with gambling, as well as self-limitation tools and self-blocking options.

Despite meeting these rigorous criteria, the Novomatic Group is not out of the woods. The G4 certification requires a continuous effort to meet the standards set out by the company. As such the certification must be renewed every two years by means of recertification on the basis of improvements made. The standards of G4 are also continuously updated to reflect the latest scientific research into gambling addiction and its prevention.

NOVOMATICAG and a total of ten of the top-performing subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands have successfully achieved the G4 certification after meeting their stringent criteria. Other companies are also attempting to be certified by G4 at present. This means that, in the next year, the majority of Group revenue and employees will be certified by G4, which is a unique achievement in the industry.

“We are delighted to have achieved the coveted G4 certification, which is unique in the industry on this scale across many countries and business segments. This illustrates our responsible approach to youth and player protection. Yet, we also show how important responsible gaming is to us in our position as a supplier of technology,” said Dr. Eva Glawischnig, Head of Group CR & Sustainability.

“I am delighted that Novomatic and its largest international subsidiaries have been certified to the G4 standard in just one year,” said Ynze Remmers, Lead Auditor at Global Gambling Guidance Group. “Novomatic has set itself apart from the rest by not merely announcing comprehensive and effective player protection, but instead by having it externally audited in line with our strict criteria and by committing to continuous improvement on the basis of our recommendations for future recertification.”

What is Novomatic?

The Novomatic Group is one of the largest gaming technology companies in the world and was founded in 1980. The turnover for the Group in 2018 was around €5.0bn and the company employs over 30,000 people worldwide. With subsidiaries in over 50 countries and 2,100 gaming locations worldwide, the reach of the Novomatic Group is unquestionable. The Group additionally operates around 255,000 gaming terminals and video lottery terminals across the globe.

Due to the numerous international subsidiaries of the Novomatic Group, it is fully active in all segments of the gaming industry. This allows the Novomatic Group to offer a diversified Omni-channel product portfolio to partners and clients worldwide. The range of products includes land-based gaming products and services, management and cash management systems, online/mobile and social gaming solutions as well as lottery and sports betting solutions. These are offered together with a range of sophisticated ancillary products and services.

To have such a giant in the industry achieve the coveted G4 certification marks a great step forward in the promotion of healthy gaming, as well as the prevention of severe problems associated with gambling.

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