Tecnalis Partners With NOVOMATIC’s Greentube

Last week, Spain-based gaming platform Tecnalis announced that it was moving even further into the Latin American gaming market with Greentube. Greentube is a branch of NOVOMATIC Interactive, and services players around Latin America. This marks a significant expansion for Tecnalis into Latin America’s gaming market. Prior to this, Tecnalis had only one alliance with Sportium, a Spain-based company serving gamers in Colombia.

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Madrid-based company Tecnalis continues expanding, now partnering with Greentube. ©manolofranco/Pixabay

What Is Tecnalis?

Tecnalis is a software developer and online gambling platform used by companies largely based in Spain, but also — prior to this deal, which will continue its expansion — in Malta and Colombia. Tecnalis has made a splash with its unique gaming platform, Alira, which has been a preferred choice for online gaming operators in Spain.

Partners of Tecnalis include Betsson, Grupo Comar, Ballesteros, Casino Gran Madrid, Casino Barcelona, Grupo Veramatic, and Aconcagua Juegos. Prior to Tecnalis’s most recently introduced partnership, the company struck a deal with Malta-based games developer Endorphina, a company which is also licensed to operate in Colombia.

Greentube: A Branch of NOVOMATIC Interactive

Greentube offers a wide roster of exciting online games, powered and developed by NOVOMATIC, an international gaming company active since 1980. Greentube boasts relationships with countries around the world, with offices in countries including Malta, Slovakia, Greece, the United Kingdom, Austria, and Canada.

In the last few months, Greentube has been significantly working to expand its presence in Latin America. In June, the company announced that it had partnered with the online casino vertical powered by Il Palazzo, a casino in San Lorenzo, Paraguay. Prior to this, Greentube had also locked down relationships with a number of operators in Colombia.

The Greentube Catalogue Coming to Tecnalis Players

Thanks to Tecnalis’s new partnership with Greentube, players using the Tecnalis platform — who are largely in Spain and Colombia — will now have access to Greentube’s huge roster of content. This includes more than 400 games developed over the last twelve years, which means about 33 new games released annually.

Greentube offers a huge array of games, from traditional video slots to non-gambling arcade games, as well as video bingo, table games, video poker, and more. Players can also choose between a range of volatility options, from variable to skill-based, and also on a sliding scale from none to level 5.

In addition to offering games from NOVOMATIC, Greentube also has games in its large catalog from Greentube itself — meaning that it also develops its own online games. Additionally, Greentube offers online games from Eurocoin, including titles like Gold Star Fruit, Wild Spinner Casino, Fluffy Bingo, Gemini and Twin Winner.

The latest to come from Greentube include titles like Rising Tiger: Sheng Qi de Laohu, Lord of the Ocean: Magic, Scat Cat Fortune, Tiger Spell: Xtra Choice, Riches of Babylon, Ghostly Towers, Indian Spirit Deluxe, and Lotus Flower. On the Greentube website, players can learn more about each game before playing.

Tecnalis: Building Strength in Latin America

According to reports about the latest partnership between Tecnalis and Greentube, Tecnalis has been working to expand its reach in Latin America for some time. As of now, Tecnalis is available to players in Colombia, Peru, and Paraguay, with soon-to-launch connections in Mexico and Argentina.

While the new deal between Tecnalis and Greentube doesn’t necessarily mean additional and as-yet untapped global markets for Tecnalis, those who are covering the deal have commented that the partnership likely bolsters Tecnalis’s existing presence among consumers in certain countries.

And it’s true: who wouldn’t be excited about the possibility of more than 400 brand-new state-of-the-art online games available at your fingertips? Many gamers in Latin America are likely already familiar with the Greentube name, though company CFO Michael Bauer stated that Greentube has been eagerly seeking an opportunity to grow in the region.

Motivation for Tecnalis: Strict Laws in Spain

A possible additional reason that Tecnalis has been expanding its global reach in the last few months is that the last year has seen a tremendous legislative crackdown on regulated gambling, particularly online gambling, in Spain, ever since protests kicked off in Madrid in opposition to a tidal wave of gambling addiction and underage gambling nationwide.

Since then, the Spanish government has worked to implement strict laws regarding gambling in the country, with a particular focus paid to protecting underage citizens from developing dangerous gambling behaviors. These laws include regulation on gambling advertisements and mandatory distance between schools and gambling houses.

Among the latest regulations introduced by Spain’s government are provisions that mandate that celebrity athletes may not be endorsed by sportsbooks; as well as rules which state that television advertisements for gambling cannot be aired during hours when minors are likely to be watching TV. Instead, they must show late at night.

In effect, by February of this year, about 80% of all online gambling advertisements were deemed illegal across all of Spain. In hindsight, this may have been extremely unlucky timing for the gambling industry, as March saw the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain, which culminated in an austere nationwide lockdown into the summer.

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